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  1. 25 minutes ago, peejman said:

    I'm not a bear hunter but I know a few of them and I know the terrain.   Short range all the way.  The dogs run the bear up a tree. You walk up to the tree and shoot the bear. Then the work begins. 

    Just be sure not to stand under it when you shoot it....


  2. 12 hours ago, FrankD said:

    Not sure the Toyota setup, but I found for my old car the cheapest option was to buy a blank chip key off ebay and have a dealership cut/program it.

    I did this with the Dodge Caravan I used to have. Ended up with 2 programmed and cut keys for less than 1 from the dealership. I even still paid them to cut and program it in the total cost. . 

  3. 39 minutes ago, MacGyver said:

    Skunks almost always spray or at least release when shot.  

    That's why just about anyone who's had to deal with them more than once gets a trap.

    I used to work with a guy who was having a problem and took a shot at one when it was close to his house.  Is sprayed and was right next to his HVAC - the house smelled for a long time.

    On the trap front - I've got it on good authority from a pro trapper friend of mine that Flamin' Hot Cheetos are as foolproof of a skunk bait as you can find.

    This is the trap I got. $25. Well worth it. It folds for storage. I got my ground hog out of the way with it.



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  4. 1 hour ago, DaveTN said:

    Caught by the homeowner being notified by his security cam, preparing for the guy to try to make entry, :) and then calling 911.

    Like I say…. I love me some technology. Those nice folks may very well be alive because of that camera.

    On the other side he may be alive because of it. If he had broke in suddenly he might have been taken away a few ounces heavier. 

  5. So my question is:

    Why was a violent offender ("aggravated child abuse and especially aggravated kidnapping") doing out on basically unsupervised grounds duty?

    My Papaw was the litter pickup officer in my home county. He took guys out every day. They were usually only the drunk and disorderly or check fraud type people. He never let them out of his sight. He made it clear he would not chase them, he was too old for that. He had 6 friends that could outrun any of them. He never got anything but respect from them because they knew it was a privilege to get out in the fresh air. He would not take anyone out that he felt would be an issue. 

    So is the prison so hard up for funds for grounds keeping and staff that they have to let inmates roam freely?

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