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  1. Might try something like this https://amzn.to/32oCvbJ Or like this and mount a golf umbrella to it https://amzn.to/3h2hK9X Unless you can run across a stroller dirt cheap. Might look at the kind where the car-seat attaches to the stroller frame because the car seat is too old to use for safety at a point and the frame might be useless alone to someone. Looks like this used to be a thing, but says discontinued https://www.opticsplanet.com/do-all-outdoors-gun-buggy.html Found this too, but that is a lot and still no umbrella https://rangetacticalgear.com/product/sc-003-range-runner-gun-cart-12-inch/
  2. Works for me. Saves washing a glass.
  3. Maybe just Hershey syrup...? lol What do I know though. I never get to drink anymore.
  4. Didn't someone make booze filled chocolate covered cherries at one point? Maybe it was just a local place.
  5. Ok, so I am not a huge whisky man, but this title disturbed me. "Johnnie Walker whisky to be sold in paper bottles" https://www.bbc.com/news/amp/business-53392949
  6. No. just mixed up the thread. lol Haven't had enough coffee yet and it is almost lunch... Been a rough weekend so far.
  7. I assume not from their normal attitude. I doubt even sick they will isolate well or wear masks. Not going around them to find out. We normally don't see them much anyway. Sick, not horrible yet. Doc tested wife when she went in for 'a sinus infection". So positive result made them test husband. In their 50s but not too many health issues. Not hospitalized last I heard.
  8. Found out that 2 relatives have it. So far no idea where they picked it up, I doubt they wear masks......
  9. I had something more in mind like this, but I need to look around some more first.
  10. So what colors can you print in from your on-hand stock?
  11. Wow that takes the phrase "balls out" to a whole new level...
  12. My Dad has hunted it a good bit. I did the last two years with him. Took a decent buck last year. I like the area, but it is much more chopped up with close houses than others I have hunted. Where we set up last year it was hard to tell where the wma property ended and the private property started. No idea how Dad started hunting there or how he found the part we hunted.
  13. Saw an ad earlier that Midway is starting selling fishing gear. While that sounds good, it hints at them hedging their bets against being only a gun supplier. Nothing wicked in that, but might foreshadow much larger things happening.
  14. Never hear a word she says, I am too busy looking at her.... eyes...
  15. I never did, in person at least. lol
  16. There are 4 types of GAR in TN according to this. From my amateur point of view, that doesn't look like an alligator gar. https://preprod.tn.gov/content/dam/tn/twra/documents/anglersguide.pdf
  17. I wear a mask whenever I go into public now. Why? Well you see in the 90s a doc cut out a 1/3 of one of my lungs and I don't trust the idiot masses I see to give a rats a$$ about me. They barely care about themselves. It is my responsibility to take care of myself and family. No one else will. Are masks 100% effective? Maybe not, but next to nothing is. Look at the things happening around us. Very few here would disagree that conceal carrying is a personal responsibility to protect yourself. Is carrying a guarantee you will not be shot or in an altercation. H3ll no. Why does that not extend to protecting you and your family's health? It only takes one idiot to infect you. Maybe you will be fine or maybe you will go out of the hospital in a bag. By the way, My parent's are pissed at me right now because I refused to come to Sevier County for their anniversary. They don't seem to understand that the county having an increase of 358% in total cases from June 5 to June 19 alone is a big deal. Of course they can't seem to stop going to Wal-mart every few days for this or that. They both have serious medical complications and are in the highest risk age group. SMH
  18. Can you imagine flipping channels one day and realizing your CO was THE Bob Ross
  19. Hey that's a couple kids I know....
  20. Quick Google says , yes, at least as accent pieces.
  21. If you can take an Uber to the range, you are not taking enough guns. lol
  22. Heard the same just after Covid kicked in good from a meat department guy at Food City. They were told, grind up everything and get it on the shelf.
  23. No I may end up with a 226 frame.

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