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  1. I don’t have any suggestions on high end knives at lower prices, but I’m getting all kind of emails about Labor Day sales going on this weekend.
  2. Doug, have you checked Smith County Humane? Their web site didn't give prices, but I saw a site that said "Adoption fees vary slightly, but are usually $50-75 per pet." https://www.adoptapet.com/adoption_rescue/72487-smith-county-humane-society-buffalo-valley-smith-county-tennessee http://www.smithcountytnhumane.com/?fbclid=IwAR0TWr7xnbld8dCMxMzfgbVyjZTrAxC8iqG1U5TKnzShHUcnKmLc3-pa2ww
  3. My guess is investigators end up here.... https://jetpackaviation.com/jetpack-training-lp/
  4. Do you want a stock? Not a brace, but a real stock? I ask this first question because it will give direction. For me, an AR Pistol without a stock was pretty much useless, so that puts it into an NFA SBR.
  5. Wonder what the wake turbulence was like at 300 yards??
  6. Sure would be nice if Tennessee posted the formal reciprocity documents.
  7. I when I was trying to find an old school Walnut and polished blue bolt action in .223 or .243, I got lot of replies from folks that said they didn’t have that, but they had 30-06. I saw a lot of nice ones in the $300-$500 price range.
  8. I’ll ask this here, because I tried a OneDrive forum, but they told me apparently I don’t know how one drive works. That’s obvious. I bought a Microsoft 365 subscription because not only did it allow me to put its apps on all my PC’s; I got 1TB of cloud storage for each of the 5 users. All I want to do is use it like a hard drive. I want to copy files/folders to it that I might want to transfer to another PC (same account). I don’t want to use it as a backup; I use Acronis for that. I don’t want it to sync or automatically make changes on any PC. I don’t want it to copy the files/folders that I copy to the cloud to my PC in the user\OneDrive folder. That’s a waste of space. I use DropBox on a work account, and it will do what I want. But it cost almost as much as Microsoft 365, so that’s not an answer. Is what I’m asking it to do (simply be a storage area) unreasonable?
  9. You might want to take a look at this.... https://www.tn.gov/twra/license-sales/hunting-licenses.html#:~:text=%2419.00-,Migratory Bird Permits,hunting on their own land Migratory Bird Permits Resident and nonresident hunters must possess a Tennessee Migratory Bird Permit to hunt waterfowl and other migratory birds. Available anywhere hunting and fishing licenses are sold. The following do not need this permit: Landowners hunting on their own land Disabled veterans Tennessee residents 65 years of age or older Tennessee residents under 13 years of age Lifetime Sportsman license holders
  10. The “regular” flu kills people all the time.
  11. DA’s are elected and they do not answer to anyone but the voters. They cannot be fired for not doing their job. They can be impeached, but without criminal acts; that almost impossible. Sheriffs are also elected and usually do not answers to Mayors or city councils. Police Chiefs usually answer to Mayors or city government. Depending of course on how state laws are setup. The Chief Law Enforcement Officers need to be held responsible when buildings are being burned and people are being hurt in criminal action. Miranda is a whole separate discussion. Probably one of the most talked about and least understood practices in law enforcement. Rights come with responsibility and people should understand them.
  12. Pretty close. I’m like a kid when I go to the store. If I see something I want; I get it. Because unlike a kid; I have full authority to buy. My wife is the coupon lady to hate to be behind when you check-out. So our conversations usually go something like this… Me: “I want this (as I put it in the cart)” Her: “Do you know what those cost? I don’t have a coupon.” Me: I don’t care what they cost, and you not having a coupon is poor planning on your part.” So she usually stops at the store on her way home from work. I must say though, that I’m pretty proud of her couponing. She can buy massive amounts of groceries and spend $50. If I spend $50, its usually one bag that’s very easily carried.
  13. What??? That’s just crazy talk. But oh okay, I’ll come by and pickup all your Bourbon you don’t want. I might as well pickup all that .40S&W ammo you don’t want anymore while I’m there.
  14. Oh, I’m not saying you should feel sorry for them because of what’s happening, or that they are justified in their failure to act. If you have read my others posts I have said I believe (or hope) that eventually those failing to act will be held accountable. I don’t think you are intentionally cop bashing. you are just agreeing with a narrative that is a lie. Do you think cops are hunting blacks? Did all your cop friends and relatives treat blacks different than whites. Of course, I realize that’s no more a fair question of you than me commenting on how blacks feel. I don’t know what its like to be black and unless you have worked the streets as a cop, you don’t know what that’s like, or how your friends treated people on the street. I feel sorry for us, and the overwhelming percentage of cops that do their job properly. I am a law and order type that hates violence. Thugs that threaten people with violence or commit violence against them should go to prison. That applies to everyone, cops included. But they are dealt with on a case by case basis. I have zero compassion for someone that threatens or attacks a citizen or a cop with violence and gets killed….Zero. No one forced them to take that path. Some cases are questionable, and we have a legal system to deal with that; they will be tried by a jury of their peers. As I’ve said here many times prior to all this happening. We don’t have a justice system, we have a legal system. You will get exactly as much justice as you can afford. Buts that not based on race. Its based on rich and poor. If you are poor and can’t afford a good attorney the system will mow you over. It happens everyday to whites also. I have plenty of ideas on how to address Police issues, but I don’t know how to address the issue of any race not having access to the top legal representation. I made no judgments based on a person politics. And I have no idea why a friend of yours wouldn’t want to answer that question. I’m more than willing to answer or discuss any question anyone has. You may not like my answer, and you may not agree with my viewpoint, but I’m willing to discuss it here or in person with anyone. However, my point was that as qualified people turn away from law enforcement, and who could blame them; you will get a lower caliber of Officer. I remember when Nashville Metro PD said they couldn’t get enough candidates locally that could pass a background check so they were instituting a more vigorous out of state search. They only way they will be able to get around that is lowering their standards. When cops use justified force against criminals; their department and the public should back them, and that’s what happens in most cases. When force isn’t justified; they should be charged the same as anyone else. But they sure shouldn’t be charged because of the race of the person they used force against; that’s racism in its purest form. Every shooting whether it be a cop, or a citizen protecting themselves or their family is different. It all boils down to a “reasonable person fearing immediate danger of death or great bodily harm”. The “reasonable person” standard is a Judge or jury, I don’t see how that can change. Do some procedures need to change? Absolutely. But they are generally by Department. Not all Police Departments are equal.
  15. Not like it is now. In the late 70’s early 80’s when I was a cop, a lot quit because they got tired of fighting both sides. But we dealt with nothing like what is going on today. Yes, the taxpayers want the Officers doing their jobs, but not the left. Apathy is exactly what they are demanding. Don’t stop anyone, don’t write tickets, don’t investigate suspicious situations; go on the calls you are dispatched to and do nothing else. And in some places, like Chicago, that is what they are getting. The Police are handcuffed and can’t do their job, and the States Attorney doesn’t prosecute if they do; so homes and businesses are burglarized, Home Invasion is commonplace, and people die. It should be no surprise to anyone what will happen if this lie is continued to be addressed as if it was true.
  16. And I’ll add this, as unpopular as it is. That politically motivated prosecutor, the Police, and the courts are not bound by ATF opinions; ATF states that on their website. That almost became the case in Sumner County over a PLR-16 confiscated from an HCP holder driving a car that a person in possession of drugs was arrested from. From the noise I read on the internet at the time, he was arrested, and indicted by a grand jury on a weapons charge. Two years later the case was settled out of court, so there was never a ruling on it. Rumor was they told him they would drop the weapons charge if he got rid of the gun.
  17. Just click on EDIT at the bottom of your first post. Then click on PREFIX and change it to AD CLOSED, then click on EDIT TOPIC at the bottom.
  18. My wife doesn’t let me go to the grocery store. But she bought them at Kroger on MidTN Blvd.
  19. I just found out yesterday I have a bag of the tainted peaches.
  20. Agreed. But its going to be a mess no matter which way it goes. If Trump wins, it will be voter fraud; even though they claim there is no evidence of it happening in the past (That’s laughable). If Biden wins; same thing. Especially if a lot of states require that people go to the polls to vote. Unless something changes there are several states saying they will have mail in voting. I suspect that will cause a very long delay in determining who won. I’m tickled at the number of people that say Trump will refuse to leave office. Just as I was when the tin foil hats on the right said it about Obama. How soon we forget. Lets also not forget how many people wanted to impeach Obama because they didn’t like him. If there is a question about the election it will be decided by Congress and ultimately be answered by the SCOTUS. If that is required, I would guess they will stop everything and make that decision immediately. Then whoever they say…will be in the White House.
  21. The entire country isn’t far from being dominated by the left; Tennessee included. Ya know, I have to laugh when I see the liberals whining about Trump not wanting mail in voting, saying he and the republicans are trying to keep people from voting. I don’t know of a single republican that wouldn’t like to see more people vote. The working class, especially the young, get tied up with work and trying to take care of their families, and sometimes neglect voting. Would they vote if there was mail in voting? Sure, but when you are sending out more ballots than you have voters; there is no doubt you will have voter fraud. The left doesn’t have a problem with burning and looting businesses; they won’t have a problem with filling out a bunch of ballots.
  22. You have your haters everywhere. I went through boot camp (in August!) and MR school in San Diego. They treated us pretty good. Of course it is, or was, a Navy city.

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