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    Last bump TTT before I pull the listing to another site. Any offers? Ed
  2. Ad withdrawn. Will list on another site. Ed
  3. Trailboss for plinker load 45/70?

    Hi. Another really fun load with your 300gr bullet (I believe MBC calls it the Buffalo #2) is 8 grains of Bullseye. It's not position sensitive, and can be fairly accurate to about 200 yds. Best of all, you can take a box of 50 to the range, shoot them all, and come home with your shoulder intact. Ed
  4. Mould3.jpg

  5. Mould2.jpg

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  8. wanted WTB: Bullet/Shot Molds

    PM replied.
  9. wanted WTB: Bullet/Shot Molds

    Ron, Any interest in a Lyman 445599 Minié ball mould? Ed
  10. Hi. Sorry I didn't catch your post earlier. According to the product sheet, the high temperature will stabilize around 900°F, but I think it actually goes higher since I use the smaller 10# pot for salt bath annealing at 500°C (~932°F) and there's more to go on the rheostat. Hope this helps. If you have any other questions, please feel free to PM me. Ed
  11. Annealing brass

    Hi all. I know this is a little necro posting, but I thought I have something to contribute. While researching the annealing process, I came across this video from Ballistic Recreations (http://ballisticrecreations.ca/) on salt bath annealing. I did some research, and the cost of the materials (minus the small Lee melting pot,) was $90 (US) + shipping. I went ahead and ordered the kit and some extra salt. The little Lee melting pot was another $36 on Amazon, so my total buy in was about $150. Yesterday, I did about 100 prepped (clean, sized/deprimed, and trimmed) .22-250 cases using this method in about 10 minutes (not including warm up time.) When I first started, it was a little tricky getting the timing right, but once I got a rhythm going, it went smoothly and quickly, doing two cases every 10-12 seconds. The trick, I found, was to use the "My Metronome" skill with Alexa (there are similar apps for iOS.) I set the beats per minute at 10 (every six seconds,) and process the brass this way: on the first beat put two shells in the holder, on the second beat pull them and drop in the bucket of water at my feet, grab two more, and on the 3rd beat, put the next two in. Repeat until done. I've tried the torch+socket on drill method, as well as stand the cases in a pan of water, but I liked this method the best. You can precisely control the amount of heat and amount of time for each case, and it's good for a whole range of cases (I use on .22-250, .30-06, and .45-70.) When I was finished, I simply rinsed and drained the brass, put them on a foil line baking sheet, and dried in the oven at 250°F for 1 to 1.5 hours. The salt is reusable, and once it cools, you put the cake back into it's jar. Hope this gives you all some ideas. Ed .

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