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  1. We bought all our steels from Tennessee Die… http://www.tndie.com/
  2. I'll bump this up once more.
  3. Cops aren’t expected (by most) to be punching bags or used for target practice. They are trained to enforce the law, and when faced with violence they are trained to stay alive (first) and then protect those around them. I had no problem with going towards the danger, but when faced with violence I neutralized it with any means available. Every case is judged on what a reasonable person would believe (Judge or Jury) under any given circumstances. I doubt that will change. In violent encounters innocent people are going to get killed. Training on both sides can reduce that. I know how to stay alive if I am attacked, I also know how to stay alive if I am in a situation where I have to pull a gun and the Police are arriving on the scene. I also am very aware of how fast an armed encounter with someone trying to take your life goes down. Hesitate a fraction of a second and you could die, read the situation wrong and you could go to prison. It isn’t just the cops, if you carry a gun the same applies to you. We could start telling stories one after the other of the good guys getting killed, questionable shootings, or clearly bad shootings. The key is training. Bad guys train also. If a trained bad guy decides to take you (or a cop) out, all the guns in the world won’t help you.
  4. No time.... or desire to do so.
  5. I'd like to have a real M14. The +30K is holding me back a little.
  6. You are lucky it wouldn’t chamber the next round. We are trained to clear malfunctions quickly and continue to fire. Bad news if it’s a squib. I’ve never had one, but my friend had one next to me at the range. Model 66; bulged the barrel. Luckily he was shooting .38’s, but it was reloaded ammo.
  7. As you saw in the video above; by the time the gun is drawn it’s too late. As I said whether it’s a bad guy or a cop, if someone is pointing a gun at you and screaming at you to stop; chances are good you are about to be shot. We have no idea if Castile was going to try to shoot that cop or not; and we will never know.
  8. It needs to go to the SCOTUS. One Federal Court has upheld it (9th) and one has shot it down (DC). I can’t find where any other Federal Districts have ruled on it.
  9. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2017/07/25/appeals-court-blocks-dcs-concealed-carry-law-on-second-amendment-grounds.html
  10. Those are the kind of videos they show you in training, and believe me they stick with you.
  11. He has a right to invoke the 5th; and they can fire him for it. Based on the very little bit I have seen; he will be charged criminally. The lack of information being released is ridiculous. And them saying the investigation could take 3-4 months is also crazy. The Officer driving the Patrol car is talking and has given his statement. As soon as a citizen invoked the 5th they would have been arrested; it should be no different for him. I’ve tried to think of what he could be using as a defense, and can’t think of anything. So he heard a loud noise (gun shot) and thought it was an ambush? Even if that was the case you don’t start shooting everyone in the area. Unless there is some astounding revelation in this case; I think he is headed for prison. That is if he is still in the country by the time they decide to arrest him.
  12. Most of these incidents go down before they find out the person has a carry permit; not that it would matter or even be a consideration. Their actions, appearance, and whether or not they are following instructions (especially when a deadly weapon is involved) is what matters. There is no such thing as a “routine” traffic stop was drilled into our heads as they showed the videos and told the stories of cops being killed on traffic stops. I think most of us here agree that more training would be good for everyone involved. I also think most of us here would also agree that if a bad guy or a cop is screaming at you to stop as you grab for your gun; you are about to be shot.
  13. We were taught how to interact with armed citizens. In vehicle stop training we used actors. Some of those actors shot the Officer. The fact that a person is legally carrying doesn’t mean they won’t shoot a cop. I would guess it’s worse now than it was back then; we didn’t have as many people hunting cops. Philando Castile did everything wrong and it cost him his life. We didn’t see and hear all the evidence, but the jury that did apparently decided a reasonable person would think they were in danger of death or great bodily harm under those circumstances. We don’t know now whether he was going to try to shoot that cop or not. Justine Damond wasn’t doing anything wrong (and didn’t have a gun). We don’t know why she was shot and the Officer that shot her is refusing to make a statement.
  14. Exactly. I don’t blame the kids. It’s the parent’s responsibility to teach kids what to do when they are in those type situations; not the schools. If the kids are too stupid to understand what they are being told; so be it. But they deserve to hear the truth and know what their options are and how it will impact them, as well as knowing and understanding their rights. One of the guys I work with said he ask his kids “You know if you try to pull a gun on traffic stop the cops will shoot you; right?” They responded with “Yes”. He said he didn’t think he needed to have that conversation but with the news lately; he thought he should.
  15. Kids should be taught by their parents what to do during a traffic stop; if they don’t know they should find out. Not just about guns, but about everything. I have seen many ridiculous videos by lawyers and statements by people about what their rights are its ridiculous. A lawyer can tell you what is going to happen in the courtroom; a cop can tell you what is going to happen on the street. For example; certainly you have the right to refuse a search, but you don’t have the right to obstruct the Officer if he decides to search anyway. I never asked to search a vehicle I didn’t already have probable cause to search. I ask just to see how the rest of the stop is going to go. If you have something illegal in the car (drugs, alcohol, whatever) you have a choice to make right then on the spot; cooperate or not. Kids have been told for decades the cops need a warrant to search their car; nothing could be farther from the truth. Parents owe their kids to give the proper info or find someone that can. How to deal with cops when you have a gun should be common sense; however as we have seen it is not. Cops aren’t without fault either; but that doesn’t help you or your kid if you are dead. A cop just shot a victim reporting a crime to death because he heard a loud noise. From what little bit has been released he will probably go to prison, but that doesn’t help her one bit; there are people that are carrying guns that are improperly trained or have no business with a gun in the first place, Police and citizens alike. This is the information age; the information is out there. Unfortunately like we have seen here so many times; the information can be wrong. Especially when you start talking in generalities about laws, crossing state lines, etc.

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