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Community Answers

  1. The 458 specific mags are new to me too. I have mags in an ammo can that run fine but don't remember what they are. More than likely surplus GI mags.
  2. If you only load one round in the mag will it lock the bolt back? Easiest way to tell if it's under gassed.
  3. No one needs some great upgrades for their M2? Will trade for ammo. Mainly looking for 9mm, 45ACP, 45-70 Gov and 458 SOCOM.
  4. Any intetest in trades? I have an AG date Code HK USC 45ACP. Thank you, Verne
  5. How about O² eaters, disscant packs and vacuum sealing them. Then load up a PVC pipe, add extra weight and seal it up? Just a thought.
  6. I showed this to a friend and his exact words "When ever he makes more I want one." So if you ever make more at least one is sold. They are very nice. Later,
  7. I purchased these awhile back and ended up going a different route. These were purchased these for my M2 but can work on other models/manufacturers just not sure which ones. Taran Tacticle Accuglide Carrier, never installed. Taran Tacticle Oversized Bolt Release. Gray color. Included is the required drill bit & Tap. Also never installed. Last but not least an unknown manufacturer Spiral Fluted Charging Handle. Ran for over a year but in great shape. These are for sale as a single lot. $125 for everything. Can meet in Gallatin or Lebanon area. Thank you,
  8. Forgot about the mags dropping free. That was probably the biggest and best change. I have the parts in a bag and labeled so I can put them back any at any time. Later, Verne
  9. I removed the mag safety from mine a couple of years ago. It made a difference but given this was the first semi auto I ever shot and have been shooting it since the mid 80's it didn't make a huge difference. Just my thoughts. Verne
  10. Here is mine BHP. Was my father's and was passed down. Serial dates to 1961. It's got character. Quite a bit but shoots great. Just let me know and you are welcome to shoot it. I'm up in Macon County often given it's only 15 minutes from the house.
  11. I was there from about 0930 to 1130 walking around trying to see if I could find a buyer for a rifle. No luck. Everybody was there for ammo. There was one guy selling 5 56 battle packs (200 rounds) in the plastic for $170. He had a line the whole time I was there.
  12. Too thick. The one I'm looking for is a hammered/pressed thin breaded pork tenderlion. Theirs is a porkchop without a bone. I will keep looking but it might take driving north. Did have a nice drive up the backway yesterday through Macon county.
  13. Well Harper's was a bust so the search continues.
  14. Cleaning up today I ran across an unopened Freestyle Libre 14 day sensor. If anyone is using these it is yours free. I will mail at my expense or deliver if not to far. It does have an expiration/use by date of 31Dec2020. I think I still have the meter somewhere also. They switched me to the Minimed sensors earlier this year. First to say I'll take it gets it. Verne
  15. I havent been to Harpers in such a long time I had forgot about it. Also an excuse to stop by Cheek Brothers. Thanks Greg.


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