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  1. First time tagging out!

    Real nice deer . Congratulations .
  2. Relocation suggestions

    My fathers son is one of those .
  3. Hello from Idaho - Soon to be Tennessee

    Welcome. I'd as soon be in East Tennessee / Western North Carolina area as anywhere in the world . Eddie
  4. 2017 Deer Season Thread

    Bersaguy , My dad ( Ed ) spent a lot of time drinking coffee at the marina . Him and Hoppy were friends for as long as I can remember . He was stationed at Smyrna when Priest was impounded . He fished Priest a lot , said he had hunted on most of it before the lake was built and knew where all the good structure was . He was a real fisherman . The officers where he was stationed would get him relieved to fish for them whenever the wanted to have a fish fry . Sixty years is a long time to have someone be a part of your life and then have them just be gone . Getting old is hell , as my mother used to say " It ain't for Sissies ". Eddie Dad in 1955
  5. Sighting in deer rifles for deer season

    Mine get shot year round so I do not check them for deer season . I have however helped other sight theirs in . Most buy 2 boxes of shells ( sometime their even the same brand ) and hit the range with a rifle they haven't seen since last season . One guy had a .300 Win Mag he had dropped from his stand two days before the season ended and had hunted the last two without checking zero . He couldn't hit a refrigerator box he was using for a target backing . When he dropped the rifle the guts in his scope had busted and his cross hairs were now an X instead of a cross . He hadn't noticed ! I advised that he get a new scope and send the old one back to the factory to see if it could be repaired . See a lot of guys settle for pie plate groups because they bought 7 mm and .300 Mags and more than 3 or 4 rounds beats them up so much they can't really get one sighted in anyway . Most would be way better off with a good .243 and a good 100 grain load but you cant tell them that . They tell you how flat their rifle shoots at 300 yards and I have to tell them my .243's do pretty much the same but don't beat you up . Besides , there not hunting anywhere that they can see a deer at 300 yards anyway . 100 yards is a long shot most anywhere around here if your hunting fields and in the woods it's a lot closer shots than that . Eddie PS : I really like old steel tube Weavers and older Redfields .
  6. 2017 Deer Season Thread

    Still not seeing any deer . Last year there were does standing in every field around here , now I'm not even seeing that . Have seen a very few bucks crossing the roads but that's about it . Gonna still hunt this afternoon and see if I can't walk up on one . Got scrapes and rubs around the stand I'm hunting but not getting any day traffic , checked one of the bigger scrapes yesterday and it had been freshly visited so I know they are still around . Can't see or hear them it's kinda hard to kill them . Dad was 81 and 6 months old . Retired twice , USAF first (26 years active and 4 reserve) then from Square D in Smyrna . He was an SRO at the range in Mt Juliet for a number of years . He scrapped copper and cast and sold bullets as well as making jigs for Hoppys in his spare time . He was able to do most of that untill the last few months .He was a hunter , fisherman and a first class reloader and gun crank . Was married to my stepmother for 49 years and raised 5 kids . He had a pretty good life ! Eddie
  7. New to TN

    Welcome Bill . Eddie
  8. 2017 Deer Season Thread

    Was colder this morning . Saw one Big buck standing on the bypass in Pulaski this morning , very nice rack . Saw another heavy 4 pointer down the road from the house on the way home . Maybe it's just been the heat , must be just moving at night and laying up all day . Amen to the quote above , I'm all about tradition ..........and groceries ! Eddie
  9. 2017 Deer Season Thread

    We usually have Turkey & dressing and Country Ham but also my sisters husband does a crock pot of backstraps with carrots, taters and onions . I eat a plate of each before I go to my baby sisters to eat . Hopefully I will get a couple so I can give him one otherwise I get no deer at Christmas. Besides , my dad died in august and I have three of his rifles that I really want to get a deer with this year . He wasn't able to hunt last year and his High Wall 38-55 has yet to get blooded . I'll be off again Thursday and Friday and its supposed to be colder so maybe my prospects will improve . Eddie
  10. 2017 Deer Season Thread

    Been hunting 2 weeks and haven't seen a deer of any kind . Found the rubs , found the scrapes , just not finding the deer . Have only seen one doe standing in a roadside field this week . Guess they are laying up all day and only moving at night in my area . I got tired of sitting this morning and got down and spent 3 hours busting brush trying to run some out . No luck . In years past I have always seen 15- 30 deer a day on my place , mostly does but they were there . Now I am not seeing or even hearing any move . They logged the place across the road from me , stripped most of it to bare dirt . I got to wonder if that and this hot weather has thrown them off ? Looks like it's gonna be a hungry year at my house if things don't get better . Anybody know how to make a Country Ham taste like the Christmas Deer Roast ????? Eddie
  11. Sellier & Bellot Rifle ammo any good?

    I have bought their 7.62x54R in the past to get the brass before Graf got their first boxer brass . It was very reliable and shot to POA (100 yds ) in my Finn's on the lowest sight setting , only had to do front sight windage to use a dead center hold . Eddie
  12. Introducing myself, joined today.

    Welcome .
  13. You might be a prepper if...

    I thought everybody did that . Eddie

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