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  1. Dont know why tgey still sell cedar shavings. I have heardto never used tgem for rabbits or pet rodents either. Not sure what tgey work for.
  2. I just dug out the compact model of this I have. I really like it. Mine is from February 1994. GLWS.
  3. I have seen some wood AR furniture. Was thinking the other day that it would be cool to have a deep blued one with nice walnut just for kicks and a throwback to those guns we drooled over growing up. Or maybe something like this
  4. From the ridges it it, I would guess a Quick Release mount point fpr use with the sling swivel like in this pic.
  5. UT. She states that she wants to be as far away from home as she can and since we are basically forcing her to do in-state because of cost, that is it. We are not going to pay for her to go to some out of state to get the same level of education but cost twice as much,. We are going to drive over if she is still insistent and let her drive the entire way there and back. I am hoping that that will press the point that if she needs anything or has to come home that it is a LONG drive. Going that far is not going to change the bad choices she made over the last few years either.
  6. Why I am desperately trying to find a way to keep my daughter from going to college in Memphis.
  7. You think chicken sh!t everywhere.... Peacocks are a whole different nasty level if memory serves from my Granddad's. Like Turkeys on Ex-lax. lol
  8. Kind of an aside, but part of the reason people end up getting rid of their chickens, aside from the work, is that you can only eat so may eggs. In the past, bartering in town or with your neighbor gave you an outlet for the eggs with a return. Now Kroger does not take eggs in payment. Additionally, like a lot of farm animals, chickens are less work and a more productive per head when you have a large flock. There are possibly additional feed costs if there is not enough free range, but having 36 over 6 is very little extra work. Plus if you have a large flock it is safer to free range them. Y
  9. Yeah I noticed that. I just thought it really odd that they ever did that though
  10. I have run into this with other places too and on some of them I have found that they release stock when they send out the flier, but I may receive the emailed flier several hours after other people I know. Sending out thousands of emails take time and often they have to do it in batches to keep from some server along the way flagging them as a bot flooding it with email. So if you happen to be in the first section of the emails going out, you have better luck. No way to force that though. I agree they probably just say in the flier to check their site for what ammo is in stock, but remember
  11. *polite cough* I have some for sale in the Gear classifieds......
  12. I know that FFLs generally get stock in guns and ammo based on allotment tied to how much they bought in the past. Some of these small stores are getting nothing because the larger ones get a chance at everything first.
  13. @WindHawk Feedstock....Sounds like ypu work with Polymers... The only issue in someone filling the gap is dealing with the hazmat hurdles for manufacturing, storing, and shipping. That makes it different than other Widget manufacturing. Similarly, I looked at opening a indoor gun range several years back because the only good one went out here. All the regulations related to lead dust and insurance in case of an accident pretty much told me why no one had opened another. Takes a lot of effort and money to get through that. @Dirtshooter Some of the boxes falling off the back of the de
  14. Well the simple fact that they had a reloading shop going at one point is a point of frustration for me. There should be enough brass and lead lying around (even if they have to resort to battery lead from all the cars) to keep them in bullets for a while. Standardize on a caliber that can use black powder and make it from scratch. Even everyone with only a revolver is better than nothing. I mean Eugene can make cyanide capsules from peach pits, but can't make primers or BP? If loading cases are too hard, at least make some smoke poles. Darrel running around with a 6 shot BP revolver would sit
  15. Academy here actually had some I guess it was the first of last week even when I went at night. I got 2 boxes of 7.62x39. No bulk boxes left.
  16. I did. I was surprised a bit that it was good. Of course it takes about 1 episode for them to introduce a new enemy after the Whisperers. You catch what they failed to pick up after dealing with the sniper?
  17. Bump. So no one has an old 10/22 sitting in the closet and needs some ammo, primers, brass, or powder in exchange for it?
  18. Found something I want and am freeing up some cash A 200 round retail box of Monarch 115gr FMJ 9mm - $130 I will ship on your dime via Fedex. Looks like $15 will cover it anywhere in TN. I am in the Tri-cities in East TN. In person I accept cash. If I ship, I prefer Paypal F&F or Venmo (from established TGO members), but will take a USPS Money Order mailed to me. Members that joined 15 minutes ago need not apply. Please PM any questions. Just some more detail if you do not recognize this brand. Monarch is a house brand for Academy Sports. The box lists made
  19. @KahrMan You got to hold it like this Nice looking gun @Snaveba
  20. I still want to build one in that zombie green that was everywhere for a while. I would settle for one in this color though.
  21. Dad had a blue wagon one that was supposed to be my first car, but we never got it fixed up.


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