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  1. https://www.kygunco.com/Product/View?ItemNo=129348&utm_source=KyGunCo Marketing&utm_medium=Email&utm_campaign=Winters Chill
  2. My 238 was made in September, 2010. The original recoil spring failed after 70 rounds. Sig's replacement failed after 160 rounds. I replaced it with a Colt Mustang spring, over 800 rounds ago.
  3. How do we know? One only has to look at the federal government's abuse of the commerce clause.
  4. While the price might be moderately attractive, my concern would be the lack of production/lot numbers found on the original boxes. Nice to have in the event of a recall.
  5. Go with the larger cooking area. You may never smoke a whole turkey, but I'll bet you will want to grill your veggies and potatoes along with your pork, chicken, turkey etc. If you don't, you will be missing out on some nice side recipes. My first choice was also a Yoder. Wound up buying a RecTec 680 and never looked back. Just my wife and I and we smoke/grill 3 times a week. Finishing up a 6 lb beer can chicken, grilled asparagus and twice baked potatoes with cheese topping as I type this. Using 75% of our 702 sq inches of cooking surface. The Rec Tec has some unique features. Li
  6. Hidden under the counter.... Wow, brings back old memories. Kind of like buying condoms in the early 1950's.
  7. I was an early adopter and managed to snare a threaded barrel version the end of January.  Out of the box fit and finish is outstanding.  The pistol has been 100% reliable through just under 1000 mixed rounds, including subsonic with a mounted suppressor.  Field stripping is a piece of cake, similar to the Browning BuckMark, but faster and easier.  Adjustable rear fire sight is perfect for my 75 year old eyes.  Included detachable rail with fixed rear sight is made of composition material but dead accurate when mounted.  I have six factory magazines, all run perfe
  8. 1958 - 13th Demi-Brigade French Foreign Legion   July 1958: – rescue of Bambi – a lonely starving small donkey was rescued by Harka of 13e DBLE – a photo of a 13e DBLE member carrying the small donkey on his back became world-wide known – Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals based in London sent a lettre to the Legion – it thanked the Legion for that “demonstration of humanity” – the small donkey was given a name, Bambi, and became the mascot of 13e DBLE
  9. As far as I know, Edge does not support extensions at the present time.  The Ad Blocker folks say soon.   https://adblockplus.org/en/edge   Until that time I will continue to run FireFox and ADP.
  10. YHM 7.62TI. Rated full auto and weighs in at 15 oz.  I don't know of any shop that does layaway on a suppressor.
  11. Why not go directly to CZ-USA?   http://shop.cz-usa.com/cz-products/pistols/spare-parts/full-size
  12. Eotech interview video.   https://youtu.be/wMHvkjMQMyg
  13. My 512 was delivered to EOTech on 17 December.  Received the following email this morning.   "Your product has been received and reviewed by EOTech and your refund is being processed. You will be updated by e-mail in the near future regarding check processing. Thank You, EOTech"
  14. I run a Silencerco Octane 9 on my 9mm SBR.  Can't be more pleased with its performance.  Rated full auto,  it will also run on my 300 BLK SBR with subsonic ammo by changing the threaded booster end cap.  If you think you may go 45 ACP some day, look at the Octane 45.  I also have a Gemtech Tundra in 9mm.  It performs OK, but an in warranty repair took 3 months.   If you want more information on cans, call Mike, at Law Enforcement Sales.  He will not steer you wrong.
  15. Here is a link to the latest NC AG publication regarding NC gun laws:   http://www.ncdoj.gov/getdoc/32344299-a2a7-4ae5-99fd-9018262f64ac/NC-Firearms-gun-Laws.aspx
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