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  1. What does once fired 9mm brass go for? I'm curious because I pick up mine and that others at the range because were a supposed to but many don't. I just put them in the bucket. Since I've picked em up, I guess I could sell them if it's worth it. I thought about the brass exchange at Freedom Munitions but it seemed like freight would eat you up. I have saved some 308 and 44 magnum.
  2. 5 pairs of glasses because my kids go with me often so I just keep extras in there. Also have several more ear muffs but I don't keep them all in there because they are just too big. Also have foam ear plugs and a multi tool. My spotting scope also has its own case so I'll get that out of there. And you are right. It is a tad heavy. And I also take a first aid kit too, but it's in a separate bag. Then throw in targets, shooting bags/rifle rest and clays and it's 30 minutes to load up. But I do love it so
  3. I think my range bag is too full. I'm a belt and suspenders type of guy so I pack stuff in there just in case. Here is what is in there: 2 sets of earmuffs readers - cant see close without them 5 pairs of safety glasses binoculars chamber flags torque wrench set allen wrench set - metric and sae speed loader for pistol mags small ball peen hammer with rubber mallet small screw drivers - slotted and phillips note pad pens sharpie red grease pen stapler staples mini level Otis cable cleaning kit rem oil ziplock bag of various site adjustment tools ran
  4. There's always more room for handguns in a safe....long guns...not so much
  5. Parrot is a CZ Czechmate but tricked out in many colors. Hence the Parrot name. Google image CZ Parrot. $3000 or so, thus I will have to wait. I bought a Bren yesterday so my gun budget is about shot for now.
  6. I switched back to carrying my S&W M&P 340. I find it quite manageable with 357 mags. I got a Ruger GP100 22lr for exactly the purpose of letting people get their feet wet...and because I wanted it. And since want was brought up. I want a black CZ Czechmate and also a Parrot.
  7. I have a CZ Rami and carried it for about a year. Recently though my back has been hurting. Thought it might be the Rami. Carried it IWB 4 o'clock in an Alien Gear Cloak Tuck. So I switched back to an old standby. S&W M&P 340 in a Mika pocket holster. Back feels way better. only 5 shots, but 357 mag. Probably not going to be in a gun fight anyway and I do keep a Glock 19 in my truck as well.
  8. Got all the parts for the P10C. Put in a CGW striker, HB trigger and Talon grips. My opinion after shooting it this weekend with the modifications is that it is about the same as a Glock 19. First CZ I have ever bought that I felt the need to modify. Also, the first one that I haven't absolutely loved. Oh well.
  9. +1 for Armslist and meeting in a public place. I bought a 10/22 in the parking lot at Frugal McDougals!
  10. I have a Uberti 1873 and it is my daughters favorite gun to shoot. I love revolvers. Oh who am I kidding. I love most guns.
  11. I ordered a steel striker for my P10C from CGW, a trigger from HBI and Talon grips. Should get all of it delivered today. Interested to see if it makes it better. So far not as excited about the P10C as I thought I was going to be. If I could dress in a way to carry my 75BD, I would. I agree. Feels better in my hand too.
  12. I was at The Armory yesterday and they had just gotten in a Shadow 2. I like it but am holding out for a Czechmate. They also had a used Scorpion Carbine.
  13. I am a CZ fanatic. Mt edc is the CZ Rami. I got the P10C a few weeks ago and am searching for an iwb holster for it and will try carrying it. I agree that the 75's are too big for edc, but they are terrific to shoot. I have a couple of SP-01's and love them. Thought about a Shadow 1 a while ago but nefer got one and actually looked at and held a Shadow 2 yesterday at the local gun shop. But I really want to hold out for a Czechmate.


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