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  1. TheFeller

    IWB for Pt111 G2

    This is actually the exact holster I decided to go with. So far I like it. And yes, the grip of this gun is really irritating. I bought some A-shirts to wear under it, hopefully that helps.
  2. TheFeller

    Can local gov ban carry in parks?

    Thanks for the replies guys. I was thinking it should be allowed as long as no school event or metal detectors were being used at entrance. Needed to confirm I wasn't crazy, since someone I figured really should know (the instructor) contradicted that.
  3. Hey guys. Just took my concealed carry class yesterday. One thing the instructor told me didn't seem right. He said that local governments are allowed to ban permit holders from carrying in parks. He specifically said Hamilton county didn't allow it. I was under the impression that it is now allowed state wide and no city/county/etc could stop that? Can someone please clarify for me if this guy was wrong, or am I missing something?
  4. Hey guys, I'm soon going to be carrying the Taurus PT111 G2 for my EDC. I'm looking for some insight from the folks who may already carry this. What are some holsters you would recommend for IWB? What do you like about that particular holster, and what is something you dislike about it (if anything), and what position do you carry in? I appreciate the input. I'm trying to pick my first holster, and I'm just trying to find the best holster for me as quick as possible without spending hundreds of dollars on different types first.
  5. TheFeller

    Cost of permit?

    Thanks for clearing that up for me guys. Glad I won't have to spend more.
  6. TheFeller

    Cost of permit?

    https://www.tn.gov/safety/article/handgunmain On there it says "The current fee to run background checks is $68 so that is what the applicant must pay." It is under the section talking about military folks. The way it worded it I thought it may mean everyone had to pay that for a background check. Wouldn't surprise me for them to tack on any extra fees they could.
  7. TheFeller

    Cost of permit?

    Awesome, thanks for the reply. So just 100 bucks at DMV, no additional fee for a background check or anything? I'm also going to be using Shooters Depot so Ill have to check for a Groupon.
  8. Hey guys, new member here. I am going to be taking the concealed carry class at the end of this month. I've looked all over the state website, and I see it costs $100 for the original permit fee for 8 years. It also mentions later on something about a $68 background fee, but it never exactly says it is needed for the average person. So can someone please clarify for me exactly what it will cost me after the class? Also I see mention of fingerprints, do they do this at the DMV the day you apply or what? Thanks guys, glad to have found this place!

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