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  1. Dear Mr. Lee I am inquiring with regard to your prospective stand on an issue of great concern to me. Several years back TN passed the law allowing carry of firearms in state parks. However, the law did not require the _removal_ of signs prohibiting the lawful carry of firearms. As an example http://parks.hamiltontn.gov/154/Maps-Rules-and-Hours "Weapons of any kind are prohibited" which clearly contradicts the spirit of the passed law. These kind of signs have chilling effects on lawful carriers who want to exercise their second amendment rights. Please let me know if you intend to change this signage policy if elected. thank you Awaiting his campaign's staff response, if any.
  2. its a regular handgun carry permit.
  3. ok, i pretty much assume that me carrying with a permit on my person was understood by everyone :-). The wording implies that it's illegal period whether or not i bring my cc permit with me. The statement on the website is either outright wrong or mis-leading.
  4. http://parks.hamiltontn.gov/154/Maps-Rules-and-Hours noticed on the above Rules page: Weapons of any kind are prohibited My understanding was that Gov Haslam signed the bill a few years back allowing CCW in parks. is there something special about this park, don't think the law was rescinded. Or is it just typical games that these guys play. Ie there is a law allowing CCW in parks but no law requiring them to NOT post the 'prohibited' message? Despite what anyone here suggests my plan is to take this up with park's department and also get in touch with candidate Bill Lee to ask about his opinion on this matter. thank you all
  5. I have smith and wesson MP 2.0 full size with around 200 rounds through it LCP II with 400+ rounds Mossberg 930 with around 30 rounds.
  6. I understand paperwork is not required but to CYA I'd like a bill of sale etc...on the off-chance that my firearms should fall into bad hands.
  7. I'm looking to sell three of my firearms. I do not necessarily want to get top dollar for my sale, but would want to dispose of them in a 'appropriate' manner. Meaning all the paperwork should be provided to me by the purchaser etc. I'm not much for haggling so the party should offer me fair price. To that end I think it would be easier not to deal with a person-to-person sale, but rather go to pawn shop or similar. Can anyone advise on which route would be more appropriate to me in this situation? Big box store/pawn shop? Any specific places that you can recommend in South East TN? thanks in advance
  8. I have several firearms that I've decided to part ways with. I've never went through the process of selling guns before and would like to do this in person instead of going over the internet. What would be the best way to handle this for someone in South East TN. Specifically which store/pawn/range would you recommend in this area that would treat me right. I don't necessarily mean give me good price for the guns, but rather make sure that all the paperwork is done correctly and generally someone who would be willing to answer my questions. thanks in advance for all the suggestions.
  9. 109 N Market St, Chattanooga, TN 37405 has sign posted prohibiting firearms.
  10. http://law.justia.com/codes/tennessee/2010/title-39/chapter-17/part-13/39-17-1311 My CCW instructor explicitly mentioned that the law prohibiting carrying in parks has been struck down and I've found multiple mentions of Haslam signing the bill. The above link reads awfully like it's still prohibited. Can someone clarify please? Also is it legal to CCW to a polling place in TN?
  11. I'm a first time Smith and Wesson owner, and unfortunately will be shipping the handgun back to them for repairs. So far I understand the following will happen. 1. SW will give me a prepaid shipping label. 2. I package the gun 3. Bring to staffed FedEx office, not a drop off location 4. Hand off to a staff-member. Questions that I have: Do I need to declare what is in the package? Do I need to include any notes in the package. My name , address, phone number for SW? Notes on what I found to be wrong with the gun? Do I need to fill out any additional paperwork at the FedEx location? Anything else I need to know? thanks

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