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  1. I am confused... why do they want everyone's solvent traps?
  2. Heck if we are going that far. I have a RG 10 in .22 Short. Forget .38. Use a .22 Short, no one will hear the shot.....or feel it. Lol.... I mean look at the quality. (actually not my exact gun...mine looks worse) Sorry to Thread jack...
  3. Not far from you but may not be on the cheap enough side. No affiliation to seller. I just remembered seeing it last night. http://###.com/listings/firearms/handguns/481103.html I have a Bersa I love, but seem to not be as cheap nowadays. I think everyone realized how good they are. Heck even RG .38s are getting expensive and most of them are dangerous no matter what side of the gun you are on. Lol I agree with @DaveTN if it is a truck gun, there might be less requirements for a small gun. That might open up the cheap side. Well we cross posted...so this point might be mute.
  4. Ronald_55

    SRO Law

    Yep, I see lots of "semi-retired" Leo's that end up being SRO. No offense meant to them, their experience can play a great role in kids lives, but some of them are in sunset mode. They no longer work the beat and these are easy positions to work in until they officially retire. My grandfather was a police officer for 30 years. I would not have blinked an eye at him being a SRO at 70, he was still in good shape. I have met 45 year old ones that can barely walk fast without passing out. Unfortunately, the latter make up 75% of the SROs I have seen.
  5. Ronald_55

    Ruger Wrangler

    I find that in a lot of things. Stripped AR lowers for instance. Lower $29.99 Transfer (each) $25 BGC (per transaction) $10 Total $64.99 Lots of times you can meet or maybe beat that price local.
  6. @Steelharp I miss the sr9c I bought from a buddy because he needed the funds. I agreed he could buy it back thinking he never would. Took about a year, but he came up with the money.
  7. Well some of my potatoes are blooming. A little crowded, but hopefully will produce a good bit. I forgot how pretty the blooms are.
  8. Wow. That is an interesting take...
  9. Ever looked at straw bale gardening? It might fit well in a small place. Just a quick link to examples. I just Googled this so tgere may be better examples. https://sympathink.com/straw-bale-gardening-instructions/
  10. By the way. Here is a link to the free Kindle copy of Nessmuk's book. It is an interesting read but a bit rambling. https://amzn.to/2J0msFF If you prefer paper https://amzn.to/2FsqxBI
  11. Kephart was very specific on his design. He spelled it out in his book. I like useful knives more than big Rambo wall hangers. Nessmuk spells out a bit about a hatchet in his writing that I would love to have made. I think it cost him 3 bucks. I would hate to see the price now. Unfortunately he does not lay out the exact details except it was a double bit. Here is what he said. Get a load of the maker. Lol "It was made in Rochester, by a surgical instrument maker named Bushnell. It cost time and money to get it. I worked one rainy Saturday fashioning the pattern in wood. Spoiled a day going to Rochester, waited a day for the blade, paid $3.00 for it, and lost a day coming home."
  12. @A.J. Holst Way to rub it in. Lol I still hate that I missed that, but glad you got it. Have you read about Horace Kephart? I had @Grand Torino make me an example of a Kephart knife a while back. Very useful in the field and should last me a lifetime.
  13. I actually saw it pop up 1 minute after posting. I am just over budget right now. Lol
  14. Dang. Wish I was closer. Been trying to amp up security at the house due to some issues.
  15. Oh thank goodness. My will was weak, but my pockets empty....
  16. I feel the key is to have a mindset and be prepared IF things happen, but not live in fear of them. There are things I can't stop. Like @GlockSpock said any of us could get hit by a car on the way home. You are gonna needs lots of therapy and meds if you concentrate on what all COULD happen. Heck, I could walk out of the mall after shopping and be picked off by a sniper from 200yds away (if I shopped at the mall). I would have no reasonable way on a daily basis to counter that. Am I going to wear full bullet proof gear every day? No, but I am gonna have situational awareness and avoid unnecessarily dangerous places. Maybe then in the mall sniper scenerio I realize a shooter is targeting people in the parking lot and duck into an interior store instead of walking into his sights blindly. And yes I do believe the larger the crowd, the lower the IQ, but I also enjoy things like concerts. So I still wander into the herd once in a while.
  17. I am guessing you are banned from kid's birthday parties....
  18. Bump. Still looking for one of these. If anyone runs into one or has one they would let go of, drop me a note and maybe we can make a deal. Thanks
  19. Do these run true to size? I have found lots of these Asian brands run small. Looks like 42 is the largest size so it leaves some who are prepared for hibernation out. Also, are they hot with the waterproofing? I just imagine them not breathing very well.

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