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  1. Muskrat Love was written by Wilis Allen Ramsey, circa 1972. He also penned Ballad of Spider John, a song that the talentless hack J. Buffet made famous. He recorded 1 album, which was great, then quit recording. I highly recommend tracking his self titled album down.     Oh, and C&T, I thought they was dead.
  2. It must be true, he sells cell phones!
  3. Well, somebody has to graduate bottom of the class.
  4. Yeah, but it seems Jack Lucas was impressed.  :woohoo:
  5. Deb. WING talking about duck peni? You just can't make this stuff up.   Oh, and how's that corkscrew workin' out? Now there's evolution at work! I got to get me one of those. I bet it would drive the widows wild!
  6. Well, I'd certainly be paying a huge fine, wouldn't I? RHIP.
  7. Yep, but in Fl., you get a concealed WEAPONS permit. You an carry  anything except explosives and "ballistic knives". Automatic knives (switchblades), sword canes, mace, bats, etc. are legal to carry.
  8. In Fla., there is no waiting period if you have your cwp.
  9. Having lived in Az. (unrestricted oc at the time), and recently Fl., I can understand the rating.  Tennessee is pretty restrictive in it's weapons carry policies. It's especially galling that everyone in the statehouse is so afraid of ticking off their donors that they won't  actually vote on  resolution. They just keep saying "we'll leave it up to the locals", so they can avoid pissing anybody off, and covering  their own behinds. Consequently leaving a hodge podge of unknowable local laws. None of  them have the huevos to actually stand and say "yes" or "no".  
  10. Not sure where Columbia is, but off State Rt 70N, between Carthage  and Lebanon is a place called Grants Cedar Mill. A good place to deal with. Not sure if they have a website, I'd just drive over and pick up what I needed.
  11. I like the perfect product placement for choke-a-cola.
  12. All I saw was someones facebook page comments. I s there a  link to the video?
  13. Thanks. We were talking a deal months ago when my comp. broke down. I hope I didn't leave him hanging. Want to apologise to him.

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