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  1. We have a 35' Wildcat 5th wheel. Have had RVs since 2001. On our 4th. Still camping but don't know how much longer we will be able to do it. Always wanted an Airstream but don't like the floor plans. They are rugged and last many years but are "Expensive."
  2. Tanger Malls are not indoor. That was a lot of the problem with Hickory Hollow. Also their underground parking garage was a trap. Lots of muggings in there. I was almost involved myself, once. Thugs hung out in indoor comfort, however it does make me wonder how this mall will do. Cool springs is indoor and has faired quiet well in Williamson County.
  3. I really lucked to about 5 years ago. I have a 35' RV and need a 2500 HD to pull it. I had a 2001 Chevy 2500 HD 4 door w/long bed, gas burner with a 6 liter engine. Was in Gatlinburg about 5 years ago and my son-in-law called and said a guy in Smyrna TN had a 2005 Duramax 2500 HD with a long bed and 4 door club cab for sale. He went on to explain it was in a fire in Pigeon Forge and the fire melted the front end and windshield and he could repair it for around 3000.00. It had 80,000 miles on it. I told him to get it and we purchased it for 7,200.00 as is. Cost me 3000.00 all totaled to get it in A 1 condition. Ended up with 10,200.00 in it and sold my 2001 for 7500.00. finally it cost me 2700.00 to trade up 4 years with 80,000 miles on it, and getting a Duramax Deiseal to boot. My best trade ever. I have put 50,000 miles on it, in the past 5 years, since purchasing it, and I could still get my money back and even make some profit if I sold it today. Edited to make correction.
  4. Don't know how to do pics Grayfox54. My range is not too special just a big dirt pile, 20' wide X 6' tall, and and a bunch of steel gongs and B 27 target racks. I can get 100 yards for rifles, but just 3 of my steel targets are for heavy rifles. I have a shooting table and chair out there and usually shoot my handguns at 21 to 30 feet off hand. I don't like to shoot the steel closer than 21' because of danger of bullet splatter although my targets are spring mounted or mounted on angles to direct the splatter into the ground and not back at the shooter. I am just glad I can still shoot at my house. I have close neighbors, but am courteous and don't fire early mornings (after 9AM) or late (after7PM) in summer. I hear a lot of shooting around my neighborhood. I am 8 miles from MTSU and 5 miles from the city limits. We have 3 acers.
  5. Got my new pistol rack up on the range(6, 6" steel targets on a 2X4 spring mounted). Went out and shot 80 rounds of 22 LR and shot the ammo out of my EDC 357 Mag so I could put fresh ammo in it. Neither did not harm the targets but the Cor Bon copper left a big mark. Also moved the spring loaded target quiet a bit. "BIG DING" off the steel sounds sweet from the Magnum. Do that about every 4-6 months so the 357 Cor Bon DPX stays fresh. Trying to go out and practice ever 3 weeks now that the weather is better. I used my SW mdl 317 8 shot revolver and my Taurus 7 shot 38/357 7 shot snubbie. Got rained out and had to come in. Felt good, cloudy 74 no wind. I could have gone a bit longer if not for the rain.
  6. Went to Home Depot and got my rigid conduit legs for the target rack. I stood there and watched the guy measure and mark the pipe then saw it on their electric cutter. Told him the pipe was 10' long, and cut me 4 pieces that are 2 1/2 feet long (adds up to 10 ft, right). Got home and not one pipe is the same length as the other. GOOD HELP! How can someone be so sorry????? Guy had a pin on his vest that said he had been an H D employee for years.
  7. I purchased 6 pistol targets and the handy plate rack hardware so I can hang the plates side by side on my range. I believe their 6" plates with hangers that slide on a 2X4 with attachments to slide on the 2X for legs to hold them up. Always wanted some. These are spring mounted plates so it suppose to hold down bullet splatter. Should be a nice addition to my back yard range. These plates came from Shoot Steel and suppose to take a steady diet of low mag handguns up to 44 mag. The 460 and 500 cal are out. Been shooting a bit as of late. Edited to add; Hope it quits raining so I can get them on the range. Raining like a cow _____ on a flat rock here this morning. Pop Pop
  8. pop pop


    I don't fully know why it is giving problems. They are in S Carolina and I am in mid TN. Going down there the first of the month and will check it out. They are using WWBox, not sure what grain bullet, practice ammo and some federal all RN practice. I told him to clean it and lube it liberally and he did and still would not run. They took a friend with him on the second outing who has 1911s and he/both could not get it to run. I only purchased the pistol on a big Christmas special (430.00 out the door new after factory rebate) and have have had little experience with that platform. I had 2 others I purchased used and they were not reliable for me, but I thought I would try a new one. All 1911 I have been around have experienced issues. Glad you guys have had better luck with your 1911s.
  9. pop pop


    I purchased a new Remington 1911A1 a few years ago. My grandson was with me, at Bass Pro, and I told him I would give it to him when I was finished with it. I took it to him last month. They can not get it to run. Even had a "gun guy"??? look at it. He could not get it to run more than one shot. I never fired it because grandson wanted to be the first one to shoot it. A totally new pistol was important to him so I went with his wishes and never tried to fire it. I have owned 3 1911's. I know there are die hard 1911 guys, but in my experience, the other two I owned, I could not make them run good enough to trust them. I am going to see them next month, and will see if I can make the 1911 run?????? I have tried, but I am just not a 1911 guy! Never owned one or seen one that was reliable.
  10. Moped actually the 617 is a K frame size revolver with a 2" brl. If not mistaken, the 627 is a larger frame. I can actually carry the 617 in a pocket holster and do it every day.
  11. I just throw 3 snake shot loads into my EDC, Taurus Mdl 617 7 shot snub revolver and go. Been marking horse trails in dense brush/woods (90 acers) (daughters horse farm) the past 2 weeks. Got them cleared last week. Daughter is riding them today with several friends. This combination has served me well. I have killed snakes, with this set up before, but you must be close (10 feet or so). By the way I walked over 65 acers and never saw one snake, but I know they are out on warm days but moving slow. Saw a picture of a 3' black snake, on my neighbor's carport, last week. Edited to add; 38 Spl CCI snake shot loads.
  12. I have a 4 Y O Hustler 52" zero turn we just put a new 24 HP Kawasaki engine on. Cost me 1800.00 delivered for the new complete engine. S-I-Law installed it. Cuts great. Mower has 750 hours on it and we purchased it $300.00 from a kid who ran the old engine without oil and never cleaned the air filter. Didn't watch the oil level, he said. We just replaced all the belts and serviced the hydrostatic wheel drives, and it is ready to go. Mowed 2 1/2 acers(our yard) with it Saturday. Working fine. I believe it is 6750.00 + tax for a new one. Got a good mower for a fair price IMO. Edited to add; My son-in- law has a Bob Cat 60" z turn and a XMark 60" z turn. Both are excellent mowers. I have an old John Deer Lawn and Garden tractor type mower purchased in 1986 with a commercial grade Koehler 12 HP with a 42" cutting deck. It is a 212 size Lawn Tractor. Talk about a good buy, 26 years of good service at not much expense. It smoke a little now, but will cut grass fine. Kinda like me, a little worn. Been rode hard and put up wet!
  13. pop pop

    Budget 1911

    I had a new Remington 1911A1 I gave to my grandson this year. Liked it but am not a 1911 guy. I purchased it at Bass Pro on a moonlight/Xmas special several years ago. Got it after store discount and after rebate, for 450.00 new I B. Grandson was with me and I told him I would give it to him when I was finished with it. Giving my excess guns to grandchildren so wifie will not have to mess with them after I am gone, if I go first.
  14. pop pop


    Thanks for the replies guys. I have not chain sawed for 3 days now and the pain and swelling has gone down, somewhat, but not gone completely. Right hand is worse than the left. One guy told me to try Frankincense cream yesterday. Like the idea about the frankincense. My wife said we can purchase the Frankincense "concentrate" from our local health foods store. I have taken the Apple Sider vinegar, two tablespoons per day, and not helped. I am on Meloxicam and Gabapentin and have been for years for diabetic neuropathy pain in hands and feet/legs. Also on a low dose aspirin for blood thinning for the heart disease. I do have neck compression and have had surgery twice and have 4 vertebra, out of the 7, fused. This pain has started in the last 3 months and steadily gotten worse. The ointment I am using now Aspercreme/Lidocaine is helping a little. Just might venture to the Health foods store today. Again thanks. I am game for any thing.
  15. pop pop


    Over the past 4 months I have developed much pain in my right pinkie finger. I mean really bad pain. I have been cutting and piling brush on my daughters horse farm and using a chain saw. I fell and put my right hand down to soften the impact. Thought, at first, I had hyper extended the pinky on my right hand, during the fall, but it has gotten much worse. About a month ago I started having pain, which has gotten progressively worse in my left hand pinkie finger just like the right pinkie finger. I did not put my left hand down in the fall. Lots of pinkie here! Since it has appeared in the left hand, now, my thoughts are it is arthritis. Will see my Dr in 2 months and have him have a lookie see. You guys ever had anything like this? I mean the brush clearing with the chain saw really aggravates it and the pain level go through the roof for about 3 days. I have been using Aspercreme with Lidocaine, and it helps. The pain persist even when I am not cutting brush now for a prolonged period of time. It has affected my pistol grip and the pain flares during recoil. Lots of pain. I am having to fight flinching, which I have never had a problem with before now. The 357 full power is rough. Edited to add; the right pinkie swells when the pain flares also. Haven't notices the swelling in my left hand so far nor is the pain as bad, YET.
  16. Prayers for all. Grayfox54 you can fix that! Become a better one. Long lasting benefits. Bible says it is the only way with help from Jesus. Edited to add; The virus has brought a lot of misery to a lot of families. I and wife are fully vaxed. Lost her nephew and great nephew last year to coved.
  17. No problem picking mine. I like a Taurus 7 shot K frame size 38/357 Mag revolver which I is my EDC. I have 3. If I go IWB, for back-up, it is a S W MP 9MM C 15 shot. I sometimes carry Kahr P9,9 shot Pocket Carry if I want something flatter than my revolvers. With Kaki pants the revolver prints but with black I am fine. These are my favorite pistols and revolvers for concealed carry.
  18. Prayers for him and all involved. I was in a Red Horse unit in 67-68 around Danang Air Field, USAF. So many of us are passing with P-cancer. Yes Grand Torino, that time sure changed my life. Agent Orange has been unkind to me. Thanks for your service Grunt67. Your Squad leader was/is a good man.
  19. I have been in squirrel elimination mode for 2 years now. Theycost me a bunch before declaring war. Got them "somewhat" thinned but still, eliminate a couple per week. Talk about a nuisance!
  20. We have about 3-4" here in Lascassas TN. Lofton Road, in front of our house, is wet but clear. Need to attend a funeral this afternoon and should not have any trouble, except for the cold. May not go.
  21. This might help. Hornadysafes.com
  22. Price of deiseal fuel will probably keep us from going to Big Bend N P this spring. Paid 469.00 3 days ago. Cost me 124.00 for fill up. My truck gets 10-12 MPG, while pulling our RV, depending on topography of land. Truck holds 28 gallon of fuel. Gives me 240 miles per tank because traveling out west one needs to refuel when going to 1/4 of a tank. Sometimes, fuel is far between stops. Big Bend is about 1300 miles from Murfreesboro. Estimated to use 130 gallons one way and fuel is always higher out west. Fuel cost estimated to run around 300 gallons in all most likely at 5.00 + per gallon. Takes a chunk of lollie just for the trip not counting all the other expenses. Hard on a retired dude.
  23. pop pop


    Agreed TGO not bragging here, but it is my hope to spur others to consider their safety that they have put into place. Case in point with the opening post, the LADY SPENT 6.5 MILLION FOR A "SAFE" HOUSE AND A GUY BREAKES THE GLASS AND KILLS HER IN HER BED. It takes "effort" and money to make your home as hard as possible to enter. It is amazing how easy it is to get into some peoples castle. Most doors can be kicked-in in seconds. If you make it hard enough it will take more effort, thereby MAKING MORE NOISE, which will give one more time to prepare to defend oneself, if forced too. By the way my house is also lit up like a Xmas tree outside. Two layers of light, one security light and front and back lights that stay on all night with electric eyes, then an extra set of flood lights that can be turned on from inside. I have it well lit both front and back, however a I have no illusions, a determined "Thug" can and will defeat almost anything one designs. Making entrance to one's castle harder should give one valuable time to get ready. Also keep entry doors locked at all times. All I am saying! You guys think about it. This stuff happens daily somewhere, even around us.
  24. pop pop


    I have 6 windows, at my home, that are my weakest points of my home security. They are old style wood frames with storm windows over the outside. They can't be opened, only from inside, because I have nails slid into the mid frames. I have often thought that I would put some kind of metal grills over bottom half of my windows, but figured someone would think I am paranoid, which I "somewhat" am.. The rest of my windows are bedroom windows and are high off the ground so one would need a ladder to enter them. My home is brick, but one could get into the attic and come through the sheet rock overhead pretty easy provided they enter the attic. All my entry points have Security storm door with substantial locks and unbreakable double pane glass. Entry doors are solid core heavy wood with 4 locks per door. Two of the locks can only be opened from the inside, with heavy dead bolt locks keyed on both sides. All door hinges have extra long screws in them so no kick-ins. My hope is one will need to make noise and thereby giving time for us to react if forced by unwanted entry. We live in rural setting. How is your home security?
  25. pop pop


    Just saw a news story of a house in Lexington KY, where a wealthy lawyer billed the 6-million-dollar house as being the safest house in America. Has a nuclear bunker, stocked with months of food, 26 feet under the ground. One 23-year-old mentally disturbed guy, who was obsessed that Putin was going to attack with nukes, broke a glass out and entered then executed the young lady lawyer, in her bed, and her dad after a gun battle. Wanted access to the bunker, so the media reported was the motive. Really sad, but most don't know what safety is.


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