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    I just refuse to let the employees have Apple devices. Everyone can like what they want, but I am not an Apple fan. I have been using them since Apple IIES and have always had issue with Apple's policies and processes. Just my opinion.
  2. Sounds like great meals this winter. Deer stew anyone? lol
  3. Ronald_55


    And the $35 one Apple sells breaks in no time. The Mapco knock off might last for years. lol
  4. Been a long time since I lived down there. Back then I had 13 acres to shoot on, so I never even thought about ranges. I see this one in Oliver Springs. Never used it though. http://www.windrockshootingrange.com No idea if the fire hurt this one. never used it either. www.gatlinburgsportsman.com Online list. Not sure how up to date this is, but is all of TN. http://traderscreek.com/outdoors/tennessee-shooting-ranges-gun-clubs/
  5. One thing about ranges in my area is that most everyone has somewhere the can shoot free. Either the back yard, 'the back 40', or just a friend's place. Even the national forest has an outdoor range that is $3 a day for a lane. You can shoot a .50 there if you want. The ranges around get pressure from people protesting noise (even for indoor ones) and the whole 'I don't want it in my neighborhood' attitude. Really it ends up being a few sour grapes that ruin it all for everyone. Because TN is such a big diverse state, laws that make a little sense in Nashville or Memphis end up getting pa
  6. I bit the bullet and paid for one. Thanks. Got to gather a list of items and get an ad up.
  7. I will keep that in mind. I have a buddy that gave me a name, but I have not tried to check out his work yet. Nice to have options because some guys get really backed up.
  8. From my experience if you have this long of an issue going on, then it needs to be "escalated". Call back in, identify the issue and order number very calm and polite. Tell the operator that this has been going on forever and you would like to "escalate to their supervisor." In most call centers these are magic words that can't be denied. I should know, I have worked in several. If the supervisor tells you they can't help, the ask them the same thing. At some point, you might have to wait on a call back, but there is someone that can help you. If they say there is no one else to talk to,
  9. That is both disturbing and encouraging...
  10. Yeah I am already liking the vibe here better than several other places I have tried.
  11. Thanks, That had been the way I was leaning. Just checking because I mentioned it to someone outside of here about doing a trade and they acted like I had a second head. I just wish I had bought some guns back when I had more cash and you could get things like Enfields for $75. Hindsight
  12. Ok. I did not know how people were about shipping here. Sounds like a lot of good miles and memories. Cars wise I am a little short on ability. I just never got dug in under the hood. Dad always wanted me to focus on school. He just wanted something better for me. So I will have to enlist some labor. That makes the redo a lot more costly. Of course I do not want to screw it up. Except for the bench seat and radio, i think I have all the original parts. Still an inline 6 with 3 on the tree.
  13. Peer pressure... I blame per pressure.....
  14. Maybe that is it. My travel is limited by schedule, so that makes a meet hard. When I am down that way work or family is involved and both preclude picking up a gun. Did you buy them shipped, or drive to get them? My budget is so thin that when I do get a a new gun, it is going no where but to the range. Always was the same in my family growing up, guns came in but they never left. Nice one. Yeah it always seems like something or other takes the time or money away. I grew up in the '56, so I want my son to get to ride in it too. Hopefully he is not old enough to drive it before he does. l
  15. I am trying to expand my firearms collection. I grew up shooting, but was out of it for years due to family, money, schedule, etc. So I restarted small and the budget is thin. It is going slow. Not many people I deal with on a daily basis trade guns. Most of them have a much more liquid budget and just buy them. Then they rarely ever get rid of one. So anyone got any tips on trading other things for guns? Gun parts, optics, electronics, gift cards.. I have built up some stuff that I am not currently using and it might be nicer to trade than sell. The bills always get paid, but still extr
  16. Thanks. Yeah like I said to Raoul, when I first started watching the classifieds, I would have sworn most of the people were from Nashville. Seems like their are several of us from the Tricities area hanging around here. Looks like you might be a keyboard jockey like me. What model truck is that in the background of your profile page? I have a 1956 Chevy Stepside that I have been trying to get started on fixing up.
  17. I don't disagree with a single thing you are saying. I just think the first step is to stay aware and take actions that minimize the necessity. I have had more than one near miss with mob violence over the years. In those instances, my gun was not an option due to location (like foreign soil as a civilian). I avoided them by being aware and making an exit away from the issue before it came to a head. Anyway, everyone's opinion is their own. It comes down to you feeling like you are armed appropriately for the worst case scenario you might face. That is based within the budget you can aff
  18. Funny how wives are that way. Mine has enough craft supplies to fill a Hobby Lobby, but if I bring home some scrap lumber from work to use later, I am hoarding. When she needs something fixed that my "junk" pile has a piece for she never seems to mind then. Plus I can't remember the last time I needed to buy bolts, screws, or nails. Good thing she never looks at my ammo stock. lol
  19. I like ARs and will get one when budget allows it, but I also was taught by my grandfather that it doesn't matter how many shots you have if you make the first one count. I figure since he survived World War II and being a police officer, that is opinion counts for a little bit. And if the turds really hit the blades, I'm hoofing it home where I've got a lot more set up. On a normal day, I don't have a 10 man death squad after me. I tend to avoid places and people that make that happen. The OP wanted an all around gun to keep in the truck. We can all debate it for a long time,
  20. Ronald_55


    That is why I refuse to allow anything more than an iPhone to even use my network. Apple is just too proud of being Apple. They have to keep coming up with unnecessary things to be Apple exclusive. Basically USB is a universal port, why go designing a proprietary one?
  21. Little late to the party, but just wanted to point out that he mentioned putting a lockbox under his seat for the gun to live in. My 2 30-30 lever actions make great all around guns. If I need more than the 6 rounds they hold in the tube before I can top it off between shots, then I am already in bad trouble.


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