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  1. Lee, I'm in! Thanks for the opportunity and the very best to you in your new franchise. Ed
  2. Hi all, I guess that's the price you pay for convenience. According to the TWRA web site (Tag Before You Drag,) you don't have to use the app. However, if you don't, you are required to use a temporary transport tag and report the harvest on the TWRA website or go to a physical check station. So if you are truly concerned about being tracked, do the old physical process. Just my dos centavos. Ed
  3. Hi, Yes, I have one and it's a great tool (though not near as fun as busting real caps.) I only have .45 ACP laser cartridges (I bought three total,) so I can use them in not only my 1911s, but my wheel guns as well. The nice thing about the 1911 is you only need to re-cock the hammer to fire again. I use the newest version of the APP on my iPhone, and I've had no issues. My only two complaints (more like snivels,) are the relatively small target that gets hard for old eyes to see beyond 5 yards, and the laser cartridge doesn't always line up on the center axis of the chamber/barrel so it'll shoot slightly off the sights. To fix that, you need to rotate the laser cartridge until it lines up or just shoot with Kentucky windage. Otherwise, I'm very happy with it and consider it a pretty good investment. Hope this helps. Ed
  4. Hi, The smokers recommended are good. I personally like RecTeq and just bought my son the RT340 with pellet bundle plus a cover. He's very much like @peejman, in that he likes the old school offset smokers, but there have been times he's said he wished he had the convenience of a "set and forget" type smoker. I have the RT340 and I love it. I just smoked two spatchcock chickens and some asparagus. Turned out great. Ed
  5. Hi, I'll take the all the jugs of powder. I'll send you a text. Ed
  6. Hi Marie, I'd be happy to help. I'll need to get some more transparent filament, but once in, I'll print you four. For full disclosure, these fit mine perfectly, but I've had some folks tell me they're a little tight or loose on their Lee tray. Also, while the filament says "transparent" it's actually more translucent (kind of like a marbled glass shower door,) where you can kind of see something behind it, just no detail. So if being clear/transparent is important, you won't be happy. Tell you what, let me order the filament and print one to send to you. If you like it, and it fits, I'll go ahead and print the others and you can pay me then. How does that sound? If you'd please provide me your mailing address, I'll get one in the mail as soon as I can. Ed edwan@comcast.net
  7. When speaking of classic movie quotes, don't forget the target rich environment of Mel Brooks' movies. I would venture to say that most everyone here can quote at least three or four lines from "Young Frankenstein" or "Blazing Saddles," and tell you exactly when it happened in the movie. For example....Dr. Frankenstein, "Werewolf?!?!" ; Igor, "There wolf...there castle." Ed
  8. "Kelly's Heroes" and "Cool Hand Luke" are two classic movies that every young man should see! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HG7p3KHwS_E Ed
  9. Hello, and welcome to TGO and hopefully TN! What a wonderful introduction, and a very sobering observation of where things can go. Good luck on your move and we are very glad to have you. Ed
  10. Hi, Since no one has asked the obvious question, what is the headstamp on the surplus ammo? Thanks, Ed
  11. Hi Charles and welcome to TGO! Unfortunately, I think that is a question from someone in VT. Most of the folks here are in Tennessee and I'm sure our laws are quite different than VT. Ed


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