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  1. I am looking to purchase a 3 person tent for my wife and I to camp in rocky mountain national park. I sold my 6 person because it wasway too big and I froze last summer. Need help! New or used I am looking for something under $250. Thanks!
  2. I'm strongly considering adding a .30'06 bolt action deer rifle and am looking at the CDL. Just wondering how Remington's current M700 CDL are doing out of the box. My oldest deer rifle is a M700 BDL stainless that's been rock solid. Would appreciate owner experiences with these CDL's. Update: useful resource I found on google: https://gunandshooter.com/best-30-06-rifle/
  3. hey guys, i have a Tikka T3X CTR in 6.5 Creedmoor that i am looking for but a night vision scope for. right now i have a temporary scope on there (vortex crossfire II 6-24) which i am borrowing from my 308. the purpose of this rifle is strictly bench shooting. i mostly shoot at 100m but do take it out to 200m and 300m on occasion. one scope has caught my eye which is the sightron siii 6-24x50 FFP MOA-2. do any of you own this and what are your opinions on it? what other scopes should i be considering as well and how to use a night vision scope? something with 20X or 24X mag
  4. So I've pretty much decided on a vortex diamondback spotting scope buy I can't decide on 20-60×60 or the 80mm objective. Also torn between angled or straight eyepiece. It will be for mule deer hunting and observation. Using a phone skope and for use at the range. Just need some feedback on what to buy and why. Thanks.
  5. I owned a Ruger GP100 4"357 few days ago for a trail gun and could use some holster suggestions.I have a good leather trail holster,But I need a new good concealed carry type holster as I may carry it occasionally in place of my 357 snubbie. I carry the snubbie in a Iwb but figure I'm going to need a good OWB holster for the GP100 a bit of difference between the two.Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Hello, I will take the new Browning BT-99 this Wednesday. I wanted to know what gun grease I should use with my gun? This is my first open opportunity, so I want to give the best care i can provide. Please recommend grease that is easy to find at the local Gun Shop, Gander Mountain, Bass Pro Shop and more. And the best way to protect the wood from the gun, which Browning told me to eliminate a little Rem Oil. Thanks Eric
  7. Yes, you can buy face to face. In most free states, you just have to be residents of the same state and not be a felon. Some would advocate a bill of sale for your own protection. I purchased 2 pistols, two .22lr revolvers and a semi, from a dealer about a year ago. I know the dealer said something about having to report it, but I did not care.
  8. Can anyone identify the gun from this pic please?
  9. I would suggest that you consider K&D Holsters. Kevin made a Cochise Defender for my M&P .40c and I have never owned a better holster. It is top drawer and Kevin was great to deal with. Here are a few pics of mine.
  10. Hi, i wanted to post about this scope some time ago but just havnt had time, after buying other rifle scopes including sxb Hungarian witch turned out to be faulty i bought a nightforce 3x12x56 what a great scope it is, the glass is second to none and is really good while lamping. it takes a good bit of stick on the pickup and still hold its zero. Anyone thinking of buying one take my word for it they are spot on lads.
  11. I'm getting my first gun right now, but I think I already want another I think I'd be okay with just my SKS in a period of civil disorder, but I need something a little more "controversial" before it gets banned. My stupid state keeps adding more "features" to the so-called "assault weapons" ban every year. It currently allows many tactical feature. Does anyone know of something like an SU-16 Cal but that isn't cheaply made? I like the idea of readily available 30 round mages, if the need should arise . . . A lot of hunting informations here-https://lifeundersky.com/
  12. Welcome@ Sure, we all will help each other in giving information and reviews about guns and gun smiths.
  13. I'm new here so be gentle. I'm an amputee with interests in tools and techniques that benefit one armed handgunners. I also manufacture a tool specifically for loading magazines with one hand. Recently got my P320c Rx and went to the small grip. I am spoiled.
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