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  1. Just now, gregintenn said:

    Are they militant mask wearers?

    I assume not from their normal attitude. I doubt even sick they will isolate well or wear masks. Not going around them to find out. We normally don't see them much anyway. 

    4 hours ago, DaveTN said:

    Are they sick, or did they just test positive? Hope all is okay.

    Sick, not horrible yet. Doc tested wife when she went in for 'a sinus infection". So positive result made them test husband. In their 50s but not too many health issues. Not hospitalized last I heard. 


    19 minutes ago, FUJIMO said:

    I'm sure he'll have no problem hooking you up with a big black tac sac 😂


    9 minutes ago, Mseals22 said:

    If my first request is rail mounted testicles I ain't even gonna be mad 🤣


    I had something more in mind like this, but I need to look around some more first.



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  3. 57 minutes ago, Mseals22 said:

    sure, its a ~2.5 hour print, but ill do it for $30 + shipping, or you can pick it up in the Knoxville area.  thats 30% infill, and 3ply outter wall, and full support. If you have other specs let me know, and let me know a material and color and I can see what I have on hand. if you want to go ahead ill run it off asap. the picture below is the rendering of the object from the side with the support pillars in place on overhangs, and of the 3D model.

    Screenshot (211).jpg

    Screenshot (213).png

    Wow that takes the phrase "balls out" to a whole new level...

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  4. My Dad has hunted it a good bit. I did the last two years with him. Took a decent buck last year. 

    I like the area, but it is much more chopped up with close houses than others I have hunted. Where we set up last year it was hard to tell where the wma property ended and the private property started. No idea how Dad started hunting there or how he found the part we hunted. 

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  5. 36 minutes ago, hughd said:

    This is news to me:

    "Alligator gar have declined drastically in abundance over the past fifty years and the decline has been attributed to habitat loss. Accordingly, there has been an ongoing stocking program since 1999 to restore this gar in West Tennessee. For now, alligator gar are protected in the state and if one is caught, it must be released immediately. However, anglers are encouraged to report alligator gar catches to the nearest TWRA regional office, as this will assist the Agency in monitoring the restoration effort. Where harvest is allowed in other states, anglers report alligator gar ranging from 4-6 feet and weighing 40-150 pounds."


    There are 4 types of GAR in TN according to this. From my amateur point of view, that doesn't look like an alligator gar. 



  6. I wear a mask whenever I go into public now. Why? Well you see in the 90s a doc cut out a 1/3 of one of my lungs and I don't trust the idiot masses I see to give a rats a$$ about me. They barely care about themselves. It is my responsibility to take care of myself and family. No one else will. Are masks 100% effective? Maybe not, but next to nothing is. 

    Look at the things happening around us. Very few here would disagree that conceal carrying is a personal responsibility to protect yourself. Is carrying a guarantee you will not be shot or in an altercation. H3ll no. Why does that not extend to protecting you and your family's health? It only takes one idiot to infect you. Maybe you will be fine or maybe you will go out of the hospital in a bag. 

    By the way, My parent's are pissed at me right now because I refused to come to Sevier County for their anniversary. They don't seem to understand that the county having an increase of 358% in total cases from June 5 to June 19 alone is a big deal. Of course they can't seem to stop going to Wal-mart every few days for this or that. They both have serious medical complications and are in the highest risk age group. SMH

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  7. 1 hour ago, lock n' load said:

    He was a cool dude. So laid back and made painting look easy. I was reading his bio one time about his stint in the Air Force where he had a leadership role and would have to yell at people. He said once he left the service, he told himself he would never raise his voice to people again.

    Can you imagine flipping channels one day and realizing your CO was THE Bob Ross

  8. On 7/4/2020 at 10:20 PM, Trekbike said:

    We use one of his comments at work from time to time.   "We don't make mistakes, we have happy accidents."

    Hey that's a couple kids I know....

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  9. 25 minutes ago, ohell said:

    When I saw the sign last year I looked up range rates. At CA store it was expensive to shoot. Membership was around $600/year. Royal Range costs looked appealing. Interested to see if pricing changes. I can Uber to MTSA and save money unless price changes. 

    If you can take an Uber to the range, you are not taking enough guns. lol

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  10. 2 hours ago, MacGyver said:

    I talked with the butcher not too long ago. The meat market is weird right now. 

    He said they were over supplied on a lot of stuff and were grinding up nice steaks and turning them into ground beef. 

    Heard the same just after Covid kicked in good from a meat department guy at Food City. They were told, grind up everything and get it on the shelf. 

  11. 14 hours ago, Erich said:

    You looking to do a 320 or classic P series, both come in 80% flavors?

    No I may end up with a 226 frame. 

  12. Anyone know anywhere that sells a build kit for a Sig? I don't need an 80%, but I know similar kits are sold with 80% lowers. I  just need the parts to build out a frame and slide. 

    I know we have some guys here that do similar with Glocks.

  13. How the h3ll is Charmed still on? God that show was awful and I like magic style stuff. Of course it is CW. All their shows have a certain campy feel in a bad way. Like it is all aimed at 13 year old girls. 

    Basically nothing I watch on either list, but I don't watch much TV. 

  14. On 6/28/2020 at 6:11 PM, Wdodd said:

    “Pin hookers” —- now that is a term that I haven’t heard in a long, long time!!  (Even though I seem to have experienced quite a bit of it). :) 

    @FUJIMO is the only one that I know that uses the term frequently. Maybe it is just his age showing.... 🤣

    Not that by any other name are these guys any better. Making a buck is one thing. The guys up here that do it the most are a$$hats. 

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  15. 40 minutes ago, Moped said:

    I’m going to stick to a narrow definition about what your asking and just talk about a combo firearm. If I were going to go that route, then I wouldn’t go with a rifle/rifle, I’d go rifle/shotgun and I’d select a .22/12 ga. The lowly 12ga shotgun will take any beast in North America, provided you have the right ammunition, the skill and the bravery. Anything from a rabbit to a grizzly bear. The .22 is perfect for small game.

    All that being said, it’s a poor choice for a firefight or for long range. The old Savage 24 were excellent quality guns. Latter on Savage brought out an updated model, called the 42. I believe Remington also imported a combo made in Turkey and badged as a Remington. Chiappa makes a version of the old Air Force Survival rifle in .22/12 ga that the Air Force used. 


    Sticking to the combo as Moped did, I would go for the Savage 24 myself. Why? I have a few...

    If I had to pick up one and walk into the wilderness, it would be my 30-30/20ga. 30-30 is good for 2 or larger 4 foot mammals. The 20ga with several different ammo options can take the same larger all the way down to rodents. It is not a fighting gun, but it could do its share of damage.

    If I got 2 guns, then my .357/20ga and one of my .357 revolvers. Maybe my S&W 13 or my Dan Wesson 15-2. Gives me even more choices ( .357 or .38)  and can still take larger animals I would run into. Plus reloading these with black powder would be much easier than semi autos. 

    Now if I am "surviving" in a Mad Max movie full if rampaging killers, I would probably make different choices. 

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