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  1. Greetings from Occupied California

    Next time you're in Shelby County, give me a notice and maybe we can get together. Atoka is not too far from me, and the pastor of a Baptist church there is sort of a friend of mine, and is a gunnie, too. Welcome to this forum. Spent 18 months in California many, many years ago at Camp Roberts near Paso Robles. Bob Wright
  2. Another favorite big bore : .44 Special

    As to the .30 Carbine Blackhawk I have practically no experience. Think I've only shot maybe ten rounds out of one. I just never warmed up to the .30 Carbine Blackhawk, preferring a .357 instead, especially when the .357 was on the medium frame. I had some correspondence with a man in Wyoming years ago who swore by his .30 carbine as an antelope gun. Bob Wright
  3. Ruger Blackhawk vs. Colt New Frontier

    OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoook! Here is my Vaquero: And, an old time Blackhawk: And a New Frontier: Do I qualify? Bob Wright
  4. Another favorite big bore : .44 Special

    Unfortunately that colt was separated from me while it was in a gun shop. Thieves broke into the gunsmith's shop and stole a bunch of guns, including mine. I was given a new Ruger Blackhawk .357/9mm to replace it. Traded that off for a .41 Magnum Blackhawk. Bob Wright
  5. Another favorite big bore : .44 Special

    Oh, yeah, my first .44 Special: I bought this gun in September of 1954, a .45 Colt New Service, for $32.95. Advertised price was $24.95, but "select" grade and shipping got it to the higher price. It was a Canadian Mounted Police revolver, originally .455 Caliber, but reamed to .45 Colt. I was a lot younger then, in 1954, and reading a lot of Elmer Keith, so wanted a .44 Special. I took the gun to York Arms here in Memphis for conversion to .44 Special. A machine shop here in Memphis mounted the S&W rear sight for me, and a "around the corner" gun shop mounted the Micro front sight and ramp and reblued it. Lettering was filled in with gold, and I made the walnut stocks. Before I got it finished, the .44 Magnum had been introduced, but I was too heavily invested in this project to get a Magnum. It was not until 1971 or so that I got my first Magnum, a Ruger Super Blackhawk. Bob Wright
  6. Another favorite big bore : .44 Special

    I, too, share your love for the .44 Special, though I prefer mine to be of the Single Action variety: The two on the left are Colt New Frontiers, the upper right is a Ruger Blackhawk ex-.357 Magnum Three Screw, and an Uberti Cattleman. More recently I added this Flat Top Ruger Blackhawk: But I'm doing my best to remain impartial and do pick up a .44 Magnum or .45 Colt at times, just to keep up appearances. Incidentally, while I did use a lot of Hercules Unique for many years, I've been wooed over to HS-6, finding 8.0 grs. HS-6 to be my pet oald so far for the .44 Special. Bob Wright
  7. Ruger Blackhawk vs. Colt New Frontier

    I believe most of you here know that my tastes run to the Single Action revolver. Seems I've stated something to that effect here. My preferences run to Single Actions with fine adjustable sights, case hardened frames and eye-catching grips. Here are two such revolvers, both in .45 Colt, one a Blackhawk and one a New Frontier: Both of these have the 4 x/8" barrels, 4 5/8" for the Ruger , and 4 3/4" for the Colt. In my opinion, the Colt Accro sight is better of the two, having a flat face and all steel construction, though Ruger does now offer all steel. The Ruger rear sight has a radiused surface that does catch light at times, not as precise as the Colt. As to Colt's Eliason as on current New Frontiers, it overhangs the hammer a trifle too much to suit me, and can catch the thumb when cocking. The wide trigger on the Ruger is much more pleasant to me, as opposed to the narrow trigger of Colts. And (bite my tongue here) I prefer the XR-3RED grip profile of the Ruger to the Colt's plowhandle grip profile. I know, I know, the Colt grip is the grip "to fit every hand" but the Ruger just handles recoil a mite better, and is less likely for the cocked hammer spur to dig into the flesh of the shooting hand. Now here is the same Colt with a .44 Special Ruger Flat Top, even closer to the Colt in size and proportion. This gun is one of the finest Rugers to come out yet, but it incorporates the Colt grip profile. While I do like the smaller frame, I wish they'd have put the XR-3RED grip on it! Bob Wright
  8. Non Shooting pistol match.........

    At our church recently, East Side Baptist Church in Memphis, we held a Sportsmans Banquet. The basis of the banquet was for all who wished, to contribute game meat for the banquet. I had venison stew, venison chili, bacon wrapped duck breasts, tossed salad and pecan pie with strawberry cake. A feature of the event was a "pistol match." This utilized a 9mm pistol of some plastic design. A laser device was placed in place of a live round in the chamber. Shooting was at a projected target and firing from three, six, and nine yards back, two rounds each distance. The target projected the target image on the wall, and each "shot" resounded with the sound (sort of) of a shot, and a bullet hole appeared on the projected target for bystanders to see. The pistol had to be racked after each shot. The "prize" was a tin sign of an old S&W advertising sign. I won the pistol match, and took a lot of ribbing the next Sunday morning. Bob Wright
  9. If I Only Had One Concealed Carry...

    Ruger Blackhawk .45 Colt. Bob Wright
  10. A couple of nice .44's

    Have both, prefer the Super Blackhawk. Only objection I have to the Super Blackhawk is that beavertail hammer. Much prefer the Blackhawk hammer. More like God intended! Bob Wright
  11. Walked away from this.............

    I know what you're saying, but to me, aluminum just doesn't belong on a Single Action revolver. It just my thing, of course, but I won't have aluminum alloy, ZAMAK, or plastic on my guns. Brass is O.K But steel, stag, ivory, exotic woods, or even mother of pearl are traditional. As to hurting the gun, I have no fear of that. But hurting the Collector's value is what I was wanting to avoid. And, yes, I've put many rounds through my Rugers without a hitch. Bob Wright
  12. Walked away from this.............

    The reason I passed it up is simply the fact that I am not a collector. My use for such a revolver is strictly for shootin'. And I wouldn't tolerate having aluminum alloy parts on such a fine revolver. Immediately would have begun a search for a steel grip frame and ejector rod housing. And some better looking grips. The gun, to me, is a project gun from day of purchase. So in my most magnanimous character, left it to the collector's. Bob Wright
  13. Walked away from this.............

    They had the box, and, I believe the papers, too. Bob Wright
  14. Walked away from this.............

    I got word in church yesterday that a pawn shop had an exquisite Ruger Blackhawk, 7 1/2" .45 Colt, Three Screw. I went to check on it this morning, and it is indeed a beauty! The gun looks as if it had never been fired. There are no handling marks to be seen, and NO CONVERSION PARTS! I examined the gun fairly closely. Asking price was $600 + Tennessee sales tax and background check, bringing the price to $655. I had to walk away. For $550 or $600 out the door, maybe, but $655 is firm price. Any collector interested, the shop is AA Pawn Shop on Austin Peay in Memphis. Bob Wright
  15. whats your favorite handgun of 2017 ?

    I only bought two revolvers in 2017, one being this Uberti Open Top Navy in .38 Special: And in August I bought the .45 Colt New Frontier: I bought the Uberti to be my "centerfire .22" for very casual shooting, have put just 900 rounds through it since buying the gun. Its fun, mild recoil, pleasant shooting up close, no good for any distance beyond fifteen yards or so. The New Frontier I bought it because nobody else out bid me. New Frontiers are what I consider to be the ultimate Colt Single Action. Right up there, almost, with the Ruger Super Blackhawk. Bob Wright

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