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  1. Jinks won't be around forever. I would do it now. Bet it costs less than the grips did. lol
  2. As I have said before, I only have a slight problem with someone lining up and waiting to get heir ammo EVERY DAY and then reselling at a reasonable profit. It is paying for their time. That is unless, like I know some of our local guys are, they are on government disability because they are "unable to work". If you are able to get up and be in line at Academy with your wife and 5 kids to buy 3 boxes of ammo each every truck day, then you and your snot brats should be working. I am not happy ablout paying taxes to support you are you resell ammo at a profit. Was in our local Academy aga
  3. https://armyjeeps.net/listings/british-cvrt-sultan-armored-command-vehicle/
  4. This is the oddest part of a registration bilI I have ever read. "IN GENERAL.—The Attorney General shall establish and maintain a database of all firearms registered pursuant to this subsection. ‘‘(B) ACCESS.—', all Federal, State, and local law enforcement authorities, all branches of the United States Armed Forces, and all State and local governments, as defined by the Bureau."IN GENERAL.—The Attorney General shall establish and maintain a database of all firearms registered pursuant to this subsection. ‘‘(B) ACCESS.—The Attorney General shall make the conte
  5. @Erik88 You should know in East TN pretty much everything is going to be swallowed by a sink hole at some point. Construction company I used to work for hit one on a piece of property they were grading to build on in VA. They decided to fill it with gravel. After 50+ tandem dump loads of gravel they still could not see any in the hole. They still ended up building the project on the site, but not sure how they solved it.
  6. Oddly, it would probably hurt more for most guys to get shot by this than a normal black AR. Seems a lot of the colored parts have died out. I kind of wanted to make a Zombie Green (you know the color) AR at one point.
  7. Quick look says that Crescent made these for Sears. Not sure which model, but might check this out. Not sure if thye have the right parts you need though. Looks like a lot sold out. https://www.gunpartscorp.com/gun-manufacturer/crescent
  8. @TechAlG Well maybe some other seasoned reloaders can weigh in. I do like that Grafs has a lot of resource sheets. https://www.grafs.com/retail/index/tech-resources
  9. I have been using the below as a general reference. That is where I got that. I kind of figured it might not be the be all and end all, but it is a good place for me to look quickly. I know from what I read you can often use magnum primers in place of non magnum so I figured there might be places you could reverse that. I just did not want to assume that until I knew what powder and bullet I would be using. It lists 357 Magnum .357 SPM Primer Size and Bullet Diameter Chart from www.grafs.com https://www.grafs.com/uploads/technical-resource-pdf-file/12.pdf
  10. I am hoping to mount a press to a board to be attached when needed to the top of the workbench I am trying to squeeze into the garage. I figured matching holes on the benchtop and board would let me mount with some carriage bolts I have. That way it is an easy on and off. Another option is getting a tool stand and mounting it there. I could move it around, but would need room to stick it somewhere. I have looked at sheds, but it would be hard to fit one in with power without either laying a lot of conduit or having it right at the house. Longer I live here the less I like the way the hou
  11. Your wife sounds way more forgiving than mine. A stack of mail on the kitchen table is more than she can stand. lol
  12. Don't rub it in... I am trying to piece together enough supplies to load a few calibers. I know I should have long ago, but space and free time are always at a premium in my house. Luckily I got the press, some powder, and some bullets at pre-covid retail. I also picked up a bit of brass at the range.
  13. I have a package coming in from NC. It went from Ashville to Greensboro last Friday.. Ok odd, but not bad... then showed up in Memphis today.... I am in Johnson City..... They could have just about tossed it to me from the interstate as they passed.
  14. This is the reason I don't loan tools. I either never get stuff back or it looks like they drug it behind a truck. Just curious, what did he do to let it rust up?
  15. Yep. I have had things sell out before I could simply SIGN INTO my account at places. I started going ahead and setting up accounts at lots of potential places just in case.
  16. Thanks. Couple years off. Been looking fkr Dad a 64.
  17. What year is that yellow Corvette in the top left of one pic?
  18. We sold an in box trampoline on Facebook Marketplace back in May or so. Priced it a bit above what we paid 2 years before just to be an even number. Sold in 30 seconds and lady wanted to pick up in 20 minutes. I had messages about it for days even after wife closed the ad. We had no idea they were so hard to get then. Could have probably doubled the price. Hopefully her kid loved it. Mine had simply outgrown it by the time we bought it to replace one damaged by the wind.
  19. So I admit to being pretty hot headed in my younger days. I used to say and do stuff that I knew would blow up the situation. I have since learned to ignore a lot of idiots in the world. Makes me happier and removes their validation. When being in any type of "altercation", your actions are all you can control. I think one misstep, like in another recent thread, is your response. Probably seemed appropriate at the time but it just antagonized him and moved the situation along. Remember in lots of cases it might end up being your word against his and maybe he is a better storyteller
  20. Ronald_55


    I try to avoid doing queries on urls that are trying to get around other issues just in case anyone is watching. Might not really make a difference, but doesn't hurt.
  21. Ronald_55


    I sorta stopped going after threatening to stab the scoutmaster when he said they were gonna hold me down and cut my hair... I meant it and still do. That one event probably taught me more about life than all the badges could. Do you have the backup domain with a different registrar? I am afraid some of these are gonna cone down to the killing it at an account level. That means they can kill all the domains of whoever they attack. So many people end up running clusters of similar sites and for cost and ease run them all one one host and one registrar. Often those are one in the same too
  22. Just found out my cousin's husband passed from it. I think he was 52 with no pre-existing conditions. His mom died in December. Not sure if it was Covid. It just keeps getting closer to home for me. About once a week I get a message about extended family dying from it.
  23. Not a rifle, but added a .22lr conversion for my Beretra 92FS/M9 a while back. Added 2 HK 416ds and 2 S&W M&P 15-22s also. Not sure I listed my Savage 3c above either.


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