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  1. 27 minutes ago, A.J. Holst said:

    Same here, through I still enjoy fur free surfaces.

    I read that with no context and I did not take it AT ALL like it was meant....


    @bersaguy Good looking dog. The Lab/Sheppard mix we have had just less than a year and is still in full pup mode. Too much energy for me some days. Glad my son is the main caretaker. 

  2. We did just the immediate family at home since my in-laws understandably canceled theirs. Splurged and got a prepped meal from an upscale place. Took the stress off the wife and got some different stuff. The wife did make her homemade holiday rolls. Meal said it would feed 6, but we will probably still get 6 more meals out of it after we 4 ate. 

    So we had turkey, mashed potatoes, macaroni & smoked gouda cheese (with bacon 🙂 ), chestnut oregano stuffing, green bean casserole, sweet potatoe casserole, and white chocolate cheesecake. 

    Kids were a bit bummed not seeing everyone, but that is the 2020 mood. I will take bummed and healthy over the alternative. 

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  3. 10 hours ago, Raoul said:

    And what has this taught you grasshopper?

    That they suck, but are still the largest platform online to sell things at the moment. I have been able to sell everything on there from an old Harley gas tank to a prepaid cell phone. Right now, I can sell it, print a label, and put it at my mailbox and never have to go to the post office. That is why people are still selling on it. Plus, same as Gunbroker in that I don"t have to go meet a guy in a parking lot and the potential buyer pool is much larger. 

    I see them staying the dominant auction platform for a while. Like corporations in other industries, they tend to buy or run start up competitors out of business. They have a 25 year headstart on everyone else. Starting back then was a huge advantage. Now just getting seen without tons of money and social media is hard, let alone getting remembered. 

  4. They tend to knock ads off when other people complain. I had some software I was selling at one point and I really think a competitor reported the item, not some software company that had been closed for years. 

    And all their things seem inconsistent. I sold a phone as non-working/for parts in THAT category and when the buyer complained they tried to make me refund him. They would have if he had returned it to me, but he could not because he had already shipped it out if the country and was just fishing for a free item. If he had I would have been out shipping. 

    One move eBay is good for is to pull your auction right at the end after it has a bunch of bids. Even had one I bought pulled AFTER I paid. Luckily seller followed through. 

  5. Yeah, that is cool. I probably have enough materials around to make it. Wife keeps talking about moving the treadmill to the basement. Maybe I need to move that along. I am no where close to needing that much capacity right now though. I have yet to load my first cartridge, so maybe I wait until I see if I need it. 

  6. 2 minutes ago, DeepSouth said:

    Want a cheap tumbler, got a treadmill? A friend built a wood ladder to fit on his mill. Add the large Folger's coffee cans like Sam's carry with media and cases inside. He can tumble 7 cans at once. He's looking at you tube for wet tumbler ideas.

    I have a treadmill, it about shakes the entire house. Not sure the wife would like that. Interested how it works though. Got any pics?

    14 minutes ago, DeepSouth said:

    I have a Frankford Arsenal and Lyman Turbo.

    I use walnut media to clean the cases before they go to the press. Desert Blend from Petco does a great job and cheaper. 

    For cases that are trimmed and sized I use corncob media to remove the lube.

    New media will take a hour or 2 to clean the cases. As it gets older it will take longer. I add spent dryer sheets to remove some of the black dust. I go about 5 years before dumping the old media in a flowerbed. 

    Use the tumbler outdoors. I got a container of Tuff Nut once, ran the tumbler in my shop for about a month. I have red dust on everything.

    I had read about the lizard bedding. May have to try it, not finding much media locally. Ever used any Harbor Freight media. Also, can you just use corn cob to do it all?

    I was thinking of putting the tumbler in a plastic bin with a small hole for the cord and setting outside the garage. Unfortunately that is right below our bedroom window, but would isolate it from the house slab and flooring. 

  7. So since I have ventured into reloading, I find that I need a tumbler and media before I start using a lot of the range brass I have. Not much to discuss on types because most are sold out. I can find these 2. Anyone got experience of reason to go with one or the other? The Hornady is $20 more where i can find it and says it has a sifter. Other than that look the same to me. 


    Frankford Arsenal Quick-n-EZ Case Tumbler

    Hornady M-1 Case Tumbler



  8. Yesterday (11-18-20) at Academy in Johnson city there was NO ammo on the shelf. Normally there has been a box or 2 of some odd stuff but not even a box of .350 Legend. The other night I bought a pack of .22 short and saw a couple boxes of odd ball calibers.  

  9. I have 50+ pieces of .300 Blk brass that I would like to trade for some Primers. Head stamps look to be Hornady and Sig, though they could be a couple odd balls roiling around in there.   

    Looking mainly for Small Pistol, but might take others. 

    Obviously, it would need to be local in the Tri-cities since shipping primers is a hassle.  


  10. 3 hours ago, gregintenn said:

    No kidding! I had my yard cleaned up Saturday. I guess I’ll start over tomorrow. No idea where most of these leaves came from.


    My neighbors hate my huge mature trees. I gave up and have to bag I have so many. Mulching just doesn't hack it. Never thought I would be bagging 1.5 acres... If not I pretty much have no grass left in the spring. 

    Wish I could get out in the woods. Looking like my annual hunt with Dad will be a no go since it requires us to travel, stay in a hotel, and eat out for 3 days. I don't want Dad exposed to anything the way his health is. 

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  11. 13 minutes ago, xsubsailor said:

     I've heard ??..... that if you pick up the phone at the gun counter and have a manager paged to the area, the problem seems to go away for a while. whistle.gif

    I will have to remember that.


    Of course with the new Gun/Auto/paint counter in one of our Wal-Marts, it is now wait for them to get done with the 8 people checking out at auto so they can go out the back door. Does anyone else have a Wal-Mart that made that counter setup change?

  12. We ended up with ZERO like usual. Pretty much normal here. First few years in the house we decorated a bunch, much to the horror rest of the street that thinks Halloween is evil. Over the years we just stopped. Since the rest of the street is a bust, it is a dead end next to a much larger, wealthier subdivision, and no one can see our house from the main road, we get no one. In about 20 years we might have had 10 kids. Part were family and I think 5 came one year. The apartments we lived in right after getting married had at least 50 every year. 

    My kids are too old to Trick or Treat now. So my wife bought some of the pottery you paint and drop off to be run through the kiln. 3 of the 4 of us painted several Halloween themed  items. Was fun. We did similar at Easter. 

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  13. 10 hours ago, No_0ne said:

    In the case of the M39's mentioned by the OP, as well as Classic's other page of M39's currently available, the answer is collectors. The $1200 rifles are Tikkas.  These are the rarest of the M39's that (sometimes) come to market.  From looking at the rifles listed in the ads, these are the later (1940's) Tikkas, had these been some of the even rarer 1920's dated Tikkas they would have sold quickly for this amount.  The remainder of the M39's currently listed by Classic are SKY models, another relatively rare variant, as well as some of the harder to find dates of VKT's and Sako's.  M39's got a lot more expensive a few years back when Classic bought the last of the Pat Burns hoard and did a marvelous job of marketing them, prices went up overnight by about 30-50% and have remained there since. Also, just as an FYI, there are far more expensive Finnish and Russian variants out there, I watched an M1907 carbine sell for $2800 on Gunbroker just last week - that's actually quite a bargain for one of those.  Unfortunately all my "fun" money is going to another, more expensive hobby now ...

    I am not a collector and think a gun should be shot. I do understand pure collectors and completionist types who want these to go in their collection of 100 other minute variations. That is good for them, but for most people these are no better than the first Mosin Nagant I bought a few years ago in an aftermarket composite stock for less than $150. 


    Same thing goes for some of the CMP stuff. It is cool and has history, but it is only really valuable for its collectability. 

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