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  1. The only reason I can figure it's not legal and taxed is because of one simple thing - well, maybe two; depending on how you look at it. 1. No one can tell you how much THC is enough to get you impaired. Alcohol - known, and done. THC - I've never seen anything like that sort of research. 2. No good, reliable road side test to see if you've smoked too much to be able to drive. Alcohol - done that 20 ways from Sunday. Solve these two issues and it will be legal in 35 states tomorrow and 48 before Christmas.
  2. Yes, Steel, it IS a threat. And where before I was ok with it, now I'm ticked - and I want to stop it simply for SPITE. The English and other europeans have discovered that when the muslim population gets large enough, they can make these kinds of demands and if they don't get their way, the muslim world will become inflamed and that could cause violence due to the "provocation" of the infidels not giving in. But what really set me off was the name of the project. I will post an excerpt below and a link - please go to the link and read it. Ignorance of history and the muslims battle plan is
  3. It was actually the emperor who made the decision to surrender; the jap military WANTED to fight to the last life. I have often suggested (and been ridiculed for it) that had we not nuked japan; had the emperor not surrendered; had we been forced to proceed with downfall and coronet, that today japanese would be like big foot. Everyone would have heard of one, but no one could ever prove that they existed. Nukes are like the death penalty. They only work if you use them to deter others from the same behavior.
  4. When I travel, my passport is ALWAYS in my brief case, and the brief case is always in the car with me, or in the office with me. I also have my DL (originally issued in 1970!!!) and all my cards and everything else. I'd like to see the "proof of citizenship" or at least "proof of identity" statue enforced across the board. I'm so sick of all the thugs and hoods not having ID and giving fake names and crap I could scream. Exit question: Who goes out without their ID, ever?
  5. That one, I can answer! Any call center, these are the sorts of people you are speaking to when you call dish network, HBO, and when the census calls you. These call centers are big business and are usually situated in rural towns where the economy is poor and people will do any kind of temporary work to make a buck. Kinda makes you feel warm and fuzzy when you know your warranty/help call is being handled by a true professional, doesn't it?
  6. Ghostrider

    Idiot Scratch

    All my 1911s have idiot marks (well, I am, so what?) scratches, dents, dings, a bit of dust and maybe a dog hair or two. All fire perfectly and are much more accurate than I am. My vette is dirty, has a trash bag in the passenger side floor and a pile of CDs in the back. It also has (gasp) been not only rained on but driven in the rain often, on purpose. I never want something that sits on the shelf and looks pretty. The form of the vette and the 1911 is based on it's functionality, that's what makes it pretty. If some gun snob wants to judge me on the external conditions of my weapons, ro
  7. I use flight park, right across the street for fly away. They have treated me right after having been a Park & Fly customer for years. When Parking Spot bought them out, they totally hosed the service and I got so fed up with their BS that I voted with my wallet and headed on down to flight part.
  8. Shark, or Life - Both great shows that apparently, no one but me watched.
  9. Simple question: Is the bho admin also going to sue California and the other states who have this same law (almost exact same wording) on their books but fail to enforce it?
  10. I fly all the time. The only annoying part of the FBS is that you have to take EVERYTHING out of your pockets; papers and all, it's annoying. As for privacy, if anyone wants to look at my pasty white fat butt all they have to do is ask I doubt anyone will try to walk much of anything in through security in a US airport anymore, much easier to work in the airport, on a maint crew, or as a janitor, baggage handler, etc, etc. I worry more (a LOT more) about mechanical and maint issues than I do terrorism. Our civil fleet is OLD and I mean in cycles and years and miles. No plane will go dow
  11. Click, boom, repeat. Sooner or later, sadly, we are going to have to make an example of some place. The lessons Japan learned many years ago are lost on the modern generation. They are doomed to repeat them.
  12. Winner! And they aren't reported as much because you automatically lose all your credibility if you have ever seen a UFO, believe in God, or had a 3 way with two women - at least according to the MSM. Central and South America seems to be where all the UFO action is these days.
  13. XD 45 Compact. Big heavy round, flying slow, lots of HP on target. Practice, find what fits you best, and go with it. Always pack spare ammo. Once you make the decision to fire, don't stop till it clicks, reassess while reloading and moving.
  14. The "paragraph" symbol, used to reveal formatting in Word and some other word processors, is properly named "Pilcrow".
  15. Go to Census Bureau Home Page - search for CFU (Coverage Follow Up) - I am not allowed to say much about this but this document and some related documents will tell you what happens when the forms are not returned or returned incomplete or mutilated. Note: If you don't know what a call center is, you are truly lucky. I have personally never been around a group composed of so many "special" people in my life. BTW, if you do a little research, TQA (Total Quality Assurance) is where people can call if they have problems filling out the forms and need help. Guess how many calls have been made
  16. You can "export" the pics from Word and save them as separate files. Then post the files on the web somewhere and link them in. enjoy... And I'm still ticked off that the Able Dogs are all gone, and the A4s, for that matter. For me, they were like the B52s, and the 1911. If the mission remains unchanged, why change the tool? Yeah, I know they aren't fast anymore, or sexy, or fly by wire, or whatnot, but they sure did do the missions for which they were designed....
  17. Got mine. "say hello to my little friend..." http://s7d5.scene7.com/is/image/Staples/s0280023_sc7?$sku$
  18. I've fired a fair amount of all but the last one. About the same, the M70 and the SKs eat it up, never an issue. BTW, R1100R, do you mean we're supposed to "clean" these things????
  19. I plink with the cheapest junk I can buy. And it the SHTF, that's what will mostly go through my XD and my 1911s. For daily personal protection, I use Golden Sabers +P 185 gr. both styles (1911s and XD) eat it like it's breakfast. When I started looking for an expanding round, I found the the sabers had an average expansion of something on the order of 67ish caliber. It resonates with me that a big, fat, "slow" moving round imparts most of it's energy to the target, and with the expansion, I don't think it will penetrate the average 180 lb. man with a torso shot, nor a head shot, thereby t
  20. "I remember the first time I got shot out of a canon."
  21. Guys. I know I'm pretty simple, but lets not confuse "pollution" - which is a problem that we must somehow deal with without killing our economy, and AGW - which is bull crap. just saying. ..
  22. 1. A scientist who refuses to share data is just another guy with an opinion and a story to "back it up". 2. The big old nuclear reactor in the sky is the greatest weather generator for this planet. 3. Al would steal the fillings out of a dead mans mouth. He's the lowest form of scum. 4. Pollution - we need to work on. But CO2 isn't a pollutant, fer cripes sake, it's a natural occurring gas without which life as we know it would pretty soon grind to an end. 5. I'm an old fart, and I grew up on how we were all going to freeze in the dark. Cap and trade seems like a perfect way to make th
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