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  1. Well, just got back from a week in Sevier County, starting (without us knowing it) on a Saturday night of hot rod weekend in Gatlinburg. Man, I remember now how bad tourist traffic could get, but this seemed even worse! Had a good time, looked at some properties, and realized how right you guys were, they have never stopped building stuff there, have they? Heck, our old house there was actually on the market but under a pending contract. It had changed so much (additions and remodelings) I don't know that I'd want to walk through it. I did find a few neat things at both of the local flea markets nearby, and had a couple of good meals, one at the Peddler Steakhouse, where I used to work before going off to the Navy. Place was filled up at opening on a weeknight. Well, you really can't go home, I guess...
  2. Okay, I was out of town and I see I missed the pre-order window, but I'll keep an eye on the website.
  3. hughd, if you are compiling a wait list for these, I would sure like to be on it. omchamlin"at"verizon.net Or a website that I can bookmark in order to check back from time to time (besides facebook).
  4. I have to admit, I have a Bond Arms Cowboy Defender (45LC/410), an American Derringer M7 Lightweight in 45ACP, an FIE in 38 Spl and a High Standard DM101 in 22WMR. None of them is in my daily carry rotation at all...
  5. Looking for a light weight close riding OWB holster that would feature an easy on/off set up (snap belt loops or similar, not a paddle), does anyone have a suggestion on a source for one? Leather or kydex, either is fine.
  6. Well, again, I thank you folks for the replies and advice, and the advice will NOT go unheeded, I'll go down thatta way, but will spend time looking at alternatives that make going to that area less then the current 12 hour drive that it is for me. And for those that helped me reminisce about the old Sevierville, thank you as well, just hearing a bologna sandwich from Yetts (I remember he had is guns in a back room) brought back warm memories. Without regard to what it has become these days, it was a pretty cool place to grow up in the 70's...
  7. Ah, okay, well, it's been a while I guess I've misplaced a few places. Yeah, now I remember Love Addition, if I'm right, could you drive through Love Addition, and up a winding dirt road and back down out to Allensville Rd?
  8. I've had those thick slabs of bologna and American cheese from Yetts, my God! I remember the Temple Mill fire, we lived out Allensville Road, and I could see the flames (not the glow, the flames), when it burnt. Love Addition? Was another name for that "Frog Alley"? Nights after work, hanging out at Mouses Texaco in town, sneaking beers in our Mustangs, Chevelles, GTOs... Wait, maybe that wasn't Mouses, it was right on the main drag through town, before they finished the bypass, what gas station was that??? And Johnsons Drive In...
  9. Yeah... The Fred C Atchley Bridge, I remember when it was one lane, and 66 ended in a pile of dirt several miles out of town. And the King I knew was Ronald King, my Voc Tec Teacher, carried a derringer in his boot top. I knew this because we found out early on that we were BOTH gun heads... Lathams IGA and Cas Walkers have been gone so long, I doubt most folks remember. Or a time BEFORE the Sevierville bypass. Damn. I guess you really CAN'T go home, can you?
  10. I'll do that, thanks! I really hope I can find what I'm looking for at a price I can afford to live in that area, but I know I've got to just carry my butt down there and start looking and talking to realtors. I think I'll be lucky to find an agent that actually understands what I mean when I say "I want to have a place where I can shoot in my back yard and not get complaints" (or return fire!) I mean, I'm not talking about a 600 yard range, just maybe 50 yards would be enough for the wife and I, we can go to a real range if we need distance. That's actually easy enough to do here, outside of town limits or sub divisions.
  11. Yeah, that actually could be an option, thanks! Funny, with all of this new technology, I brought up Blount County map, then followed it in to Sevierville, then out Allensville Rd and up to where we used to live. Then went to Street View. It seems the oak tree where a young sailor home on leave buried his Shepherd-Beagle is still there, right at the end of the driveway. Pretty cool...
  12. Ronald 55, that's good info, thanks. When I say "Sevierville" I suspect that may end up more being "around" Sevierville, like one of the neighboring towns, instead of right smack in the tourist zones, so to speak. Since we'll be retiring, I thought about a part time job in the service industry, just for something to do, definitely not a "feed the family" gig. I'm done with those... (I hope!). What are some nearby locations that have not been totally over run yet?
  13. You would be exactly right, shipmate! And I can say that, because my first ship was the USS Holland out of Site 4, NWS Goose Creek, SC! And we were part of R2 Division to boot! That was a little while back, like about 1986 to 1990. I got to see her one more time, while I was on AS40, USS Frank Cable, and we closed out Charleston in'96 (last major unit afloat to bail outta there) and moseyed over to Guam to relieve Holland, so I got to see my first and second ships moored along side. (Holland sat WAY up because of the offloading of "stuff")...

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