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  1. Look at Tork Mags G-block. I put up a thread a few weeks ago about it. Haven't been able to put any more ammo through mine since then though. Hope this helps.
  2. Tork Mag G Block

    I am not against Glocks but never really cared for them. I always said I would own a 17 at some point. So about a month ago I purchased a LEO trade in. I was already buying up mags for one anyway. I'm not too concerned about modifying the mags. I have done all 6 mags I currently have and haven't noticed any issue with them in the 17.
  3. Tork Mag G Block

    Earlier this year, like so many others, I saw a deal on a PSA 9mms upper listed for their dedicated lowers. After research it appeared it would work on a standard mil-spec lower. So I ordered one to find out for sure. To confirm it will pin to and work on a standard lower. So then started the hunt for a magwell block for my SBR. After some searching I can across a video from this years Shot Show about a magwell block that would accept Glock mags. So I got on their pre-order list and Tuesday my York Mag G Block was delivered. http://torkmag.com/g-block.html It seems to be well made. Plastic with a metal ejector. It is a two piece design that uses a set screw to hold it in place. One in the front of the mag well and one at the rear. Installation was simple enough and instructions clear. Yesterday I was able to put 50 rounds through it with out a problem. I used three different mags. Two17 round mags and one 33 round mag. Now for the lone photo I took.
  4. SBR 458 Socom (Suppressed)

    A 458 upper is the next one on the list for my SBR once I finish the current upper. That is a very nice setup.
  5. Form 1 e-file for SBS submitted June 27 approved today March 14.
  6. AR Pistol

    I bought that exact same upper the other week for my SBR. Shot it this weekend out at a friends farm. They were up at the house a few hundred yards away and thought I was shooting a 50. It is loud but it is so much fun. Verne
  7. DMark you give me hope. I submitted a Form 1 on the 27 of June. If I have it before May I will consider myself lucky.
  8. NO, NO, NO! I want a range less then 10 minutes from home. Was talking to one of the council members about the range last weekend. He was all for it and said the locales opposed to it didn't have any real reasons to deny it.
  9. This sounds great Will be just minutes from my house.
  10. That Bullpup Life

    This is mine with a Tav-D trigger and a few other odds and ends. You will definitely enjoy it.
  11. Machine gun shoot

    I just counted up all my 7.62 NATO ammo and have enough to shoot the M134 for about 20 seconds. I probably just need to stick with your M60. HECK, who am I kidding. Bring on the fire breathing Dragon.
  12. When I was having issues I did a lot of searching on line trying to figure it out. Found a couple of threads over at www.300blktalk.com If I remember correctly it has to do with the short barrel and the gas impulse having just enough force to pop it off the extractor but I have sleep since the so I could be wrong. I had this issue with the two BCG I tried in my 300 blkout. After installing the BCM kits both worked perfect without any other changes.
  13. Ran into the same on my 300 Blackout with a 10" upper. This was with a brand new CMT BCG. Even tried the BCG out of my 16" 5.56 rifle and it did the same thing. Ended up putting the BCM Extractor upgrade kit in all my bolts and it fixed the problem. http://www.bravocompanyusa.com/BCM-Extractor-Spring-Uprade-Kit-p/bcm-exspring-1.htm
  14. SNOW!!

    I have had my fill of it and I really like snow. Had to be in Kingston this morning at 7 am central and left from there at 9. All was fine until I reached the west side of Crossville. Started snowing and with in 2 miles it was a crawl on I40. Then it was the section of I40 at Monterey. Very slow go with one lane descent of the Ridge. Next was the drop off of the Plateau between Silverpoint and Buffalo Valley exits but was uneventful, mainly because I got to follow a snow plow down. After that is when the fun began. The plow turned around and headed back towards Cookeville. The interstate went to crud. 20 mph all the way to the Carthage exit. Not to be out done though, the roads from the exit to Hartsville (Hwy 25) made everything I had seen so far look like clear road. The trip this morning that took me just under 2 hours took 5 hours on return including one 360 spin with no contact with anything and finally ending with a stop at the market at the end of my street for a hot plate lunch. After getting a plate to go went back to my car and it wouldn't start. Ended up walking the four houses to home. Went back about 4 o'clock and car started right up. Guess it needed a break to catch its breath. Hopefully this will cover all my excitement for awhile.

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