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  1. 2 hours ago, Quavodus said:

    He probably wants to hold one over his head and scream "Wolverines" 25 times. Lol. Good price though.

    I am betting he is putting 24 on Armslist for $650...

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  2. 12 hours ago, gregintenn said:

    That's barely a starter kit. There is a Savage subforum on 24hourcampfire. Those guys have some cool stuff and a lot of it.

    Be prepared with lots of time and money if anyone decides to venture into there. Unless you want to feel totally incomplete the rest of your life...

    They constantly egg on my Savage Model 24 need. I saw a .22 Hornet over 20ga the other day....Why why why did I look when there is no buying it.... 😭

  3. I had reason to dig up changes to the tax once. Thanks to a nice lady at the state library in Nashville here it is:

    Below is a list of the acts and what changes occurred:


    1937, Ch. 84: mentions a “privilege tax” which equals 3% of the retail sales price of the ammunition; no mention of specific amount

    1945, Ch. 37: $.03 per box on center fire and shotgun shells; $.01 on rim-fire ammunition

    1974, Ch. 481: all money from the ammunition tax goes to the Wildlife Resources Fund; no mention of specific amount of tax

    1979, Ch. 179: $.05 on any ammunition box

    1982, Ch. 738: amending language; no mention of tax amount

    1989, Ch. 486: $.10 on any ammunition box


    Very surprised no one raised it since '89. 

    I don't mind paying it. And anyone that is buying ammo should not have financial trouble paying $0.10. If they do, they should not be buying ammo with that money. 

  4. 2 hours ago, DaveTN said:

    Sure, but that gun doesn’t help when someone steps out and places a red dot on your chest. Assuming he leaves you alive, now he has a new bike and a new gun and you are standing around with nothing but your good looks.

    I know you can 't always avoid ambushes or snipers. One guy with a beat up Mosin Nagant could headshot a guy in full armor with a mini-gun.  It is impossible to prepare for every eventuality. 

    Fighting to keep what you have might be a day to day ocvorence then .



    20 hours ago, Grayfox54 said:

    Of all the possible SHTF scenarios, a massive EMP scares me the most. 

    In physical disasters ( tornado, flood, etc) people tend to pull together and help each other.  But if all of a sudden computers, cars, cell phones, etc all just stopped working, people would go completely nuts! :eek:

    My biggest concern is 100% of the population left with just the local resources. At least if it was a fast sweeping pandemic the population drops quicky so some resources are left. 

    11 hours ago, jgradyc said:

    If an EMP hits, you won't need maps. Your world will shrink to a 10 mile or so radius. Old cars will quickly be worthless because gasoline won't be available. Everyone will be on foot, except for bicycles. 

    Old yard-sale bicycles will be worth their weight in gold if the grid shutdown continues for more than a week.

    Unfortunately you need to know where in that 10 mile radius to find more supplies when yours inevitably run out. 

    Producing ethanol takes time but eventually might get us back driving. Or at least running tractors and chainsaws. In the interim I agree bikes and horses (if you can keep people from eating them)  would be priceless. 

  6. 1 hour ago, OMCHamlin said:

    I left Sevierville for the Navy in 1983, and have been back to see the folks and on vacation several times since. It was a great place to grow up, ducking out to Ellisons to grab a burger when I was in high school, checking out the guns that were so far beyond my reach at Wynns, 'cruising Johnsons Drive In and then up to the "Burg on a Saturday night...  Anyhow, I finally am "retired" retired, and the wife will soon be (1 Jan 2020), and am really thinking that if I have one more move left in me (you move around a LOT, working for Uncle Sam), I'd like to try and move back to the area.

    With all that said; I could use some help in figuring things out. Ideally, I'd like to find a patch of land about 2-5 acres far enough out where I could shoot in my back yard, if I were so inclined. Is that even possible in Sevier County? How are local ordinances regards shooting on your own property there? Where I live now, if you're not in town limits (or in a sub division, I suppose), you can shoot and not expect to run afoul of the law.

    Now I know about the incredible traffic, and I remember there were ways around a lot of it, I'll have to rediscover those though, it's been a looong time!

    What kind of organized shooting or clubs are in the area? Is there any High Power or IDPA? Bullseye? I'm not  a big hunter anymore, but how's the deer population and season?

    When I saw move back to the area, that could include other places nearby, are there any you'd suggest? Demographics matter as well.

    They say you can't go home, but I'd like to try...

    Thanks to anyone from that area that can give me any advice!

    Ahhh... Ellisons hamburger steak dinner. It was one of the few places in the area you could get great food, groceries, bait, and a fishing license. 

    I grew up down there, though a few years after you. I have been gone since 1999. My parents still live in Seymour. 

    I would not move back myself. Those hidden back roads are published in every tourist paper. Rental cabin communities are in the most unlikely backroad places. The traffic to and from them is outrageous. Plus since they ate up a lot of land,  acreage is not cheap.

    If you plan to work any type of small job just to supplement be sure you can deal with service work like sales or the food industry. One of the reasons I left. There is not much there that pays good enough to raise a family. 

    My Dad says the deer on his property are back in a decline after growth in the last decade. He hunts WMAs closer to Middle TN mostly. 

    That is just my $0.02

  7. 13 minutes ago, Jeb48 said:

    I do have a car, truck & tractor that might still run after an EMP if it isn't to strong, all made in the 40s & 50s. Of course I would get lost driving them 🙂

    You would be ok. Rule of thumb is anything before 1980. If the EMP was strong enough to melt wires in an origional 1940-50 car or tractor, then you probably will not be walking around to test them out. I would expect some type of nervous system damage if it was that strong.

  8. 11 minutes ago, Murgatroy said:

    I have a membership at Point Blank here in Louisville KY. My daughter and I shoot there nearly every week for an hour or two. They are clean, inviting and at the price, a deal for a temperamental teenager who doesn't want to go shooting, but doesn't want to leave once she starts. I guess I am one of the bad guys for LGS as I went to the corporate and pay $60 a month for unlimited range time, with a guest, free transfers, a 5% discount on all purchases and a free class a month, oh and I shoot free at any location nationally. I get it, but as a consumer, that is a hell of a deal.

    Wow, I could just buy a month any time I get a couple guns coming in and basically get the range time free. Wish one was here in TriCities. 

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  9. One other thing that is dying out that hurts is the phone book. Remember when you grabbed it and opened it to pet stores or such? You had a list of places to call or visit. They also had maps in the front. Heck, I used to use the white pages to build Graduation or Christmas card address lists. Now Google is great, but lose the cell network and internet connections and it all goes black. 

    I keep what passes for a phone book lying around. I figure is all H3ll breaks loose it will be a good guide as to where to look for certain supplies. Resourcefulness and determination will be necessary to survive long term. 

    Indeed we continue to place ourselves in a more and more precarious position that is vulnerable to something like an EMP. A wide spread EMP killing off computers, GPS units, cell phones, and current vehicles would be as good as a death sentence for a large percentage of the population in a pretty short amount of time. Lack of food shipments, clean water, hvac (heat stroke and hypothermia potential), and medical services would be the leading issues. The violence that ensues will quickly become even worse.  The longer I do IT, the more nervous I get about the possibility of such an issue. I fear it would be a looong time (if ever) before we got any where close to "normal" again.  

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