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  1. +1 what @DaveTN said. Not collectible, but why spend a ton of $ on something you s/w/couldn't shoot? I guess it's all about what you want to do with the rifle, and if it's to own one and take it to the range and shoot it, it's a great way to go, as would be the sporter you are considering. One of the Garands I have is a CMP "Special" where they fully rebuilt an M1 in .308 using an original refinished Springfield receiver and everything else is new, or unissued old stock. No, it's not collectable to a real Garand purist, but I didn't have one in .308 and for $750, I got a brand new M1 Garand that is an absolute joy to shoot. Ed
  2. A Garand’s full barrel is 24” long, so really the only way through pictures would be to ask the seller for a better photo of the full barrel to include gas cylinder and operating rod (op rod,) preferably with a yardstick or ruler for scale. I’d also ask for some good pictures of the receiver. Unless you can put your hands on it, it’s really kind of a crapshoot. Can you do face to face sales in MN? That’s where the seller is and if you’re not to far away, it might be worth a drive to look. Could be a good deal if everything else is in good shape and you’re not set on an M1 in its as issued configuration. Even then, if someone hasn’t bubba’d the metal, you can get a military stock relatively cheap. Ed
  3. Sorry, didn’t mean for it to hurt...just sting a little. . Too bad you can’t see the whole barrel a little better, and if the scope was D & T or just an add-on mount. If the rifle was otherwise complete, barrel in good condition, and not chopped, $350 is a good price. Ed
  4. Hi Tom! You have any pics? Would be nice to see, even though it breaks the heart of an M1 purist (I own five of them.) BTW, here's something to just to mess with you guys who miss the "good old days" when you didn't have any money or were too young and didn't know any better. Ed
  5. Hi George, Welcome to TGO and thank you for your service! I'm sure you'll fit right in and you'll find this community full of great folks. Ed
  6. I always wanted an FJ, or a pre-78 Bronco, IH Scout or Scout II. If you find one nowadays, you'll be paying $25,000+ for a beater and $35K+for one restored or in good condition.
  7. Hi all, Mine was a '67 VW that I later chopped to a Baja bug. Growing up in Tucson, having a desert crawler was a good thing. Ed
  8. Hi Leroy, I can't tell you about a Glock, but I've got the Vortex Venom 3MOA installed on my M1 Garand. The Viper is a little less expensive, but I like the fact you can change the battery of the Venom without removing the sight. As for performance, I love it. Ed
  9. Hi all, I found another use for mine. I have an older round tray Lee Priming tool that the tray lid broke, so I printed a replacement. I've tried ordering / buying one, but Lee no longer manufactures them, and I couldn't find a Lee dealer that still had any old ones in stock. When I first got the printer, I wasn't sure what I'd do with it, now, I'm finding all sorts of things. Ed
  10. Hi. I've got the same printer and I've been having a blast printing up stuff that's not only useful and practical, but that's fun as well. Something as simple as a Lee powder hopper adapter for an old Ohaus Du-O-Measure that's been missing its hopper for years, to a nose-down bullet collator to make sizing much easier. If you haven't already done so, there a whole bunch of 3D printable mods for your Ender 3 that'll make it even more efficient. Ed
  11. Couldn't stand it so I Google searched the image. It's Joan Crawford from the 1930 movie "Montana Moon." Here's another view. Ed
  12. Greg, I agree, and it's especially frustrating when it's a common powder and you already have a good load. I just checked, and the local Sportsman's Warehouse in Southaven, MS has IMR 4895 in 1# cans for $32.00, but not 8# jugs, and Academy has IMR4064 for $29/#. I'd also recommend keeping your eyes open for "no hazmat," or "free shipping" sales from different online vendors and buy in 8# jugs. Yes, it hurts to drop ~$200 for 8#s of powder, but that's only $25.00/lb and you can use the same lot for a bunch of reloads. As an aside, it's relatively easy to reproduce jacketed service loads in the Garand using either H/IMR 4895, IMR4064, and Varget to name a few. Just so you know, I shoot a lot of cast out of my Garand with H4895, H4350, and H4831. While the H4350 and H4831 might have too slow a burn rate for jacketed bullets, they work splendidly for cast bullets, especially in the 165-220gr range with no danger of bending the op rod. Here's an example group shot with H4350. Ed
  13. Hi Greg, Depending on the application, don't limit your search to just IMR 4895. H4895 is very similar in burn rate & performance, with the benefit of being able to shoot reduced loads. IMR 4064 is also similar in performance, especially in a .30-06/.308 rounds. Ed

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