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  1. Beyond any doubt not allowed by the company , PERIOD . Too many legal issues involved for them to take any other stand . Loaded in the car out of sight in the parking lot is legal by State Of Tennessee law .
  2. Drive careful . I've hit bottom on that lake more times than I can count . Be in 8ft of water one minute and 1.5ft the next . I'd rather fish Wilson or Pickwick any day .
  3. Can't you just get one converted to belt fed !
  4. Model 63 Winchester and Model 34-1 Smith & Wesson kit gun .
  5. I'd delete lanyard rings and sights on any handgun being carried in a horse .
  6. You really should learn how to spell Stupid before you handle firearms and ammo .
  7. Looks like he didn't understand the directions so he just peed on the whole rifle . Use evaporust to soak it in , you can buy it at tractor supply . Won't be any bluing left but it doesn't look like there would be much anyway . Did you ask at the local monument place . The one by Springhill Cemetery in Nashville used to do Harley frames for me for not too much , cheaper than stripper and the car wash .
  8. Very nice work . Woolco in Nashville sold CVA kits in the late 70's for $39.95 . I built one of the .31 cal and a .36 cal also . They were a lot of work to make nice but you seem to be up to the job .
  9. Have it checked by somebody that knows damascus . If you have pitting in the barrel at all I would not shoot it . You could buy some of the sleeves and shoot a smaller gauge shell but they are not cheap . Any way you go I would not shoot anything heavier than the RST Light 2.5 loads . Damascus can have damage that you can't see , rust in the twist but not showing on the surface . Piper made a good solid gun with good barrels but they are way over 100 years old . Good Damascus is safe with loads in the pressure range they were intended for but smokeless loads are very rarely in that range and have a totally different pressure curve than the black powder or semi smokeless that was the norm when those barrels were built. If it lets go it will not be in the chamber but most likely 16" to 18" down the barrel where your hand will be on the forearm . You could buy some brass shells and load with Black Powder or an equivalent load of one of the non corrosive substitutes if the barrels are found to be in safe condition . That's what I'd do as it would be the safest and least expensive in the long run . Briley tubes are great but they are not cheap. https://www.briley.com/c-238-tube-sets-and-tube-set-accessories.aspx

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