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  1. Hmmm... If the Constitution says I and million of others have the right to keep and bear arms, presumably that also means we have the right to buy, sell, and trade arms. And if we can buy/sell, presumably that does not mean solely to our next-door neighbor. So presumably, yes, a common carrier might be on shaky ground refusing to accept shipment of a legally owned and traded non-hazardous item. I'm not a lawyer, and I've never played one on tv. But if it is a crime for one person to violate another person's civil rights--voting, for instance, I would think you can make a case that it's illegal for one person to violate another person's 2nd Amendment Rights. That is, after all, one of our Civil Rights. But from what I've learned, there is NO UPS policy against shipping firearms or requiring the packages to be opened. What I experienced is apparently the anti-firearms employees of my local UPS shipping center making up their own rules. As far as my comment about a T-shirt, there are a lot more infringements on conservatives civil rights these days than just on 2nd Amendment Rights. In case you aren't aware, there have been small businesses shut down by fines of $100 grand + because the business owners declined to participate in gay weddings. There are kids who go to shooting ranges with their Dads and post pics on social media who find themselves suspended from school. There are nurses and doctors losing their jobs because they ask not to be forced to perform abortions. Go out in the streets at the next anti-fa protest and wear a MAGA cap and a 2nd Amendment Shirt, I suspect some of your rights will be stomped on. If you think none of these are infringements on our rights, you must be on the other side.
  2. I’ve been reducing my collection for a number of years, mostly Milsurp rifles, always ship by UPS. ALWAYS to a licensed dealer, ALWAYS state what is in carton (and value, for insurance), and ALWAYS give them copy of the recipient’s FFL so they know it’s not being shipped illegally. All of a sudden, I have to cut open my usually very elaborate secure packaging so they can “inspect” contents. And those telling me I have to do this are millennials who wouldn’t know a machine gun from a tricycle. So I’ve spent about an hour so far on the phone, getting a total run-around while trying to find out if this inspection truly is UPS policy. Just a few minutes ago, a local supervisor (northwest Arkansas) assured me, “Oh, yes, that’s been our policy a LONG time.” I told her I did not believe I could have shipped once or twice a month for about 12 years, and EVERY UPS employee has ignored that policy completely until the last time I shipped. She’s gonna have another supervisor call me. Haha. Do we now need to add UPS to the growing list of companies who think they have the right to interfere with our Constitutional Rights whenever they want? I'm getting sick of the crap. Think I’ll get some T-shirts made up that say, “I don’t care what you think, the CONSTITUTION IS STILL THE SUPREME LAW OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!”
  3. Old Mitch

    Pre Ban AR - what's the value?

    For quite a few years if you wanted an AR, you had 2 choices: Buy a Colt or build one from surplus parts on a lower receiver made by Essential Arms and a couple of other companies. So YES, some Colts are very collectible and should be well maintained and not modified. But I doubt firing one occasionally will hurt much. As for older Bushmasters, IF you find the right buyer you might get a premium for it. So maybe it's worthwhile to keep it like new, but I myself would still shoot it.
  4. Old Mitch

    What's in your head

    I seem to recall the '76 Monte had some massive doors! Oops! did I just revive a 2 year old thread? dang! and I can't figure out how to delete it.
  5. Old Mitch

    The Good Old Days - Real Fundraising Prizes

    SixShooter, I'm amazed you didn't get expelled. Even 10 years ago they were starting to do that. But in the mid 60's, when I was in high school, one popular shop project for the advanced guys was to build a sporting rifle out of something like a Springfield 1903. A few years after that, building laminated fiberglass/hardwood recurve bows was very popular. I think now the kids could probably get approval for building a bong in shop, but definitely not a firearm!
  6. Old Mitch

    Hustler Raptor XD 60" ztr at Lowes

    From about '96 to '04 I mowed commercially, then part-time a few more years. The most popular commercial mowers around here are Grasshopper. Probably Hustler after that. But one reason is the Grasshopper dealer, who always had a really expert head mechanic, and the shop gave commercial users priority. Don't know how they stack up against Kubota or John Deere, because neither have really taken hold in this area. Kubota is starting to gain now, though. I ran Grasshoppers with front mount decks, Kohler engines, and had excellent service out of them. The bigger ones also can be bought with diesels.
  7. Haha. I wish. Shooting at 100. But the 6.5 Swede project has been put on indefinite hold. I finally bought a barrel for a long(er) range AR in 5.56. 24" stainless, what Midway calls a varmint profile, pretty heavy, 1 in 8" twist, target crown, 5R rifling. They don't say who makes it. Customer reviews (there are quite a few) talk about sub MOA with factory ammo. I hope for good results with bullet of at least 70 gr. If I can get accuracy out of 77 or 80, even better. Also bought an adjustable gas block to go on it, Many reviewers say they started with an adjustable, or soon switched to one. Price of the barrel is rather unbelievably low for a good quality barrel, about $130. Would never have considered it except for the large number of very positive reviews. This will be a fairly conventional AR. with a fixed A2 stock plus cheekrest, palm-rest pistol grip, aluminum freefloat handguard, fairly inexpensive bipod. I'll probably start with a Bushnell scope I picked up on a close-out. Most of the parts I've had for quite a while, they were on another AR, an A2 with a carry handle.
  8. Old Mitch

    Rent Cars Much? Feel Like You're Getting Raped?

    Hahaha! But no, I didn't go off on anyone.
  9. DaveTN, I don't think there's anything wrong with Vanguard except I just never quite fell in love with it. Scope is nothing great. Iirc, it's a Tasco World Class 3x9? that my dealer said he would make me a real deal on since he had it in his shop way too long. Vanguard does seem to punch my shoulder harder than other .308's I have. Really, I should just get it out more and shoot it til I'm used to it and find ammo it likes. Haven't seen anything better than about 2 1/2" from it. But then, there's also that urge for the new. Actually though I've started thinking I should just hold off a while on purchases that aren't related to all the work my wife would like done on the house. She be lot happier seeing stuff accomplished and then not so fussy about, "What? ANOTHER gun?"
  10. Thanks for replies. Xtriggerman, that's a beautiful rifle! Anything I come up with will be pretty plain-Jane compared to that. Likely I will mainly target shoot but doubt I have skills to compete. This rifle could go hunting with me, but long range accuracy hardly needed in the wooded hills around here. If my base rifle is a surplus Swede Mauser, my work on it will probably not go much farther than bedding action and possibly relieving barrel channel--if even that. I've always heard many old 96's get close to moa in original configuration. If I go with the Howa and initial results are promising, might leave it like it comes out of the box. I'm not really looking for another project so much--got plenty of those already! Swede ammo with reloadable cases is still pretty widely available. Pretty sure PPU and either Remington or Winchester still catalog it. Norma available too, iirc. Once I've got a supply of brass I'll start reloading. The Creedmore is still a possibility but I'm kind of a traditionalist. If anyone has experience with the Howa in 6.5 Swede, I would appreciate hearing from you. It comes with low-end scope and mounts so it could go to the range the day I get it. Built for a hunter, Hogue overmold synthetic stock. Biggest drawback (in my eyes), no iron sights.
  11. Old Mitch

    M1 Carbine project, another $40 box

    I like! But just to warn you LOL, by posting this and also saying you bought the tennis racket covert case, you probably put yourself on a watch list somewhere!
  12. I've started thinking about something economical and relatively accurate at 600 meters or so. A lot of Old School shooters would have put together a Swedish Mauser. While searching prices on the internet, I ran across new Howa bolt action rifles in 6.5 Swede and wondered if that might be as good or better, especially considering how hard it might be to find a Swedish Mauser with a really great barrel. These Howas are priced from about $450 on up. That's cheaper than most Swedish Mausers I've found listed. I do already have a Weatherby Vanguard in .308, which I believe was made by Howa, and it is a very good rifle considering the price. IIRC, both my Vanguard and the Howas in 6.5 I've been looking at are on Howa 1500 actions. What are some views on the Howa, the 6.5 Swede caliber, and so forth? I'm not any great marksman, but would like something I can reliably get MOA at 400-600 meters, without going into debt. Also, I think the Howa is also available in 6.5 Creedmore. How does that compare to the 6.5 Swede?
  13. His face sure got red, didn't it. And did you read comments where this vid was posted? "Typical Trump Supporter," etc. They've got to make everything about liberal vs. American. (See? I can play their stupid game too!). Btw, I've got a .44 mag with a similar trigger. Once you cock it, you only have to THINK trigger for it to fire.
  14. Old Mitch

    American overkill, it's contagious lol

    We've got stuff, you just haven't heard about it yet. And, it's only a matter of time til terrorists, some of our own stupid redneck Klan types, or even some of our less pacifistic Lefties, kill someone with a cheap drone carrying a stick of dynamite, right here in the US.
  15. Old Mitch

    Rent Cars Much? Feel Like You're Getting Raped?

    Yeah, I know you're right. But I'll do this to give them some grief, not to recover funds. I'm retired, got spare time, like to irritate smug bastages and their minions.

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