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  1. We have a heck of a time with our internet. Not too rural East of Spring Hill, but I must live in a black hole. Cell service is suspect and makes hot spots unreliable. Satellite is a terrible option and I refuse to pay anything for that. Fiber is "in development", for the past 2-3 years... I am stuck with the less than reliable DSL that doesn't even qualify to basic definitions of broadband. 1.5 Mbps download similar to @maroonandwhite and I pay almost $50 a month. With kids FORCED to do remote learning, it struggles to do what is required. AT&T helpdesk has mostly been outs
  2. ***SOLD*** Ruger Blackhawk .357 Magnum 6.5". I am second owner of this pistol. Bought it because it was cool but have decided that I don't shoot it enough. Spending too much time in the safe and interested in buying something more carry friendly. Low round count, mostly .38 Special, because well, economics. Comes with leather holster and extra set of Pachmayr grips. Asking $500 and would be willing to throw in a box or two of .38 ammo if it helps. Not real interested in trades, but would consider a P365. TN HCP Preferred, TN Driver's License will work with
  3. Strategic Edge is a great range to shoot at. I really like being a member there. Last I heard, the membership was capped around 1800 folks and as mentioned earlier it gets cycled through in June/July time frame when renewals are done and folks don't re-up. Tony won't reach out to you, you'll need to check in with him if you have questions. Not much of a reason for him to contact anyone on the waiting list until the middle of the year when renewals happen. If you are a morning person, you can get to the pistol bays around 8 and have some undisturbed time for about 2 hours as long as there
  4. Piling on to the recommendation of the interwebs. MidwayUSA routinely does free hazmat with a minimal order amount.
  5. Over the air here, since 2012. AT&T is terrible as I only have DSL service. Tremendous benefits are that my kids and I play outside way more than we would otherwise. Downside, wife takes to the phone a bunch since it takes less bandwidth.
  6. Yes. I have also picked up some of their GunBroker auctions at the store in the past.
  7. I have to check, but I think I have some. How many you looking for?
  8. Preference on Magpul version? Standard or Pro? Preference on color?
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