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  1. Thank you Royal Range!! I look forward to coming out to shoot!!
  2. Hello, I have a Judge 45 Colt/410. Trying to save time and eliminate ranges. I'm looking for a TGO member approved middle Tennessee/Nashville area indoor range that is ok with 000 buckshot/pellets being shot at paper targets at 10-15 yards? Some 410 handgun ammo has discs and lead pellets. Don't want to practice at a range that TGO members know that does not allow. Thanks for any feedback.
  3. There may be hope! Bifocal shooting glasses! SSP Eyewear
  4. Hi Everyone,    Here's what going on and I appreciate any feedback.  I'm in my early 50's.   I'm having a couple of issues that have been creeping up on me.     Issue #1 - Vision As most folks my age, my up close vision is going.  Distance vision is fine.  What is happening is the Rear/Front sight alignment on my handgun is "fuzzy".  I can see the front dot, but the rear sight is lost.   It's hampering my enjoyment of showing my daughter's fiance how to put 7 in the middle of the target.  What can I do to improve my shooting?   Issue #2 - Shaking Hands After about 30 rounds or so, my right hand starts getting the shakes.  If I lean against a post, no problem.  I just can free hand shoot because my dern right hand (dominant) hand is shaking.  Also, it feels like my wrist starts to burn like a carpal tunnel thing.   Am I just getting weak and old??  Anyone else experience this?     Any and all feedback is appreciated!!   DH
  5. good review.  I have a heater head like the top image.  I take it duck hunting.  I'd like something a little more powerful but one that I can fit into a blind bag or backpack.  I'll take a look at the buddy heater.   
  6. The Providence Mall Mt. Juliet movie theater has teenage kids checking ladies hand bags when you go through the lobby in front of the food counter.  They don't actually search the bag with their hands, it's just a glance in the main compartment.    I asked what they were doing and they said "searching for weapons".   Only women's bags get searched.  :screwy:     I guess we'll have to sneak in our movie candy and water another way now.      I suppose this lame response is their misguided way of "doing something" to appease the anti-gun management and board.  :shake:      
  7. I read the thread and want to make sure I understand.  Let's say I order from Buds online I pay for the gun plus insurance and have it sent to a local "preferred" FFL dealer for $25 or $35 plus the $10 TN background.  Wouldn't the local FFL in TN collect the TN sales tax?     Update: Looked up a FFL in TN.  They only collect the transfer fee plus $10, no tax.  Answered my own question.  
  8. Wow! Just heard about this on Fox news just moments ago. I said NOOOOOOO!! G&L is my store!! Hope you guys recover quickly.
  9. Lebanon Gun Shop (David Wilson's shop) is next to Burger King, not across from Lowes.
  10. Thanks. I wish that store the best; however, I'll have to seriously consider if I'll ever visit them now based on principle. I favor supporting establishments that truly believe in and recognize our 2nd amendment rights regardless of the excuse or reason. It's definitely not a good way to build relationships and long term sales. We have other choices in Lebanon like the Armory and David's Lebanon Gun Shop.
  11. Just to be clear I understand - An individual with a valid TN Handgun Carry Permit is not allowed to have their weapon loaded and on their person if entering the new Lebanon Shooting range and store? If you're bringing a weapon in a case or range bag to the firing range or to trade at the counter, that weapon needs to be unloaded prior to walking in the door. I can understand a rule banning loaded weapons in a case. I'm double verifying that HCP holders are not welcome to have their loaded weapons on their person, concealed or not. Thanks.
  12. Haslam has a new TV ad with a "regular" guy that makes two points, Haslam is 100% pro 2nd amendment among other things. I don't buy it. If he joined up with Bloomberg to begin with, he's got issues.
  13. Agree! Nikki did a great job of laying out the basics! Randy Rayburn should be happy camper because he can post his property. . . why would he care what anyone else does? I wonder if he and his bartenders are responsible for destroying more families than any permit holder ever will. . . he serves alcohol to people who drive on the roadways that could kill anyone of us. It would be nice to know how many times he's been sued for serving alcohol because they drank in his bar and went out and killed someone or damaged property. Drink responsibly right Randy?
  14. I sent all of them on the House Finance, Ways, and Means Budget Sub-Committee an email asking for their support of the bill. Only Donna Rowland responded to me. She supports the bill.

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