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  1. Eddie Southgate

    Favorite field shotgun?

    For just strolling the woods I like my old CZ Ringneck in 28 gauge with 30" barrels . It is light and easy to maneuver and has screw in choke tubes . I have others for Birds and Rabbit hunting but just knocking around this is almost always what I grab .
  2. Eddie Southgate

    Another favorite big bore : .44 Special

    Just gave my youngest son my dads old Bulldog , he loves it . 250 grain Keith bullets with 7.5 grains of Unique is what I load for it . He says they are a bit snappy ! Eddie
  3. Eddie Southgate

    What is wrong with me?!?!

    You just need one of these .
  4. Eddie Southgate

    What is wrong with me?!?!

    " Whats Wrong With ME " You want a list ? Buy you a 1911 and quit crying . Eddie
  5. Eddie Southgate

    Another favorite big bore : .44 Special

    The one in the center is my new .44 special 5 1/2 " . Lower is my Colt .45 Colt 4 3/4" . Not a good quality picture but I am kinda slow to pick up skill with these new fangeled cameras .
  6. Eddie Southgate

    Bought my old work gun

    Good for you .
  7. Eddie Southgate

    whats your favorite handgun of 2017 ?

    Got my paps 1955 Blachawk when my dad died in August . It has always been #2 on my holy grail list right behind the Triple Lock .44 Target I'll never own . Eddie
  8. Eddie Southgate

    Open and Concealed Carry- How do you do it?

    J frame or Colt Cobra in pocket , no holster .
  9. Eddie Southgate

    New to Tennessee

    Welcome aboard .
  10. Eddie Southgate

    Man Smashes Own Ar.....

    CZ9MM, Turns out it was an old thread from archery dot com . Check this out , read the whole thread . Funny but kinda sad . https;//www.archerytalk.com/vb/showthread.php?t=1843605
  11. Eddie Southgate

    Man Smashes Own Ar.....

    Not really sure , can't remember which forum it was on for sure . It was a thread asking if anybody thought deer were bothered by smoking cigaretts or the occasional joint in the deer stand to help combat boredom .
  12. Eddie Southgate

    Man Smashes Own Ar.....

    Ya'll don't reckon that's the guy that posted the other week wanting to know if it would be a problem if he smoked a joint in his deer stand to fight boredom do ya ? Sounds like something he might do out or boredom .
  13. Eddie Southgate

    Which is better? Marlin or winchester

    Of the two I would take a Marlin . Not the low end one , I would look for one of the better ones . Or just save your money and buy a Browning BLR .
  14. Eddie Southgate

    Todays REAL Walmart Haul…

    No, no, no! You're much too young! The good old days were walking into Western Auto at 12 years old and buying two 50 round boxes of .22 (LR, long or shorts) for 50 cents. Funded with your cashed in soda bottles at 2 cents each! Done just exactly that myself only it was usually Winchester .22 Auto for my 1903 . Eddie
  15. Eddie Southgate

    Husband Denied Carry Permit

    I'd get documentation on the medication and side effects from his doctor as well as his military record and try to apply in person rather than online . Get the doctor to write a paper stating that he has no known mental issues and that that the meds caused the problem and that he is no longer taking them and has had no further problems stating how long he has been off them . Might not make any difference but that is what I would try first . Damn shame to be punished for telling the truth . Eddie

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