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  1. JsLangley

    Castle doctrine question

    I haven't heard a thing
  2. JsLangley

    Castle doctrine question

    Thanks DaveTN I emailed senator ken yager as well. I haven't gotten a reply yet but when I do I'll let everyone know what he says.
  3. JsLangley

    Castle doctrine question

    Oh shoot that would be great. If they give u a few helpful answers I would greatly appreciate you sharing them on here
  4. JsLangley

    Castle doctrine question

    Thanks for the help. I just want all bases covered. I believe I would be covered seeing that the definition of "possession" by Merriam-Webster is: "control or occupancy of property without regard to ownership" therefore i, being an occupant, am in possession of the vehicle. And lawful just means it's not stolen or I am not prevented by law from being in possession of that vehicle. So I would be in lawful possession as would my friend
  5. JsLangley

    Castle doctrine question

    Thanks for posting the statute oh shoot. U know how the laws are. So many technicalities.
  6. JsLangley

    Castle doctrine question

    I just found something on http://smartgunlaws.org/guns-in-vehicles-in-tennessee/ that says a person can legally have their loaded handgun in "A LAWFULLY POSSESSED VEHICLE" which tells me it doesn't have to be MY vehicle. Not sure whether that's a reliable website or not. Just thought maybe that would help in your replies
  7. JsLangley

    Castle doctrine question

    Hey guys. I started a conversation previously regarding handgun laws and I got great answers that helped a lot. But I have one more question that I didn't think of but would've been helpful to know today. The castle doctrine extension enables me to carry a loaded handgun in my vehicle without an HCP as long as I am not unable to own a handgun by law and if I'm in lawful possession of the vehicle. My question is....if someone I am riding with (friend,relative etc.) is in lawful possession of their vehicle, would that be covered by the castle doctrine? Or is it only if I myself am in possession of the vehicle and am driving? Thanks for the help!
  8. JsLangley

    Handgun laws questions

    Chances R I've noticed that lol. I've gotten way better advice on this thread then I have while talking to the actual government. Again I thank everyone for their help on this situation. If I ever have any future questions this is where I'll go to ask
  9. JsLangley

    Handgun laws questions

    Haha no oh shoot. But nobody has told me yet when it was discontinued except in that post
  10. JsLangley

    Handgun laws questions

    Thanks wing shooter that's what I was wanting to know. One more question for u guys.....if I'm deer hunting with my 30-06 and I also have my pistol on my hip is it considered hunting with a pistol or is it carrying because I already have a rifle? Or can I technically hunt with both at the same time? Not a big deal but I'm just wondering
  11. JsLangley

    Handgun laws questions

    The sergeant told me it had to be 4 inches. But as I said before.....even the Tennessee Department of Homeland Security and Safety didn't know. I got different answers every time. So a different twra law enforcement officer could give me a different answer. How am I supposed to abide by the law if my government doesn't know what the law is or can't tell me
  12. JsLangley

    Handgun laws questions

    Oh shoot do u know of anywhere that says it can be any barrel length so I could read it? All I see is it saying if I'm in "full compliance with the rules and regs" but that's what I'm trying to find out lol. What are the rules and regs. Basically all I need to know is if my 3.3 inch barrel would be legal for me to open carry while hunting. I've found numerous times that it's ok for me, being 19 years old, to open carry while hunting as long as I am using the appropriate caliber for that season.
  13. JsLangley

    Handgun laws questions

    Thanks wing shooter. This is what I found using that URL: Persons with a handgun carry permit pursuant to TCA 39-17-1351 may possess a handgun the entire year while on the premises of any TWRA refuge, public hunting area or wildlife management area, including the North and South Cherokee. Nothing in this subsection shall authorize a person to use any handgun to hunt unless such person is in full compliance with all wildlife laws, rules and regulations. For all other Federally managed properties such as refuges and military installations (example: Oak Ridge WMA) contact that speci c facility or location. I still couldn't find whether it has to be 4 inches or if I can carry while hunting at my age without a HCP. Please let me know if I missed something
  14. JsLangley

    Handgun laws questions

    A sergeant which the twra recommended I talk to just called back and told me that I had to have a 4 inch barrel for the gun to be labeled a "hunting weapon". Anything shorter is strictly self protection weapon in which case u have to have a HCP to carry. I will also add that I am legally hunting hogs. I am on a private lease and I am listed on the exemption to kill hogs legally 24/7 using any method I like besides dogs in our area
  15. JsLangley

    Handgun laws questions

    Idk who else to call besides the White House and I'm almost certain they won't know. I'm going to try the NRA and I'll let u guys know what happens

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