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  1. Yep just ate at Ruby Tuesdays in Crossville yesterday and although the site says it is posted, I did not see a single sign.
  2. I just looked up Crossville and Ruby Tuesday in town is posted. I have not been in there in a while, but I never noticed any signs before. I may have to swing by tomorrow and check the door and see if they posted since January when I was in last.
  3. They threw in the district of Columbia, which is already populated with zombies. I guess they should have been #1 since they have been surviving all these years.
  4. The problem is that the courts uphold many of the laws that the politicians come up with, and that makes them, in their eyes constitutional. What we don't need is a military leadership that then gets to decide what is constitutional and what is not. then you end up with a dictatorship. We need the laws changed so that the supreme court justices are elected by the people and not the president. That would at least give us some of the power back to have the laws decided by justices who are put in place by the people.
  5. The only problem I see is the way it reads in oh Shoots post, it says not otherwise prohibited from carrying. I can see anti gun cities claiming someone under 21 is prohibited from carrying a weapon and trying to ban them from doing so.
  6. Well I was about to buy the 380 and I saw a S&W 642 J frame. I am a wheel gun lover so I ended up getting the Smith J frame. I also bought a galco IWB holster and a box of critical defense 38+P for it. I know I may have been better off with a semi auto due to the number of rounds, but 5 will have to do, and I may purchase a speed loader or two. Can't deny my love for wheel guns no matter how out of date they may be. Thanks for the advice wileecoyote, I saw it after my purchase as my internet was down. The PK380 actually felt good in my hand, and I have large hands, but the wheelgun won out anyways. I do see some of your points about the 380, although I am used to the push down magazine release as it is on the P22 also.
  7. Well I am considering changing to a Walther PK380 for my carry gun. I am downsizing from a 45 and already own a P22, and really like the Walther. I want to drop down to the 380 as I need something small and gentler to my repaired shoulders. I was wondering if anyone had a PK380 and what they thought of it. Thanks
  8. Too cold my butt, My dad died in January and we had to bury him on a holiday as well. Because of the holiday there was no rifle team available for the VA cemetery, but two soldiers showed up and they did their jobs perfectly and the flag was properly folded and they acted with complete professionalism. With all the stupid things soldiers have gotten themselves in trouble for, because they decided to share pictures of them doing it. Why have they not learned to keep this garbage to themselves.
  9. I can't remember if it was Gibson that used to have a finishing store in the old Opry mills mall before the flood. Me and the wife stopped in and she was holding a mandolin she liked for 100 dollars, or so she thought. I looked at the price then carefully took it away from her and gently hung it back up. She seemed to have missed 2 zeros, and they weren't after the dot. I was sweating while hanging up a beautiful 10,000 dollar mandolin. I did not even know their was instruments that high in price on display for everyone to touch.
  10. His body still has to take the impact of stopping the bullet, and that isn't a real joy I am sure. Try and raid my home even though I am not a prepper, and lets see how your head feels after I bounce several rounds off your super fantastic magical body armour.
  11. Should have hit him in the head, except it probably wouldn't have hit anything vital.
  12. Yes I am a former Yankee, but I moved here to get away from the cold. My wife on the other hand is an original Tennessee, and she has been complaining for years that they don't get the cold and snow here like they used to years ago. She complains that they used to ski on renegade mountain, but not in many years because the area doesn't get the winters like it used to. So don't blame the Yankees, blame my native Tennessee wife.
  13. I live three miles from this school (south elementary), and it is a traffic nightmare. They just widened the road and you can see cars are still backed up on the shoulder waiting to get in. Now if when the busses pull out and they let the parents pick up there kids,  would think that it would be more dangerous as cars are now pulling in and out around each other. Seems that when the busses are there less traffic is moving to endanger the kids. Also if they are worried about the kids wandering around in traffic by themselves they would be happy that their father is there to escort them safely out.
  14. Trust me it is no better on the water. Small pleasure boats driven by weekend admirals have no idea that a tug boat pushing a 500 foot barge will mow them down and suffer only scratched paint. I always get amazed when I am on the bow running the bow thruster, at the stupid people in pleasure boats. I had to get a license to drive and I had to get a license to fly a plane. But if you have the money you can be the admiral of your own boat, no matter how stupid you are.
  15. Being from Michigan originally I have to agree that people up there are in a hurry to get nowhere. But I am finding it happening a lot around here now as well, and these are locals not transplants. I get tail gated constantly by people with rebel flags and rebel license plates on their cars. The posted speed limits around here are a joke and people drive so fast on the country road I live on, that I am afraid to check my mail box on the shoulder of the road when cars are going by. I moved down here to get away from the stupidity of the north and seems that stupid is a universal thing.

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