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  1. Man, if you've ever dealt with Bud's, you know better than that, once you've done the transfer, you own it. And they are very clear about it, too, they tell you to inspect it thoroughly before you accept it from the FFL.
  2. I've stumbled across a number of Schrades at flea markets over the years, I always try and snap them up if the blades are still savable. Sharp Fingers turn up a lot, and stockmans knives. It's a shame they whored their name out, they're all made in the land of Wuhan now...
  3. That website stinks to high Heaven! That HAS to be a scam.
  4. Dang, I live in Virginia right now but plan on moving (back) to Tennessee as soon as we find a place that works for us. In advance, I swear I'll not bring any of Virginia's new progressive BS with me when I come.
  5. Rimfire Steel Challenge.
  6. Home, (in Virginia) once again, from a week at the in-laws in AR and then several days looking at houses in East Tennessee again. Although we stayed in Sevierville, we looked in Oneida, Crossville, Wilder and a few other areas. Problem NOW is, while this was a long term plan and goal for us, we're now suddenly competing with city folk, who, apparently after seeing their crime soar and blocks burning or Interstates shut down by riot-testers, suddenly think they should also move to the hills. It was a busy several days, but the market is such that we actually lost several appointments to look at a house because the owner had just shown and accepted another. Problem is, I just ain't ready to buy a house based off of a Zillow listing, even with a video walk through, would YOU? On the plus side, apparently while having a couple safes full of guns in VA makes me a "gun nut", ONLY having a couple safes full of guns in TN makes me an average Joe...
  7. Well, folks, I once was able to say "I have verizon email. and haven't had any problems" . Until I did...
  8. Okay, hold up, I just read farther down about another guy with the same problem, and since I already do have a gmail address, one, I'll just use it for this board.
  9. All of a sudden, I got a notice while on TGO that my email listed in my profile was no longer receiving emails from TGO, and must be changed. So I was stuck, I normally only have one email and that's all I monitor. I dug up an old one, to use to get to this point, but I don't understand what happened. Could a mod PM me so I can give you my old and new emails and try and sort this out, I'd much prefer to have my normal email on file, as I know I would miss communications if sent to my other (unused .gmail address)
  10. I am intrigued, but fear we may never know the outcome...
  11. I see you, until it's decided you mean. And doubtful any of us want to be on the other side of that, cost wise.
  12. DaveTN, I can't argue that they are arbitrary and generally full of crap, but somehow we let them have control and until that changes, we're sorta stuck with them and their willy-nilly interpretations. That said, my response wasn't arguing that you can't have a brace on a Shockwave, but in so doing, if the brace folded reduces the OAL to <26", it's no longer classified as that oddball "firearm".
  13. It's actually NOT fine, the ATF cleared that up when they said that a brace is NOT a stock, and the length of a "firearm" like the Shockwave is measured with the stock brace folded. The problem with that is that the design of most folding mechanisms and shotgun pistol grips is that if you attach it to a Shockwave, it (with the brace folded) is now under that magic 26". That said, I have an ACE Ltd Mossberg pistol grip and folding mechanism that I will part with, as I have no need for it.
  14. Do you think it's like... out of balance dryers or Harleys???? I mean, you know...

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