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  1. As said above, sometime logic is replaced by confidence when alcohol is mixed in.
  2. But he is a "Trained Professional" and well you are just nobody to the TSA. Even if you have twice as many years training as him. Funny how they let things work out.
  3. That truck also costs a crap load. Gonna be an expensive rebuild. lol
  4. How about a 28 inch barrel?lol Just depends on how much money an arms company pays the review committee. lol
  5. So you keeping all the 20MM for yourself?
  6. Talk about an eclectic mix of calibers.. GLWS
  7. If I watch them I feel like I need a labotomy. Same bad acting, same bad story over and over.
  8. I have shot one of these. Way more fun that you should be able to have. lol Guy I know bought it right from the front office of Volunteer when they were based in Knoxville. Guys you would love this thing.
  9. Bump. Surely someone needs a new cell phone as a Christmas gift.. to yourself or someone else.
  10. +1 from me. I have a degree and still found myself selling vaccum cleaners door to door, unloading semis by hand, crawling around in flower beds pulling weeds, and basically doing whatever I needed to pay the bills for a while. Sucked big time but I paid rent, fed the family, and eventually found something better. Very few people work because they want to. We have bills to pay. Putting up with #### is part of it. Sometimes you just find a job with less #### to deal with. It is easier to find one of those if you can offer employers something that stands you out from the crowd of applicants. A positive work ethic, willingness to learn, or skills learned on previous jobs. All these can help you get and keep a job. I also agree with the trade comment earlier. Plumbers, electricians, masons, and carpenters can all make really good money once you work at it a while. You may start as a grunt, but work good and show interest and a lot of the good ones will share their skills with you.
  11. Yeah, why even pause, just mow down all the guys standing there. He knew who Negan was, so concentrate fire on him, but clear them all. Gives you a better chance of surviving. All that time he has been riding in that truck and he never checked that mag to be prepared? Plus did not pick a secondary pistol or something for when he ran dry?
  12. What about Rick still wearing the same leather soled cowboy boots? Did they not find anything new for him in all the houses they cleared? I mean his have to be worn slap out. Plus running in those can't be fun. I worked in a western store for years. No way I want to run through the muck and snow in those.
  13. What Carl really needs is that Rocket Launcher back. lol
  14. Ronald_55


    All our guys do are make calls and check email. Not too much stress on our mobile devices. Except for the physical abuse they take.
  15. Ronald_55


    I just refuse to let the employees have Apple devices. Everyone can like what they want, but I am not an Apple fan. I have been using them since Apple IIES and have always had issue with Apple's policies and processes. Just my opinion.
  16. Sorry for the delay replying. It did not tell me you posted. I am open to most things. I did not want to be too specific being new here and not knowing what is around in my area. What have you got? A few things that are of special interest are a .38 or .357 revolver, an AR, bolt action .308, Savage model 24 (centerfire over a 12ga prefered), 12ga pump or semi, or a 9mm semi, but by no means is this a complete list. I am working to expand my very small collection, so if it's fun to shoot let me know. Worst I can say is ," I pass." Thanks for looking!
  17. Sounds like great meals this winter. Deer stew anyone? lol
  18. Ronald_55


    And the $35 one Apple sells breaks in no time. The Mapco knock off might last for years. lol
  19. My Dad does landscaping, but too far east sadly. If no one here wants, you might call a few midsized landscapers in your area. Down side is some of those guys can only use exactly what they are told on commercial accounts. Makes finding a match harder. Either that or deliver them all the the front door of your nearest Levis' store overnight. lol
  20. Been a long time since I lived down there. Back then I had 13 acres to shoot on, so I never even thought about ranges. I see this one in Oliver Springs. Never used it though. http://www.windrockshootingrange.com No idea if the fire hurt this one. never used it either. www.gatlinburgsportsman.com Online list. Not sure how up to date this is, but is all of TN. http://traderscreek.com/outdoors/tennessee-shooting-ranges-gun-clubs/
  21. Thought I would toss this out. I have a new Samsung Galaxy S5 from Verizon. The phone has been taken out of the box but never used. I swapped to T-Mobile and it does not work with them. May work with other carriers. It is unlocked (not rooted). It come with the Verizon sim card, charger and hands free earbuds in the box. I am looking to trade this for a firearm. I am open to all offers. Just let me know what you have. I am in NE TN, so prefer a fairly close meet due to my schedule. Please PM me what you have and I will get back with you. Thanks.
  22. One thing about ranges in my area is that most everyone has somewhere the can shoot free. Either the back yard, 'the back 40', or just a friend's place. Even the national forest has an outdoor range that is $3 a day for a lane. You can shoot a .50 there if you want. The ranges around get pressure from people protesting noise (even for indoor ones) and the whole 'I don't want it in my neighborhood' attitude. Really it ends up being a few sour grapes that ruin it all for everyone. Because TN is such a big diverse state, laws that make a little sense in Nashville or Memphis end up getting passed and enforced in small town TN. Even if they really don't apply.
  23. Thanks! I saw one in Cabelas' gun library a few months back, but it got gone the first day it showed up. They show up in online sites, but are ridiculously priced.

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