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  1. Why?...they have licence to furment violence against all infidels...the sad thing is that we don't retaliate...for fear of going to jail or being ganged up on by a bunch of rock throwing illiterates from a third world country.
  2. From what I've seen Rivergate is on the slow decline just like Hoodlum Hollow....but METRO is going to REHAB Hoodlum Hollow and turn it into a college campus...LMAO...right sure they are. They even have a MNPD recruitment station there. I use to go there a lot when I first moved here 14 years ago...but unless you're packin' your own heat in DEEP concealment its best to just stay away.
  3. enough of this PAWN SHOP silliness....bring on Sons of Guns....LOL
  4. Need to get out the ROYAL ENFIELD today and ride it to work....shoulda done it yesterday but the stupid weather guesser's on TV fooled me into thinking it would pouring down rain during the evening commute home....CRAP
  5. Seriously....take some lessons from a teaching musician...and PRACTICE..Practice Practice....and then play with others musicians...FOR REAL...not on some silly ass video game.
  6. Oh but there is an incentive to buying an SVT vehicle...its called VRRROOOOOMMMMMM...LOL...Two Rivers is my dealership of choice...every car I've purchased with th eexception on my wifes current 2001 Bullitt Edition Mustang has come off their car lot...since 1998 with my first purchase of a 93 SHO...a 96 Explorer Sport, E-150 Conversion Van, 02 V6 Mustang, 05 Focus ZX5, 03 Roush Mustang, 05 Freestyle SEL, and an 09 Bullitt Mustang that died in the Great Flood of 2010
  7. and they're barely bigger than a 50cent piece right?...15...and I'm barely breaking a sweat.
  8. I take it that the GENE POOL was being cleaned on these specific days that the videos were "shot"....The Darwin Award went to someone else.
  9. I find it difficult to believe it took you TWO afternoons....there aren't that many cookies in them boxes anymore...
  10. OK...and I'll blame my son Justin who's 1500 miles away in LasVegas too...for talking about THIN MINTS on Facebook.
  11. well get ready for a BIG SPIKE....Iran is cutting off countries in the EU because of UN sanctions, and Saudi Arabia is cutting production over all..just cause they can. and the Obama Administration will do NOTHING....
  12. factor in the NUMBER of cars you will be trading to sweeten the pot too. I have no idea why...but my wife wants one of these BEASTS too.
  13. Ok...now I need to go on "patrol" for some GSC's...preferably TM's....thank you very much TGO...I almost had this under control, but NOOOOOOOOOO
  14. so now she wants to be KING of the FOREST too? Where are those damn flying monkeys when you need them?
  15. I got my wife a Henry Lever action in .22 magnum...she wanted to add a scope...she claims its now 'tacti-cool'...I dare not disagree...LOL. I also have a Mini-14 Tactical model...added a 4X20 scope...sling and 30 round magazines...its tacti-cool for my needs.

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