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  1. Thanks Grayfox. They are great but like to carry my Sig p365 now so it sits in the safe. May just have to do a rotation!
  2. Colt Mustang xsp with 2 holsters (leather IWB and leather belt holster), factory magazine and 2 extended mags. Shot less than 50 times. Located near Nashville
  3. Yeah, its probably a unicorn hunt. Enough range to carry into the woods but comfortable enough to carry around town. I may try out a few of the more popular ones (ruger sr9c, m&p shield). There has to be a reason for their popularity
  4. We were posting at the same time I've thought of a smaller frame hammerless revolver (kimber k6s for example). Just hard to find a shop that has revolvers and will let you try them out. 6 shots is fine with me and a speed loader or 2 in a pouch.
  5. Oh, and I can add a couple I've tried that didn't work Springfield xdm .40 sub compact-the thick grip and shorter barrel was hard to get comfortable with. Also, the lack of a manual safety makes me edgy Ruger SP101- I really wanted this gun to work, but had accuracy issues which I fixed with a CT laser, but just a bit heavy for edc. Walther PK380-Still one of my favorite guns, but a little on the larger side
  6. @Wheelgunner agree 100%. My main purpose for something more accurate was to be able to carry the same gun for EDC and for work and play on the farm. Have had a couple of run ins with wild dogs (strays people drop off in the country) and had to actually shoot 2. 30 yds is closer than I want them. I keep a Mossberg 12 ga on the tractor, but it's not practical carrying it around trying to work. And while I don't want to get shot with a .380, I don't want to question the stopping power on a wild dog, coyote, or even the occasional rattlesnake.
  7. Strange question from a new guy, but just looking for advice. I currently carry a Colt Mustang XSP for EDC and a Beretta 96A1 for open carry while on the farm, in the woods, etc...I often debate myself if the .380 has sufficient stopping power (I know this is arguable from both sides). I'm also not nearly as accurate as I'd like to be with the xsp I can shoot a fist size group with the xsp at 10yds and about the same group with the 96A1 at 30yds. Looking for a pistol as close to concealable as the xsp with close to the accuracy of the 96A1 in a larger caliber than .380 I realize the xsp is a 3" barrel and the 96a1 is almost 5". I also carried a Beretta 92 every day in the military for 10 years and the thousands of rounds help with the 96a1 accuracy, but it is NOT concealable. I've also debated a laser for the xsp, but I dont like to rely on too many moving parts. So...advice? Shut up and practice more? A new pistol?
  8. Cheatam WMA is good...if you don't mind driving a bit further there's the Stewart County State Forest or Ft Campbell Military base if you can handle the call in routine. If Public is your only option, I'd honestly recommend getting a bow and learning archery. Much fewer people to deal with and more opportunities (a lot of WMA's are archery only). That opens up Land Between the Lakes which is archery only (except for a few draw hunts during the season for rifle/muzzleloader) It's a great place to hunt/camp/fish and big enough I've never felt crowded.
  9. Thanks for the welcome! Lots of good information here so far!
  10. New member and wanted to say hello and thanks for the forum!
  11. Pm sent Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk

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