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  1. Hahaha! But no, I didn't go off on anyone.
  2. DaveTN, I don't think there's anything wrong with Vanguard except I just never quite fell in love with it. Scope is nothing great. Iirc, it's a Tasco World Class 3x9? that my dealer said he would make me a real deal on since he had it in his shop way too long. Vanguard does seem to punch my shoulder harder than other .308's I have. Really, I should just get it out more and shoot it til I'm used to it and find ammo it likes. Haven't seen anything better than about 2 1/2" from it. But then, there's also that urge for the new. Actually though I've started thinking I should just hold off a while on purchases that aren't related to all the work my wife would like done on the house. She be lot happier seeing stuff accomplished and then not so fussy about, "What? ANOTHER gun?"
  3. Thanks for replies. Xtriggerman, that's a beautiful rifle! Anything I come up with will be pretty plain-Jane compared to that. Likely I will mainly target shoot but doubt I have skills to compete. This rifle could go hunting with me, but long range accuracy hardly needed in the wooded hills around here. If my base rifle is a surplus Swede Mauser, my work on it will probably not go much farther than bedding action and possibly relieving barrel channel--if even that. I've always heard many old 96's get close to moa in original configuration. If I go with the Howa and initial results are promising, might leave it like it comes out of the box. I'm not really looking for another project so much--got plenty of those already! Swede ammo with reloadable cases is still pretty widely available. Pretty sure PPU and either Remington or Winchester still catalog it. Norma available too, iirc. Once I've got a supply of brass I'll start reloading. The Creedmore is still a possibility but I'm kind of a traditionalist. If anyone has experience with the Howa in 6.5 Swede, I would appreciate hearing from you. It comes with low-end scope and mounts so it could go to the range the day I get it. Built for a hunter, Hogue overmold synthetic stock. Biggest drawback (in my eyes), no iron sights.
  4. I like! But just to warn you LOL, by posting this and also saying you bought the tennis racket covert case, you probably put yourself on a watch list somewhere!
  5. I've started thinking about something economical and relatively accurate at 600 meters or so. A lot of Old School shooters would have put together a Swedish Mauser. While searching prices on the internet, I ran across new Howa bolt action rifles in 6.5 Swede and wondered if that might be as good or better, especially considering how hard it might be to find a Swedish Mauser with a really great barrel. These Howas are priced from about $450 on up. That's cheaper than most Swedish Mausers I've found listed. I do already have a Weatherby Vanguard in .308, which I believe was made by Howa, and it is a very good rifle considering the price. IIRC, both my Vanguard and the Howas in 6.5 I've been looking at are on Howa 1500 actions. What are some views on the Howa, the 6.5 Swede caliber, and so forth? I'm not any great marksman, but would like something I can reliably get MOA at 400-600 meters, without going into debt. Also, I think the Howa is also available in 6.5 Creedmore. How does that compare to the 6.5 Swede?
  6. His face sure got red, didn't it. And did you read comments where this vid was posted? "Typical Trump Supporter," etc. They've got to make everything about liberal vs. American. (See? I can play their stupid game too!). Btw, I've got a .44 mag with a similar trigger. Once you cock it, you only have to THINK trigger for it to fire.
  7. We've got stuff, you just haven't heard about it yet. And, it's only a matter of time til terrorists, some of our own stupid redneck Klan types, or even some of our less pacifistic Lefties, kill someone with a cheap drone carrying a stick of dynamite, right here in the US.
  8. Yeah, I know you're right. But I'll do this to give them some grief, not to recover funds. I'm retired, got spare time, like to irritate smug bastages and their minions.
  9. Shoot, I've met Russian diplomats or agents just about everywhere I've ever been. Got a couple living next door to me right now, they're both working as teachers in local schools. Worked with one in a manufacturing plant for 11 years. He once confided in me that he was quite exhilarated by the fall of the old Soviet Union. I had conversations with 2, at different times, during the 13 months I was in South Vietnam. One actually became somewhat of a friend, although we were never in contact after I came home. He was posing as a Swedish medical technician, and did actually have the skills and worked in a medical facility outside An Hoa combat base. The other I only met and talked to for an hour or so. Some RVN officers introduced me to him shortly I after I got lost in DaNang trying to find my way to language school. I seem to recall his cover was agricultural assistance but from Austria, not Soviet Union of course. We, and the ARVN lieutenants, had some beers at a street side bar before one of the ARVNs gave me a ride to the language school compound on his Honda 50! Dems just don't really know what goes on in the world.
  10. Also considering taking this to a law firm in my area that has had some notable successes in consumer and taxpayer class-action lawsuits.
  11. Here's the next part of the story. Sorry I have not gotten back sooner to finish this. Nowhere during the rental process did I see anything explaining what I was agreeing to, what I was paying for, nothing on paper until AFTER I had signed an agreement on an electronic pad. I'm sure everything WAS explained to me. Yeah, right. In a rushed manner in terms that were NOT explained. After all signed and sealed, they hand me a printout, which I did not read before I left. And emails of the agreement showed up in my inbox later, again, which I didn't read until after the return of the car. So. Despite me being assured that I did not have to pay for any insurance since my own insurance covers car rentals, I DID pay for full coverage plus roadside assistance. About $25 a day. I should have been alerted by the fact that I wasn't asked to show proof of my own coverage, which I had. The agreements, not seen until after the deal was signed, clearly state their insurance coverage is OPTIONAL and that rental of the vehicle is not conditional on purchasing their coverage. BUT. You have to hunt to find that info, separated on 2 different parts of the agreements. I'm of the opinion that everything I went thru constitutes deceptive marketing practices. I am preparing a case to present to the TN Attorney General's office. I'll probably also see if I can stir my own state--Arkansas--into looking into this. My position, if I sell something, whether merchandise or service, I wish to fully disclose the terms, condition of what I'm selling, etc. I expect to be held responsible if I don't. It greatly angers me when someone selling to me acts in a deceptive manner. Just one of my many character flaws I guess.
  12. At hotel in Franklin. About 1 1/2" on my car, still coming down. I've got to get on I-40 heading west in a bit. Ugh.
  13. Trip goes ok. Except for your liberal relatives constantly telling you everything Trump is doing is illegal, or stupid, or both. You head back a bit early. Fill the tank about halfway there--you don't completely trust that you won't be charged some ridiculous price for gas if you return car empty. Park the car at the rental location, call your wife to tell her you're back, walk up to counter. Hand agent--different one of course--the paperwork you left with and say "I'm returning a car." Agent asks for keys, says "I'll be right back, just have to get the mileage." She comes back, makes computer entries, asks if you'll be putting it on same charge card as at beginning, tells you, "this will be $190-something." !!!! You don't hear exact amount, you're a bit stunned. "No, it was supposed to be under $130, all mileage included, I'm returning it 4 hours early, with over half a tank of gas more than I left with." "It's $190-whatever," is reply. You say, "if it's not under $130, as I was quoted, I need to discuss it with your manager." Manager turns out to be the person right next to agent at counter, but up to now he's just been staying clear of discussion. They make computer entries, "ok, here it is, computer has charged you for third day," and now rate is back to what you were quoted. You complete the deal, go outside to wait for your ride. Later, I'll tell you what I learned when I opened the agreement they emailed me. I'm still feeling raped
  14. You stand at the rental counter half an hour later. The agent, different person of course, pulls up your info. Stares at the computer, types something, stares at the screen. Searching. There's no reservation, you wonder? He says, "we don't have anything like this here," meaning the small car. You tell him you were told on the phone the computer system showed it available at this location. Agent hollers at someone in the back to ask. Nothing like that here, is reply. As you're wondering whether to just leave, agent says, "well, you'll be getting a free upgrade." Ahhhh. Smile returns to your face for first time since process started. Again takes your info. You ask, "did I get my AARP or NRA discount? I told the person on the phone I should be getting one of those." "No, but I can do that." Bigger smile. This agent is a great guy. He "explains" some stuff but you're not sure what some terms mean. No problem, price went down a little, not up, so it's good. The mileage you're planning is included. Agent takes you to nice mid-size sedan. It's new, 19,000 miles. It has a strong scent of deodorizer, like it was used by a heavy smoker, and agent asks if it's ok. He'll find you another car if the scent bothers you, but no, you'll take it. He looks at gas gauge, it's below half. "This counts as empty," he says, "so you don't have to fill it up before you bring it back. Bring it in empty if you want." Now he's REALLY a great guy! Process completed, agent hands you a tablet to "sign" electronically. Gives you a printout, tells you the agreement will be on your email. You leave, start your trip, fairly satisfied you did the best you could. Car runs great, it's a nice day, with window down a little on the interstate, the deodorizer is not noticeable. Youll be back day after tomorrow.
  15. Had to rent a car for couple of days. Came out of it feeling like the car rental business is a bunch of con games. You start online. You search "car rentals" and you find a lot of offers for great rates. So you start by calling the company that has "budget" in its name. You aren't quoted anything remotely close to what they are touting online. You call a second company. Same thing. So you realize those are all just teasers, and you're going to be paying more than what you were hoping. But you don't give up. You tell the person on the phone--at a call center somewhere--you just need basic transportation, no frills. They quoted you anywhere from $160 to $220 for 2 days. The online teasers were for $36 to $40 for 2 days! You know they're just trying to upsell you, and the deals are surely available if you just keep asking. You say, "no, I mean BASIC, as in cheap, as in, just a little car with no frills." You tell them you have your own insurance, you want to pick it up and bring it back to same location. And, you have already said "I would like to return it about 9 or 10 p.m. the day i get back," so they told you their only location where you can do that is at the airport. But as you still complain that the rates are way higher than what you saw online, the rental person says, " well, you asked to get it from the airport location, it's always higher at the airport." Huh? Maybe that makes sense, but not renting cars very often, how would you know that? You reply, I'll figure out a way to be back by 6:00--closing time--at their other locations. Finally a little progress. You are quoted about $130, for a small car the agent says is available now at a downtown location. "Total price, including tax and whatever other fees you charge," you ask? Yes. "Ok, I'll take it. I'll be there in half an hour to pick it up. Your credit card and other info is taken, the reservation is made. You are assured that the computer shows the car is ready and waiting at that location. It gets better.

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