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  1. Gives a whole new meaning to a trade meet. I have always thought it plausible that there would come a time in TEOTWAWKI that there is more benefit in molding gold and silver into bullets than in hoarding it.
  2. You could think of this as a multi-function room too. Leave room for a small gun safe you put your most sentimental ones in and there are 2 layers to get through to get to them if someone breaks in. A few other additions and you have a "panic room" too. Take a good look at any trees that could potentially reach where you put it. You could take them down to lessen the possibility of the room taking a direct hit from a falling tree. Lots of force built up by the time they hit the ground. I have a opposite suggestion over sinking the room. I might actually raise it, or at least the interior floor, to eliminate the room flooding if the exterior metal walls are compromised. Run you some bolts into the existing slab and pour in place after the walls are up. Obviously I know the room isn't going to fill up and drown you. If you have to spend any extended time there, 2 or 3 inches of water on the floor might be very uncomfortable if you had to run in barefoot in the middle of the night. I would also think hard about leaving air holes in the walls. Those metal building skins are not very thick and you don't want another way for water to get pushed in if the walls are punctured or down. pipes coming out to roof of the room with 180 degree bends would be a better option in my mind. You could screen them to keep the critters out.
  3. I see mullets making a come back. Easy to see how to cut your own hair in the front, not so easy in the back.
  4. I saw a news story that said Wal-Mart has been tracking sales trends and hair dye and trimmers are spiking. lol
  5. Alternate option.Your neighbor can't use pesticides on the hemp but can you apply it to the corn? He stays organic and you get corn. You can always mix some sunflowers in.
  6. Ok guys and gals. I know the ugly Glocks are out there. There are too many pics for someone not to have one. To maybe give some incentive to dig out those unloved "your momma tied a pork chop around your neck to get the dog to play with you" Glocks, I am prepared to include * Yep, That is one BRAND NEW MEGA sized roll of Charmin Ultra STRONG. Either use it as intended or to dry the tears of joy at being rid of that Glock that puts a stain on your good gun guy (or girl) reputation. *Limited time offer. At some point the family is gonna have to break that roll out.
  7. @GlockSpock To have a Glock I can toss around without worrying about beating it up. Serve as a long term truck gun 365. Heck I might even try my hand at some homebrew customization at some point. Plus I want a double stack to match my Glock mag 9mm AR pistol that resides as my PDW in the truck sometimes. So nothing sinister. lol @Chucktshoes How did you know Pinky and the Brain was my favorite? lol
  8. Is this just tease me or you want to let that poor tortured beast go?
  9. Local shop has already done the kiosk type thing. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1305794356296269&id=185948338280882 We are one step from local shops doing delivery. I see the ATF was ultra specific on the "on the licensee’s property" portion though. Local ammo deliveries would still be legal though.
  10. It is the weekend, dig into the back of that safe. Let's see who can come up with the ugliest. I may have some trades if that is more interesting.
  11. I second the Model 60. You can find a used one for about 1/2 of a 10/22. Even brand new they are $180 vs. $230 for the standard 10/22. 10/22 has more options though Since it is tube fed I made speed loaders out if pex Makes the plinking more fun. I also have a Savage 64f. Limited to 10 round mags, but a whopping $129 brand new at BassPro. Mine came with a scope also. May have been a bit more, but I won mine in a raffle.
  12. I tried, but he got out of the road before I got to him...
  13. Thanks. I will look but hoping to get semi local. Too much going on right now to try to get it to a FFL and hope they are still open for business when it arrives.
  14. My thoughts - Do I A. Want my family see me shoot someone? B. Want to put them through the legal shltstorm that results from this? It is not as clear cut as "If I do right, it will all be ok." Look at how many people you read about who were very clearly in the right defending themselves (or others) only to spend weeks or months for the courts to decide that? Then they spend years fighting lawsuits from family members that say you are a murdering S.O.B. even though their son/daughter/wife/husband/cousin had a wrap sheet for everything short of nuking an orphanage. My largest responsibility is to my family. Everything that happens to me after I pull my gun happens to them.
  15. Ronald_55

    Deals forum?

    Yeah every great deaI find is sold out before I can get to it, let alone post it.
  16. Bump because I know someone has one out there.... I'd even take this one as an example
  17. Beware.. This is geeky.... I remember taking COBOL as basically a teaching language in the 90s. How in the heck are their systems even keeping up. This is pretty much like you doing your taxes on an Etch-A-Sketch https://www.cnn.com/2020/04/08/business/coronavirus-cobol-programmers-new-jersey-trnd/index.html On top of ventilators, face masks and health care workers, you can now add COBOL programmers to the list of what several states urgently need as they battle the coronavirus pandemic. In New Jersey, Gov. Phil Murphy has put out a call for volunteers who know how to code the decades-old computer programming language called COBOL because many of the state's systems still run on older mainframes. In Kansas, Gov. Laura Kelly said the state's Departments of Labor was in the process of modernizing from COBOL but then the virus interfered. "So they're operating on really old stuff," she said. Connecticut has also admitted that it's struggling to process the large volume of unemployment claims with its "40-year-old system comprised of a COBOL mainframe and four other separate systems." The state is working to develop a new benefits system with Maine, Rhode Island, Mississippi and Oklahoma. But the system won't be finished before next year. "Literally, we have systems that are 40-plus-years-old," New Jersey Gov. Murphy said over the weekend. "There'll be lots of postmortems and one of them on our list will be how did we get here where we literally needed COBOL programmers?" For instance, with more than 362,000 New Jersey residents filing for unemployment in the past two weeks, the 40-year-old mainframes that process those claims are being overloaded. Coders have moved away from the aging language COBOL, which stands for Common Business Oriented Language, is a computer programming language that was developed back in 1959, according to the National Museum of American History. "It's a programming language that was used to create a very significant percentage of business systems over the period of the 60s, 70s and even into the 80s," Joseph Steinberg, an expert on cybersecurity, told CNN. But over time, coders have moved away from the aging language. "The general population of COBOL programmers is generally much older than the average age of a coder," Steinberg said. "Many American universities have not taught COBOL in their computer science programs since the 1980s." Yet, the program persists in systems Despite a dwindling number of COBOL programmers, a 2017 report by Reuters found that there are still 220 billion lines of COBOL in use today. 43% of banking systems are built on COBOL and 95% percent of ATM swipes rely on COBOL code. Even in the federal government, COBOL is being used in agencies such as the Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Justice and Social Security Administration, according to a 2016 report by the Government Accountability Office. A 2018 report by the inspector general for the Social Security Administration found that the administration maintained more than "60 million lines of COBOL" with "millions more lines of other legacy programming languages." The inspector general urged the administration to modernize its systems. With more than 44,000 Covid-19 cases in New Jersey, the last thing the governor should have to worry about are computer systems, Steinberg, the cybersecurity expert, said. "Governors should not have to think about computer systems during a pandemic," he said, "and we should have systems that if there are emergency situations, should not make the emergencies worse."
  18. If I did have a tin foil hat I would wonder why the snack cake maker across from my office all of a sidden put up a chain link fence right before this got into full swing and had a uniformed masked guard out front this morning.....
  19. Got a Glock that you tried stippling but it turned out to look like a 4 year old did it? Get too drunk one weekend and decide to cut down the grip with a side grinder? (Hey Buddy hold my beer and watch this....) Or one that simply has been dragged around in holsters, range bags, tackle boxes, and floorboards? Do you hide it in the back of the safe because you are more ashamed you still own it than if you owned a .380 HiPoint in that $100 bill print? Let me do you a favor and take it off your hands. I am looking for a functioning double stack 9mm Glock. Obviously, it can be the ugliest girl at the dance and I am not stuck on color, model or Gen number. I assure you I will give it a good home. PM me what you have.

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