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  1. @hipower I apologize greatly. Somehow I missed this message. Yes OWB it is
  2. @E4 No More any chance you have a lot of wildlife passing through there? They may be depositing the ticks as they pass. Not sure of the effectiveness period of the insecticide, but that might make it an uphill battle.
  3. Texas just passed a bill to let people carry their handguns for a full week after natural disasters. Interesting idea. Never really gave it much thought https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2019/05/27/us/texas-guns-after-natural-disasters-trnd/index.html
  4. My totally uneducated guesses. Back: Winchester Model 12 shotgun Front: Winchester Model 70 rifle
  5. She got narrowly saved from Darwin... Even with a full kit I figure Mother Nature can kick my a$$ if she wants to. Best I can do is be as prepared physically, mentally, and equipment wise as I can when I go out.. Stupid mistakes win stupid prizes..don't be stupid like this lady.
  6. You should see the surprise on people's faces when I pull out my Streamlight. It is like I am some magician providing light from my glowing hands. Kinda the same at the office with a pocket knife. I see people poking at the tape on a box with paperclips. Pop out my knife and 2 seconds later the box is open. Growing up, I could not count one one hand the men or women I knew that did NOT carry a knife.
  7. Yeah, very little emergency preparedness and she might have been home the next day. Just a few simple things in your pocket can be a life saver. EDC - What's in your pocket?
  8. Great looking. Now you must play this whenever you take it to the range. https://youtu.be/00zuDUNTeXM
  9. Totally off subject, but my Dad used to have a bandsaw blade on a bow saw frame he cut down from a broken blade at work. It would cut anything. I actually saw him cut a 100 pound hunk of lead in 1/2 with it in a couple minutes. Lol. He is retired now, so no line on blades though.
  10. Admit it, you would have the same look on your face. ...
  11. I've noticed that eBay is really bad to let something set up there to right before it ends and then close the auction. I've had stuff bid on that closed up with less than a minute to finish.
  12. Ronald_55

    AK deal!

    Just keep watching this and it is Wolverines Forever..
  13. Ronald_55

    AK deal!

    I am betting he is putting 24 on Armslist for $650...
  14. Ronald_55

    AK deal!

    Some guy just bought 25 AKs. Lol
  15. Ronald_55

    Savage 99

    Be prepared with lots of time and money if anyone decides to venture into there. Unless you want to feel totally incomplete the rest of your life... They constantly egg on my Savage Model 24 need. I saw a .22 Hornet over 20ga the other day....Why why why did I look when there is no buying it....
  16. My rough guess is 42..... Someone STOP giving GT access to saw blades...lol
  17. I don't even have one and I would buy it if I was close.

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