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  1. FYI https://www.cpsc.gov/Recalls/2020/Browning-Recalls-Pistol-Holsters-Due-to-Injury-Hazard Name of product: Browning Leather Pistol Holsters Hazard: The holster design can change the position of the safety switch on the firearm without the user knowing it. When this occurs, if the trigger is accidentally pulled, the firearm could fire unexpectedly, posing an injury hazard to the user and bystanders. Remedy: Replace Recall date: February 20, 2020 Units: About 1,265 Consumer Contact: Browning at 800-945-5372 from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. MT Monday through Friday, email HolsterRecall@browning.com, online at www.browning.com and click on the “News/Recalls” tab, or visit https://www.browning.com/support/recall-safety-information/recall-notice----leather-holster--multi-angle-thumb-break.html. Recall Details Description: This recall involves the Browning Leather Pistol Holsters, Multi-Angle Thumb Break, which is a leather pistol holster designed to carry Browning 1911-380 and 1911-22 pistols. The holsters are brown with yellow stitching with the Browning buckmark logo branded on the front of the holster. The holsters can be identified by Item No. 12904011 and UPC Code 023614843702, which are printed on the back of the product packaging. Contact Browning with any questions regarding the identification of the recalled holsters. Remedy: Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled holsters and contact Browning for a free replacement. Incidents/Injuries: Browning has received one report where the holster design changed the position of the safety switch on the firearm. No injuries have been reported. Sold At: Sporting goods stores nationwide and online at www.browning.com from September 2017 through December 2019 for about $80. Importer(s): Browning Arms Company, of Morgan, Utah Manufactured In: China Recall number: 20-076
  2. Nice! I have a 14" bladed one that I plan to remove the handles, add a brass guard, replace with new handles, and make a leather sheath for. Will make one heck of a machete.
  3. Or you are stuck with a VERY short barreled rifle.
  4. My question is how much money did they spend to do this instead of just pulling the 2 pins and separating the upper and lower? Put something on the upper to retain the BCG and CH that can be removed easily. Such as this $10 device: https://rcsgear.com/topstop-ar-upper-receiver-cover/ People even make one for the lower https://www.shapeways.com/product/2K8V9VN28/ar15-lower-receiver-dust-cover-with-mag-rel-pin @Defender Never used them, but this is not expensive. Not as good as a box, but 1/4 the price. Looks like you get a vehicle kit to match what you have. https://arma15.com/products
  5. One day you will regret doing some things and not doing others. Try to make the second list as short as possible.
  6. I grew up at Knoxville Dragway. They finally re-opened the dirt track a few years after we stopped going. Wish I had seen it. Exhause fumes from bored out V8s drinking fully leaded race fuel and burn out smoke... it is any wonder I still have brain cells. A road course could be a nice addition to the area.Takes a bit more skill than turning left.
  7. If you had had 2 it would have been a double header..... If you liked this... thank my Dad for my sense of humor...
  8. Zooming in I think it is a revolver. Just bad lighting/glare
  9. @Ray Z The way your ad is a image, you will need to edit the ad and replace the image with one you have worked up to show what is sold.
  10. This Halloween Billy is getting ALL the candy
  11. This one gun (rifle) debate has raged on in lots of internet forums. There is no right answer without other parameters. Is it full-on SHTF or Martial Law? Are you Urban or Rural? Is it open combat with other people/groups or are you just hunting for food? What is your chance of get more parts and ammo? Are you mobile? If so, are you on foot? The gun that is best not knowing any answers from above is the one you have, have ammo for, and are proficient with. My old .303 Enfield would probably serve me better than a SAW if I am out in a rural area. There I would probably take my .308 bolt or Savage 24 .30-.30 over 20ga break action though. Just easier to find ammo and I can hunt anything with the 24 at distances I encounter in East TN. My 10.5 inch barrel AR9 style pistol might be better if I am moving building to building in a urban environment. Especially if I need to move on foot because my sidearm and it would share ammo. Less weight or more ammo depending on load out. Hi cap mags also help if I encounter trouble. Yes, a rifle caliber would be better. An AR-15 in.223 could be good if I thought I needed to pick up more parts along the way. I just dont love .223. A bit less likely would be an AR-10. I like .308 better, but the weight is a big step up. As a compromise, an AK would do well if it is tuned and accurate. Spraying and praying is only good in movies. Again, no "right" answer here. Any of them are better than a pointy stick. Really focus less on what gun and more on improving skills that can apply across a good spectrum. Having the gun is one thing, but if you don't know how to use it well it will probably just end up in someone else's hands.
  12. If I can keep my shots, whether they be longer range rifle or short range handgun, in a 6 inch circle I am happy. I figure I can hit anything on 2 or 4 legs that would be a threat. Is it not competition level shooting, but that is where I am at with the training time I get. Now I know heat of the moment and movement changes things, but I am not going to go let someone shoot at me to practice. Unless SHTF then having to draw my gun means I have already made serious mistakes.
  13. She just didn't want to hurt your feelings....
  14. Had an interesting discussion on this with a coworker that grew up in South Africa. He said as a kid they vacationed near the border with Rhodesian (which is now Zimbabwe) where this gun looks to have been from. He said just going from his home city to there they rode in a motorcade with armed front and rear cars. He can see this gun being marketed the way it is because of needing to do this anytime you left the city. @Garufa beat me to the internet link. Here is the basic info: The Rhogun was a Rhodesian submachine gun that was produced by BHS Ltd. History The Rhogun was developed in 1977 during the Rhodesian Civil War. It was designed as a cheap, cost-efficient submachine gun that could be produced in large volumes. A semi-automatic model, distributed by Bulawayo Armory, was also offered for civilian use, primarily intended as a personal defense weapon for rural farmers. Ultimately, by the time the war ended in 1979, the Rhogun had not sold well and few had been produced. Design The Rhogun was a basic blowback-operated submachine gun that utilized a wrap-around bolt design with a single guide rod and return spring. The magazine feed was not in line with the bolt path unless the grip safety was squeezed, which would raise the magazine up into the correct feeding position. Perhaps owing to its low standard of manufacture, the Rhogun was of poor reliability.
  15. Nope I am fine with only 3 in my ccw
  16. Sorry. Edited my 1st post, see above. ^^^
  17. Do you use AVG Antivirus? If so try this: Open AVG Internet Security -> Menu at the top right -> Settings -> General -> Exceptions -> URL's, add your favorite site.
  18. Full Auto 500 RPM.. Great for women or people inexperienced with weapons.
  19. Ronald_55

    Tiktok test

    I will have to watch at lunch. lol
  20. Ronald_55

    Tiktok test

    No no.... No TikTok.... No Please...
  21. People or bots joining then hitting old threads that probably pulled up in a Google search... Then we all reply to it too. lol

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