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  1. This is no different than the selective enforcement of any other law. The ATF is clear and the DEA is clear. The only fix is for either the Feds to make pot legal, or change/remove the question; then you can make all the comparisons to alcohol you like. Change the laws so someone smoking pot can buy a gun legally; I don’t see that happening. I do think you may see changes that make the same thing happen with people prescribed pain killers, depression meds, or other meds that impair judgement or reaction time. That will be a long list the ATF will need new forms.
  2. Flashlights

    That’s one of my requirements also, so I’m looking at the Streamlight PROTAC 2L-X. (Its programmable) The other requirement I have is that it can use either 2 123A’s or a rechargeable (18650). I have a surefire Executive Elite E2E; would like to find something like it in the under $50 range. Just started looking.
  3. When it comes to ammo; I’m a Federal fan boy. It’s always done me right. I just picked up a .243 Winchester Model 70 and need some ammo. I’ve used plenty of Power Shok in my .308, but have never used any Non-Typical. I don’t hunt; this will be a range toy punching holes in paper. In reading some of the other web sites folks are saying it’s just Power Shok in a different package. Some even claim to have emails from Federal telling them that. The on-line prices I’m looking at are $4 a box less for Non-Typical. (14.99 vs. 18.99) Anyone here have any experience with it they would care to share?
  4. ATF and GAO study on firearm online sales

    They need a study to determine that if you tell someone you are a prohibited person or ask them to illegally ship across state lines they probably won’t? The anti-gun crowd really is clueless.
  5. Where is "Safety"?

    I think the Laws on the use of deadly force are pretty clear in most states. The laws on the use of deadly force when the immediate threat of death or great bodily harm is present are clear in all states I know of. The problem in the cases I have seen is your level of participation in the event that caused the use of deadly force to become an issue. If you are physically attacked by thugs while walking down the street; most Prosecutors Judges and Juries will side with you… if it comes to that. If you are a participant in a road rage incident or a fight; they won’t. Many folks believe that you have a free shoot if someone is in your home or on your property. Even in states with Castle Doctrine that may not be true. But in all states I know of you would be okay if a reasonable person would believe you were in immediate danger of death or great bodily harm.
  6. In urgent need of security camera suggestions

    In reading this as a former Cop and a Father…Do you suspect there is someone else involved besides the 18 year old?
  7. In urgent need of security camera suggestions

    I researched them and it came down to NEST or ARLO. I picked NEST simple because ARLO is rechargeable and I didn’t want to mess with that. NEST just plugs into an outlet and needs access to Wi-Fi. NEST has the highest subscription rates. Its $100 a year for the first camera and $50 for each additional. I pay $150 a year for 2. But you get 10 days of recording, can download and save the recording if you want, you can get instant notifications on your phone, email or both. You can communicate with people though the camera with your phone. The wife got them on sale at Target, buy one get one half off. (About $300 for two cameras on sale, they are $200 each usually, B&H has a 2 pack of outdoor cams for $312.) I had to buy one indoor and one outdoor to get that price. I would have rather had two outdoor cameras as they will work either indoor or out, but that was the deal. My indoor camera looks out the window, unless I take a trip. Video quality and audio is excellent. The indoor Cam is on a stand and can be hidden or is pretty unnoticeable. There is a guy online that has a video on how you can set-up the NEST cameras to record to a hard drive without a subscription. But with the notifications and online storage; I just decided to pay the yearly fee. Good luck with your search.
  8. M P 2.0 9C

    Federal HST for $20 for box of 50, I've caught it on sale before at $14.99 https://www.targetsportsusa.com/federal-hst-law-enforcement-9mm-luger-ammo-147-grain-jacketed-hollow-point-p9hst2-p-3547.aspx 180 grain 40S&W Federal HST is on sale for $14.99 right now. https://www.targetsportsusa.com/federal-law-enforcement-40-sw-ammo-180-grain-hst-jacketed-hollow-point-p40hst1b-p-55007.aspx They don't ship as fast as some others, but those prices for HST is the best I have seen.
  9. Kel-Tec Marketing Fail

    If that was the only question on your science test; you got an F. Check your work.
  10. I’d like to find a blue S&W Model 39. I also might build an AR pistol for something to do.
  11. From the Butler Creek website… So, it sounds as though the Multiflex is soft pliable rubber? Other than being able to accommodate a wider range of sizes, this doesn’t sound like an advantage. Sounds harder to rotate and position. I don’t swap caps on scopes so I’m thinking the standard would be a better choice. Anyone used both of these? Or maybe something else that flips up? I would like to have the Leupold Alumina caps, but can’t justify $100.
  12. M P 2.0 9C

    A box or two of whatever you are going to carry. Federal Hydra-Shok or HST. You can order boxes of 50 online for about what a box of 20 will cost you in the store.
  13. Shooters on Murfreesboro Pike

    I don’t know but they have different addresses. (573, 575) If you look at the street view in google maps it shows them in the same block but GUN CITY on one building and SHOOTERS on another.
  14. Recommendation for Photo-Editing Software

    About every year or so I buy Photoshop Elements & Premiere Elements bundled together. I think full retail is about $150, I usually find them on sale for around $50 or $60 (The bundle is $99 right now at Best Buy or Adobe.com). PhotoShop Elements is going to do about anything most people want to do, and there is a ton of support and information available.

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