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  1. An example of being able to do whatever you want with reloading. I wish I had the time. Reloadable .22lr CENTERFIRE brass https://www.rccbrass.com/22-long-rifle-center-fire/
  2. Oh I see lots taking advantage of tgat if they feel they can get away with it..
  3. So what I see is that this is Funny Sh!t.....
  4. At a former employer, we commonly refereed to those as "unintended features" much to the dismay of the programming staff that shared the same space. LOL Sad thing was that I had as much of a programming background as any of them because they all were 20 somethings. So when i sent in a ticket related to software issues, I often attached a breakdown of where it happened in the code and a sample of how to fix it. That just got things done quicker. Not that I ever got thanked for it.
  5. At least with a regular knife someone gas to get close to me. I have a chance to defend myself.
  6. That last one, at first glance, looked like a horse to me. lol
  7. Check out Troyers in Limestone. Had about everything the couple times we have been there in the last month. Just get there early. Plus you can order a 60lb pack of chicken great if you feel like working that much up. Takes a few days to come in.
  8. Calling Mountain Dew Collectors. I have decided to let these go. These are 4 gallon plastic soda syrup "jugs" from the early 80's. I have seen very few of these out there. Not sure why because they would definitely be good conversation pieces. Asking $50 for both. I might consider trade if you are local. I can ship if you foot the shipping, or can arrange pickup in the Tricities area. I can provide more pics if you like.
  9. @pop pop I think several people use that for knife handles. You might ask around if you want rid of a few blocks of it.
  10. We got our raised bed together last weekend, but dirt got delayed and only came yesterday. Guess I know what I am doing this weekend. Guess I am going the "buy plants" route.
  11. That is when you call corporate support and forcefully, but politely, raise hell. If the rep you talk to can't ,(or won't) help, ask to speak to their supervisor, If they can't, ask to speak to THEIR supervisor. Repeat. Remain calm and polite, but voice your immense displeasure that you were lied to and cheated. If they say they can't cancel your the tablet plan without charging you, don't believe it. It is just paperwork. Far enough up the chain someone has the ability to do that. One caveat is if you dealt with a dealer store that is not corporate. If so go back to them and do the same thing. If they say they can't, tell them that you will contact corporate about this shady dealing if you are not taken care of. Again politely, but unwavering. All corporate call centers have a chain of command and policies in place if you escalate. At the very least you bother someone high enough up that they give in just to get you off their line. If you become belligerent or threatening though, the same people have policies about dropping your call like a hot rock.
  12. You guys forget, the wizard doesn't pick the Torx wrench, the Torx wrench picks the wizard......
  13. @gregintenn means he would give them a good stern talking to.. What is wrong with that?
  14. I can reach out. I used to work with a surveyor who might be willing to run down that way.
  15. You are generous, I thought it looked like 7 pieces of thick wall conduit. lol
  16. I have some Wahl clippers. Depending on the amount I might make a house call. Am I trained and licensed....well...
  17. They call her slow draw Sally... look close
  18. So there are 2 pieces to the tube magazine. There is the inner tube that can be taken out and an outer tube that is fixed to the gun. Inner tube has a plunger like plastic piece on the end that goes into first. These did come in different capacities. For instance some help 18 shots and some 14. So are you saying the inner tube with the locking posts stops before it can get all the way into the outer tube that has the locking notches? Is it possible a bent shell is stuck down in there? Pictures would help us help you a lot.
  19. I'd say with some of those guys, their Ma was the only person that could make them do anything.
  20. Clearly a fan of fringe.

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