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  1. I want to tell you what my work truck looks like so you can wave me through but I do not want to admit I drive it.
  2. I just need to know when you all be getting close to Oldhams Market. lol On a serious note how far out are you guys paving? Thanks.
  3. I'll take one but I don't know how quick I will be able to get to Mt. Juliet Verne D.
  4. I agree. 9mm I buy 458 socom I reload.
  5. He was actually at the Lebanon show last weekend. Told him I was surprised o see him there. He told me he doesn't do hardly any shows in Middle TN anymore. He also told me he would be at the Knoxville show this coming weekend.
  6. Those are wonderful rifles and the story is great. Here is mine. It is a 38-40 government chamber with octagon barrel. I haven't shoot it in years. Need to change that. Not the best pic but I really like this old rifle.
  7. This just cost me some money and I blame myself. LOL
  8. Thanks. I appreciate all the help.
  9. Actually it is Waukegan, IL but close enough. I know I can't carry with my TN permit but can I have it in the car for the drive there and back? Reading their law seems ok but want to make sure. Also what are the knife laws? Anyone know any good restaurants up that way too? Going to make the best out of a work trip. Thanks
  10. 6I can't wait. I timed it and it 10 minutes from the range to my driveway.
  11. I agree. Didn't see much changing hands. I decided to leave the SL8 in the car. I did come across one table with SL8 mags for $10 a piece. Is it bad that I bought mags for something I have debated on selling? LOL Verne
  12. Just walked in. Doesn't seem to bad. Trying decide if I should go get the one I brought and see if I can sale it.
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