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  1. d***340

    bullets vs listed in manuals

    Sorry, just saw the question. Yes, using the powder measure on the 550B. Since this is stick powder, I slowed down the cycle, and check every 10 rounds. found no deviation in gr weight (use balance and digital), and chrony was under 25fps difference. I really like this powder, and hope to load in some in other calibers in the future.
  2. d***340

    Nikon 4-12x40

    Anyone have experience, comments, or opinions on the Nikon P223 4-12X40 Scope?
  3. round two. warming up to the thought of reloading .223 for my AR (Saint), have spent hours on line, including you tube. seems like the re-size/trim after first shot is important. thinking about setting up a single stage press for re-size/decap. Really like carbide, but want to have the most control over re-sizing (thinking FL). target: most accurate load @ 100yd or less. would love to hear thoughts on the best die from a precision re-size standpoint. thank you in advance,
  4. d***340

    bullets vs listed in manuals

    OK so, I continued trying to get the Fedarm 115 RN plated rounds to fly straight, and stumbled across at least one solution. Through the process, I took the press down, cleaned, lubricated, etc. bought a new seating die with micrometer. changed powder several times (Tightgroup, Unique, Accurate#2, and finally Vihtavouri N320), ran rounds across my new chrony (love this equip), modified the taper crimp (up and down), and made several trips to the indoor range. the winner is: powder: 3.8gr N320 primer:Winchester seating: 1.142" +/-.001 crimp: minimum. Pic is @ 5 yards w/ VP-9, 10 shots on a rest, and 5 shots off hand (6:00). LOVE the Vihtavouri N320!! very time consuming and frustrating, but found an answer. thanks again for all your input!!
  5. d***340

    bullets vs listed in manuals

    thanks again for the input. I am firing up my new Chrony tomorrow (weather permitting). will see how my loads compare. plan on testing the 115gr loads, as well as several 124gr.
  6. d***340

    bullets vs listed in manuals

    OK, here is the latest: Someone suggested that I take a commercial round apart and simply replace the mfg bullet with the "issue bullet". I loaded the issue bullet with the same powder and OAL., I also obtained a few "Berry's RNHB" and "Rainer JHP" and loaded them as recommended. Here are the results: pistol: Springfield XDS. I changed from the VP9, to see the affect of standard rifling on the situation, even though the barrel is shorter. upper left: 10 rounds @ 7yds, Federal Champion 115gr 1.159 OAL (factory load). Upper right: 10 rounds @ 7yds, Federal Champion case, powder and "issue bullet", 115 gr 1.159 OAL. flyers are me. center: 10 rounds @ 7yds, reload case, accurate #2, 4.2gr, issue bullet, 115gr, 1.130 OAL Note some key holing but much better. lower left: 5 rounds @ 7yds, reload case accurate #2, 4.2gr, Berry's RN, 115gr, 1.140 OAL. losing concentration, but no key holing.. lower right: 10 rounds @ 7yds, reload case, accurate #2, 4.2gr, Rainer JHP, 115gr, 1.10 OAL. no excuses here, rounds seem tight and right. variance is me. So, my next action, is to contact the bullet mfg, to see what they have to say, more to come. I checked on line to see if I could get "bullet lengths" from several mfg. nothing listed., I will contact them to try to get this information. I also have a Chrony on the way. I hope to use it to confirm velocities, to see if my loads/pressures are correct (work in progress). thanks again for all the input!
  7. d***340

    bullets vs listed in manuals

    thanks! please do. does anyone shoot at the Gun Room?
  8. d***340

    bullets vs listed in manuals

    Thanks All! lots of good info. FYI, I did load 12 rounds ea of 5 loads, (starting to max). ran them through my VP9, 3 rounds at each of 5 targets, on a rest, repeated 4 times. Key holing got better toward the upper end, but not good enough to consider loading. I have been looking at Chrony's, and will most likely have one this month. I think it will help a lot, as I am sort of an accuracy freak (loading and shooting). I also took apart several different commercial rounds I had in 115, and found that most were conical base, which makes sense. I will try DO's comments which should help me get closer. thanks again all, will let you know how it comes out.
  9. I am a relatively new member, and have recently started reloading again, after a 30 year hiatus (reloaded mostly 45ACP, and .357 on a single stage in my younger years). currently, I am reloading only 9x19 on a 550B. The frustration I have is that the reload manuals, as well as the powder mfg don't show the bullets I am using (and yes the thought has occurred to me that I should be buying Sierra, Berry's, etc.). I have bought bullets from The Reloaders bench (FMJFN 124gr), as well as from Xtreme and Rocky mountain Reloaders (both TMJRN 124gr). I am trying different powders (Unique, Tightroup and Accurate#2 so far) these all seem to run well through several semiauto pistols. I also bought some FMJRN 115gr from Federal Armament, that I cant figure out at all (really bad Key holing/accuracy). so, what I am seeking is a way to cross reference the bullets I am using (now and future) to the loading information available. I have downloaded info from all the powder mfg I am using, and own the current Lee and Lyman 50th. I am sure there is a simple way to accomplish the goal, but my ignorance is keeping me from reaching it. any input is appreciated D3
  10. d***340

    Heckler & Koch VP9

    My favorite polymer pistol: Grip, trigger, action, and accuracy. Very fun to shoot. Makes me look good on a bad day:)
  11. d***340


    hi, Newby here. although I shot semi auto pistols (including now war relics), and skeet in another life, I have been away for many years. I am excited to be back, and look forward to reading and learning from the wealth of information here. I am currently focused on CCW, and getting back into re-loading. looking forward to being a member, Dennis

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