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  1. I had a friend that got drunk, and got in a bar fight. The next day his head keep hurting so bad he went to the hospital. He had been shot in the head.
  2. Well there you go; don’t shoot someone with a .380 unless you are prepared to take an azz whipping.
  3. If she had just asked him to stop beating her azz for a minute while she took better aim; she probably could have used what she had. Sometimes folks just don’t think these things through.
  4. The flag has holes in it.
  5. Small, durable handgun optics is a hot market. I expect to see quality increase, cost decrease and more firearms available with them as options.
  6. .380 is better than a spitball through a straw. .380 is a terrible round. It’s just a 9MM short and is plagued with problems of operating guns of any size. I had a guy pull a .380 round out of his side and hand it to me after he had been shot. Could that have happened with another round? Maybe, but it didn’t and I saw it first hand in a real world shooting. So my opinion, based on that, and having shot them into various materials, formed my opinion they are pretty much worthless. Now…lets be fair. Shot placement. If you are one of the people that can, under probably the biggest adrenalin rush you have ever experienced, place a shot where any round would immediately stop the person; caliber is a non-issue for you. Or if you think “Modern Ammunition” figures into this; you might want to check it out. My goal in a shooting against an armed assailant is to make him unwilling or unable to fire his weapon. I don’t think a .380 is a good round for that.
  7. Okay, as I read that my thoughts were that things are already as bad as they can possibly be. In that scenario a bunch of people would die if the local SWAT team was in the parking lot. Luckily church shooters are mentally ill terrorists. The odds of getting several of them together are probably worse than winning Powerball. Train for what would be a likely scenario. That’s a shooter standing amongst a bunch of your people. Do whatever you need to do and make whatever plans you need to put your own shooter as close to the bad guy as you can. If you have someone in a vehicle in the parking lot, I wouldn’t say it’s a bad idea for him to have a rifle in addition to a handgun. Just remember, if a shooter starts shooting in the parking lot, your primary goal is not to kill him; its to make him stop shooting. You opening fire at him with a handgun could cause that. Spending more time to bring a rifle into play may cost lives. It’s why you train. You have to be prepared for any likely scenario. You have to be able to take out a shooter without shooting everyone around them. You may also find your self in a situation where you do have to put innocent people lives in danger. No matter what you do; a bunch of people are going to sit around and arm chair quarterback what you did. If no lives are lost they are going to question if you needed to shoot at all, and if maybe you are just trigger happy. If multiple lives are lost there will be countless opinions of things you could have done. Most of those peoples opinions won’t matter; but some of them will impact your future.
  8. You will never get pro-gun folks to agree to that. I would bet the number of shooters that can’t pass the LEO qualification for their area is through the roof. It would be seen as far left gun control. But that’s how I see the classes you teach being required by the government. It keeps the poor and those immediately needing guns because of domestic violence from legally carrying guns. You have a right to carry. Its black and white with no grey. Get on one side or the other. Now…having said that; our state does not agree with me and does not recognize an individual right to bear arms. Carrying a gun without buying the privilege from them is a criminal offense. BTW… If Constitutional carry was passed, and the training requirement was on the individual and not state mandated; I believe you might see your business increase. I say might because there are a lot of highly qualified people that don’t hold any paperwork saying they are state qualified. That would be your competition. However… any of our opinions really don’t matter. The legislature did what they wanted to do. Some day they may decide to change it again; who knows. But I suspect it will be awhile.
  9. Terry Waldens range at Manchester has pistol Ranges, and 328 Yard Rifle ranges. It’s an unsupervised range and is 62 miles from Franklin. Whether you could make that in 45 minutes is an unknown.
  10. Thanks for the heads-up, I might have to go; I haven’t been in a while. I bet I can find a “Cowboy Gun” there.
  11. BTW… DBTN does a good job on these videos. We need to support him by subscribing to his you tube channel and giving him some likes.
  12. Sorry man, that is bad. In 1975 I had 900cc of god-awful bad assery, but this is the form it took. I hated it when it was stolen.
  13. Okay well, we just have to agree to disagree on the idea of government mandated training. I’m fully aware that a person needs training. But I don’t believe it needs to be a paid training class. But if we are going to require government training; why not do it right? How about we require the same training on the use of deadly force, with a written test, and the same range qualification, as required for Police Officers in our jurisdiction? See where this is headed?
  14. I saw that, that's why I included you in that group. That’s why you get a big at a boy and a pat on the back, cause you done good.
  15. That was my first thought, but I figured if I posted it, I would get scolded, along with a bunch of links to where cops had to reload a shotgun in a shootout. My experience was that while some folks wouldn’t comply or care if you were pointing a handgun at them, they couldn’t comply fast enough when an Officer with a shotgun or a Dog arrived. I only remember a shotgun being fired by anyone on our department once.
  16. Common sense and training will prevail. Common sense says that brass down is the way to go. But if you don’t train often; you will be slow no matter where they are or what orientation they are in. If you do train; you will figure it out. Common sense also says if a round falls out on the ground, ever; you need a new or different type carrier. Beside the new recruit training, how often do your Officers train with a shotgun?
  17. If you do a search, you will see that whether or not you have to put your kid on your policy depends on your policy and the state you are in. Tennessee law requires that the driver of a vehicle be insured. But that still doesn’t mean they have to be listed on your policy. You would need to check your policy to see who is covered, other than the named policy holder. Or simply call your agent and ask. I see my insurance agent as I do my financial advisor, my Doctor or my Lawyer; I have to trust what they tell me is correct, or I have to find a new one.
  18. And you think those people would not have got that training without government intervention??
  19. You and your BIL both will be legends around here if you pull that off.
  20. Since this conversation has turned into insurance; I’ll add this. there are insurance state laws, but insurance companies have wide leeway in what they put in your contract. I’ve never read mine word for word all the way through and I bet most people don’t. When I worked traffic, most people were surprised when I told them the Police don’t determine fault; insurance companies, and in rare cases the Courts are who determine fault. The fact that a person did/did not get a ticket had very little bearing on what the insurance companies decided. People got really ticked when an accident report wasn’t required and we wouldn’t do one. They would be adamant that we take a report and ticket the other driver. Traffic was a terrible job. (For me)
  21. There are going to be idiots that are the very last people any of us would want to see in front of a camera, and they will be the people the MSM seeks out. That will happen at a gun rally anywhere. You could have a bunch of well dressed articulate people present and the media would want to talk to the open carry guy, with his boots bloused and his wife beater tee shirt.
  22. Most anywhere in Nashville will have CCI Mini-Mag for around $8 a box of 100. That’s the only rimfire ammo I have found that will run all my .22’s with no issues. Unless you are prepared to buy a lot, shipping makes buying local a good deal. If you are going to buy a lot, Target Sports USA has 5000 round cases for $279. 50 with free shipping, +Tax +shipping insurance. About $310 to your door. https://www.targetsportsusa.com/cci-mini-mag-high-velocity-22-long-rifle-ammo-40-grain-copper-plated-round-nose-0030-p-892.aspx Good Luck finding what you want.

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