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  1. How my mind works when I saw this post. 1. Cathode Ray tubes implode I always heard because they are vaccuum sealed. 2. Real Tube TVs are really old. Had those little tubes inside that my old man used to always be replacing. 3. Does anyone ever say "watcing the tube" or "the Boob Tube" anymore? 4. I agree with the others if you have to pay to get rid of it smash it up in a safe manner. Elvis Style? There goes my mind again!
  2. Saw some in Cookevile today at some sort of overstock store that just opened up at near Ollie's there were like 4 pairs.
  3. I would hope the training aircraft are two seaters with easy ways to "eject" a student who is up to no good. Unarmed training jets crashed into certain places can be crippling to a City.
  4. Just thinking how lucky that this joker didn't use an aircraft to do more evil deeds. Not sure what aircraft he was training with but lots of targets of opportunity that a Kamikazi even without bombs and missles could do. Isn't there a Nuclear plant within range of there?
  5. Of course that means we are one step closer to E. W.
  6. Tucker did a segment on his rise and fall that included a clip of him groveling and apologizing to the women on "The View" about his white male privilige. Something about how he was so unfairly liked and popular by the media because of his race and gender... they were beating him up over it. Absolutely sickening how he sucked up to them.
  7. No doubt it's left leaning and thus anti-gun but they are pretty much the default site to be friends, keep in touch, do a little business etc. Avoiding them lets them win and if your'e a business can make you lose. I'm glad to see all the people out there who post and think as I do. Warms my heart to know some squirmy punks have to sift through all that and try and remove it faster than new content is posted.
  8. Looks to me like with YouTube they allow just enough to "claim" being unbiased with guns, politics etc. but it's obvious where their core ideology is.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/TNGunOwners/ I'm reluctantly kinda just getting into facebook to promote my business. I've heard they secretly discriminate against gun discussion but the groups are out there. When on facebook I did a search and it didnt autofill the address for TNGunOwners. Discrimination? Maybe.
  10. Used to be a welder and was pretty darned good at reading drawings and prints. One of my bosses used to call me over alot and have me figure out what some drawing or print was all about. Blamed his eyes.... I thought he was full of BS and couldn't figure out the more complicated stuff. Now I know the ridiculous helpless feeling of not being able to read fine print or even semi-fine print without proper light and magnification. Sorry old boss for doubting you.
  11. We're all addicted to cheap communist china products to one extent or another wherever we buy from. Walmart has it down to a science and some don't have a choice economically to avoid shopping there. Whatever loss from ticked off 2ndA folks won't make a dent in their profits I'm afraid. The only good thing is maybe savvy Gun Shop owners will set up shop next to Walmarts. This push against guns will be small victory for small business in the short term. long term... our rights are fading fast with every mass shooting by these crazies.
  12. Another "remedy" I surprisingly haven't heard this time around is age resrictions bumped up to 21. (I am against this but perhaps an enhanced BG for under 21s is something they will look at?) unconstitutional I'm sure. And not fair to young people. BTW, Might stronger BG checks that have been discussed entail just fixing the glitches in the system we already have in place? Nothing new...Just clean up the errors and ommisions that occur. Haven't there been cases where people who are banned by existing laws gotten a gun despite a BG check? Dems and Repubs should be able to agree on that without debate. That's low hanging fruit.
  13. This dummy cared a lot. Too much. This guy had adopted the religion of the left, doomed planet due to man's overpopulation. According to his manifesto he was trying to save the resources of the US and Texas by killing Hispanic illegal aliens to encourage recycling? Or something like that. If you trust the media to explain his ramblings you'd think he was obsessed with Trump and the border alone. What I got from it was he was a nationalist environmentalist. Not a cookie cutter wrapped up in a neat bow white MAGA hat wearing white supremacist stereotype. All we are getting is fake news. I'm not a fan of publishing a mass murderers manifesto but this guys crime is being used to smear a President. It needs to be seen.
  14. Not sure he said UBCs or just stronger Backgrounds but the Dems won't budge an inch to make Trump look good on anything. Dont worry.

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