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  1. Found some stuff sitting around I doubt I will ever use myself. Brownells RMR Cover with 2 sets of screws $15 Blackhawk Inside Pants Holster for G26/37/33 73IP05BK-R. $10 Uncle Mike's Inside The Pocket Holster - Size 4. $5 YHM 9.25" Short Picatinny Rail - YHM-9464-8 $15 YHM 12" Short Picatinny Rail - YHM-9464-12. $15 Ruger 10/22 Factory Barrel (some shots down it before it was changed out) $25 Can ship if necessary, buyer pays actual shipping cost. Can meet FTF around Cleveland, TN area.
  2. Before the Oct 20 update whenever I receive an email from the Firearms Classifieds section which I have set to "follow" and "immediate notification"; the email contained the entire first post with pictures and everything, now the email only has the first two lines. Is there anyway to change this back. Makes it handy to see from just the email without having to click the link into the forum posting. Prior to Oct 20: After:
  3. In one of the episodes in Woodbury you see reloading equipment in the background, don't remember which one, think it was when they were loading up to attack the prison.
  4. I have a Westernfield Shotgun made by Noble and the Release Lever Spring which is staked into the release lever is broken requiring you to hit the release lever after each shot if fired.  I'm going to have to make a spring (numrich is out of stock) and was wondering if anyone has one of the shotguns and could take a picture of the spring and how it attaches and interacts with the hammer and release lever.   Thanks  
  5. Paypal automatically renewed the charge for my benefactor status on June 21, 2013, but when I browse the classifieds, i am informed:   PLEASE READ! You are viewing the TGO Trading Post with a standard member account. Your account will not allow you to publicly respond to or post new threads in this forum. The ability to post ads is a perk granted to our Premium Members (Benefactors) for supporting the TGO community. Benefactor subscriptions are as cheap as $20/6-months or $35/year and help us raise much needed capital to pay our operational expenses. As a standard
  6.     Gov is in a Dodge pickup, it was a Ford at the pits when they were torched.
  7.   To satisfy the club requirement you can also join the Garand Collector's Association, thegca.org, get 4 magazines per year. Your HCP can satisfy the firearms related activity requirement.   Check out the catalog for more information about ordering, page 9.   http://thecmp.org/Sales/pdfs/catalog.pdf
  8. From shopruger.com       I ordered in Jan, albeit magazines, and just got my order last week.  They are working as fast as they can.
  9.   Ruger seems to have changed a lot as a company since Bill Ruger died; and it seemed he was trying to make it where they guns he made would not be banned by blaming the mags.  That way he could still make his money buy selling the Mini-14 and other guns with the smaller mag.  Giving the gun grabbers something so they would go away, but they never will.   Ruger now makes many magazines themselves that Bill Ruger himself wanted to see banned.   http://www.thegunzone.com/rkba/papabill.html
  10. I ordered Commander and Government kits in 2010, and like others have said they were tight. It was a couple of weeks before they shipped, but shipping times may have changed. I fitted all the other parts and then sent both to Fusion to have Ion Bond finish. Both shoot well, had some issues FTF that polishing up the breech face fixed, prior to finishing. Commander Gov (pics little fuzzy)
  11. Silvers. Just check his website for his hours each week.
  12. Yeah I told him it was kinda weird them calling, but all he asked is if I had suffered any loss, that was it.
  13. I called the Chattanooga Office number and they connected me with the investigator. They are checking with C&R and other dealers to see if any guns are lost and whatnot. He said some were checking in the Knox area also. It was weird, but legit.


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