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  1. 4 hours ago, Garufa said:

    Tops Tops Tops.  Me want Tops.  🤪

     there is no disputing they make a damn fine burger.

    I’m a Tops fan, but I don’t think I’ve ever had their BBQ. 

  2. HK has never seemed worth the price to me.  I don’t have a lot of experience with them, but do have some with their DA/SA guns.  The few I’ve shot seemed to be of excellent build quality, but kinda clunky in design with lousy triggers.  A friend had a USP that I joked was an overpriced grip strength tool.  

  3. I bet you have better luck at Austin Peay.  I went there earlier this year and got there about 45 minutes early and was number 15.  There were 100+ people in line when they opened the doors.  They were in full blast covid mode and that created more delays.  I'm sure it's worse now, but I bet Austin Peay is the best option.  

    On the other hand, you could just photoshop a paper drive out tag and just floor it when the cops try to stop you.  You'll blend right in 🤪


  4. 19 hours ago, FUJIMO said:


    I have a friend who used to drag race an 86 Mustang.  He ended up in the high 8s before he gave it up.  His car was in Hot Rod magazine.  When he quit, you could have put that small block in an F-250 and towed an Airstream through the Rockies, but he spent a retirement on transmissions.  

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  5. Nice find!  We had a red 2011 just like it (with a little less chrome), but didn't keep it long enough to see how long it would have lasted (traded it for a Mustang - that is another story).  On a side note, we drove it to a cabin in Pigeon Forge from the gas station at Canada & 40 in five hours and 50 minutes and still got 25 or so MPG.  And didn't even get pulled over.  

    Good luck with Halbert's House of Horrors.  

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  6. 39 minutes ago, Capbyrd said:

    I think a 63 split window is a bad example.  That’s a collectors car that is a true investment.   But I totally get what you are saying.  It just depends on what the vehicle is for.   To the original post, I think deerslayer’s post holds water.  For an enthusiast, not so much.  

    Exactly.  The OP seemed to be referring to a general use daily driver, not a collector.  

  7. 5 hours ago, Capbyrd said:

    The last year of the 5.4 was 2014 (in Expeditions).   And that is probably the worst run of engines Ford made.  The early 5.4 had a 4 thread spark plug hole that would rip out the threads in the head.   Later iterations had a spark plug design that was known to break and get stuck in the head.  So much so that they developed a special tool so that you could remove the plug without removing the head.  And most generations of it had issues with the timing chain tensioners/guides.  The 5.4 ran for almost two decades and was really terrible.   

    Perhaps he had an EcoBoost.  They had several Expeditions and I probably got them mixed up.  Which reminds me, our old neighbor had an F-150 3.5 EcoBoost turbo die at 38k.  I think warranty covered that one, but made me gunshy about EcoBoost.  I'm not enthusiastic about turbo, period.  And I was always a Ford guy lol

  8. I handled one today and liked it.  The owner said he only had about 100 rounds through it, but he's had no trouble so far.  It did seem to be a bit under sprung - this is unusual; factory guns usually have too much recoil spring.  The ambi safety is worthless - the right side is too slim to be of any use.  The trigger felt like it was 5-6 pounds, kinda heavy for a 2011.  The grip felt slimmer than other 2011s.  The gun is not very useful to me as a competitive shooter, but I thought it was interesting.  

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  9. Another friend had a 2018? maybe Expedition 5.4 that broke a rocker arm at 60k.  Warranty was gone and Ford told him too bad.  I get that he had no standing, but for them to not work with him on a $50k+ vehicle with only 60k I thought kinda sucked.  He is a Ford Kool-aider and he paid out of pocket to get it fixed (several thousand) and traded it in on a new Expedition with an extended warranty.  I just shook my head.  

  10. 2 hours ago, NickinTN said:

    Got to hold the Prodigy 4.25" at the shop yesterday. Overall felt very nice in hand, slide action was nice, even smoother than expected. Turned down buying it at MSRP, I'll wait for the prices to settle down before making my final decision but it definitely has me interested. 



    How was the trigger?  I've read a couple reviews saying the trigger was pretty lackluster. 

  11. 22 hours ago, Grayfox54 said:

    Are you really gonna start this 💩?

    42 years as a mechanic working in fleets. I can tell you for a fact that nothing holds up better than a Ford. 😛

    Friend is a fleet mechanic and sends me pics two or three times a year of the inside of a 5.4 with a grenaded valve train.  Don't even get him started about the V10s.  

  12. 24 minutes ago, Links2k said:

    It only takes one bad decision or mistake to become property of a for profit prison.

    I would be willing to bet that pretty much everybody in prison made more than one bad decision.  

    24 minutes ago, Links2k said:

    The states and counties are financially incentivized to keep those prisons full. Some people caught up in this racket probably shouldn’t be in prison. 

    It looks like we need to build more.  

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  13. 9 minutes ago, Links2k said:

    Things like this only matter if you or someone you know has been caught up in a legal system that feeds a for profit prison system. 

    If you don’t like for-profit prisons, don’t go to one.  

    9 minutes ago, Links2k said:

    The guy just took office.  How do you know so much about his future actions?

    Just going by what he said.  


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