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  1. Glad it worked out. [I got into this conversation at the end.] You don't EVER want to get anywhere near even the hint of a scent of a notion of anything that can go however remotely into a straw purchase. If that goes wrong, your life is messed up. And it's so much easier for the good guys to mess with you than actually catching a real bad guy..
  2. I agree with your premise, but there are attorneys that seriously specialize in this stuff. I would say ---talk to two attorneys and you'll get at least three opinions. I have a law degree. That doesn't qualify me for anything. It just means I know a whole lot about a bunch of stuff that probably doesn't matter to almost anyone. This group of us has more specialized knowledge than any average attorney, as in WAY more knowledge. We put way too much faith in the "get the opinion of an attorney" concept. The average attorney has NO IDEA about firearms or any of the issues surrounding t
  3. Like some of you have said, I like the Ruger LCP for tight concealment and the Ruger LC9S when I have a bit more room. Both great guns!
  4. Love the LCP, especially with the new Federal .380 Hydra-Shok Deep Premium 99 grain ammo. It's the only .380 ammo to ever pass the FBI 12 inch penetration test. Very hard to find, I got mine after being on a long waiting list at sgammo.com.
  5. Check out Federal Personal Defense Hydra-Shok Deep in .380. Brand new, extremely hard to find though I did score 80 rounds from SGAmmo. The only .380 ammo that exceeds the FBI's 12-inch penetration test. This ammo will give new viability to the .380 caliber.
  6. So.......run on cold and fogedddabbouttitt? That's what I'd do, FWIW. Today's best detergents don't care about temp.
  7. They need some wiggle room to accommodate subtle differences between cartridges and the effect of heat.
  8. Except that's down near the tusks. I'd say the bear was smart about that. He didn't get his own throat ripped out.


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