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  1. Checking if any members own a Charter Arms 41 Mag .. I own 5 Charter revolvers at this time , and like them ... Im sorta waiting to see if they produce one with a 4 inch barrel like my 357
  2. You could check over on the Taurus Armed Forum , they should have alot of imput But I have been unable to pull up site the last few days
  3. 45 ACP ... 230gr Golden Saber 45 ACP +P ....230gr Underwood Nosler 40 S&W ...180gr Federal HST 9mm ........124gr Federal HST 10mm.......180gr Underwood Gold Dot 357 Sig.....125gr Underwood Gold Dot 45 GAP.....200gr Gold Dot 380acp.... 90gr Underwood XTP 38 Spl..... 130gr Federal HST 357 Mag...125gr Hornady FTX 44 Spl...... 200gr Underwood LWC
  4. I have a Gen 3 .. 26 nuthin but smiles and giggles ! But my 27 is my work horse ... With a 23 barrel installed .. ( I use a 19 barrel in my 26 )
  5. First time I ever saw a 357 mag four barrel derringer!!! thanks for sharing!
  6. I have purchased maybe a 150 + guns online ... A few bad experiences.. But all wheir resolved (mostly) I twice had the wrong gun sent to me... I had a rusty rifle sent to me .. these was resovled .. I purchased a NIB pistol once .. It arrived used ... I worked out a deal with the fellow .. I once purchased a Charter 44spl Bulldog was said to be as NIB ..It arrived as new in box but with a broken grip frame ...I paid 200.00 shipped ( lowball bid ) and when I contacted the seller . We settled on him sending me $75.00 .. I called Charter . They sent me a grip frame and a tee- shirt .. at no charge . So I still have my 125.00 Bulldog .. I think I wore out my Tee-Shirt I sold a Revolver to a fellow it was in great condition when I mailed it . When he got it .. It had rust spots ! We settled on $50.00 . But I sent him $75.00 .. We have had several deals since .. I was ready to deal with a fellow ... from a forum.. He answered a WTB post that I placed .. He was new to the forum ( only two posts )and he offered me a great deal ..I googled his address and looked at the aerial photo of his home .. It looked like a abandoned old service station .. so I researched futher and found that somone useing that address didn't follow through a deal and kept the money .. Atlanta PD couldn't help .. They said it was a drop address .. So listen to your Spidy senses !!!
  7. Gen 3 Glock 27 ...carried in a Glock Sport/ combat holster Loaded with 165gr Winchester PDX1 and a spare 22 mag .. I have it on my side as I type this ..
  8. Looks like another gunmaker trying to reinvent the wheel ... Honestly .. I'm so happy with my wheels (Glocks)
  9. This is not a pic of my carbine , but I have a identical one .. its a 16 inch barreled Marlin 336Y Spikehorn JM , 30-30 ....
  10. Im a Glock guy .. But the P320 is a fine pistol.. I think the lack of a safety on the Glock was the deciding factor ... I sure the Army put both pistols thru the mill !!!
  11. TN357mag

    S&W SD series

    " I thought it was fine until the Internet told me it was crap. " I had a early Sigma in 40 S&W .. Ran a heck of alot of rounds thru it .. had it for years .. Carried as a woods gun with 180 gr FNLHC .. Carried while doing chores , checking fence line and such .. Traded it off for somthing ??? It was a servicable pistol ... Alot of stuff you read on gun forums , when someone is trashing a firearm , that person is trying to justify purchasing a more expensive firearm ... S&W stands behind all they're products .. I lean toward Glocks ... But I do own other pistol brands , Taurus , Springfield & S&W .. all good , all work ...
  12. TN357mag

    S&W SD series

    Over the years , It seems I always have at least one S&W SD series pistol ... Over the years they have improved and the Sigma stigma has worn off ... I have a SD40VE now .. Good solid pistol size wise closer to a 19/23 than a 17/22 but has the capacity of the 17/22 sized pistols ... SS slide .. Decent sights a trigger that has improved over the years .... Still not a light trigger but breaks clean and consistent but it is a self defense pistol ...boreingly dependable .. great ergonomics.... comes with 2 SS magazines and all at great price ..
  13. J Frames are easy to duplicate... Seems like I always have 2 or more ....I think I have 4 or 5 now
  14. I own 5 Taurus semiauto pistols and 2 revolvers. .. No problems
  15. Seems like these small pocket sized pistols have been very popular as of late ... And seem to be a must in a carry rotation... This article has been floating around for awhile .. But for someone looking to purchase a small 9mm it would be worth a look .. Myself .. I picked a Taurus PT709 Slim before watching this .. And Im happy with my choice !! http://www.gunsandammo.com/handguns/compacts/single-stack-9mm-shootout/

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