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  1. QuackerSmacker

    Hi-Point promising new "more contemporary" pistol at SHOT

    Thanks! Let's see what develops at Ruger.
  2. QuackerSmacker

    Hi-Point promising new "more contemporary" pistol at SHOT

    I have HP pistols and carbines in both 9mm and .45ACP. Pistols are ugly but work fine, and I don't especially care if they get beat up. Good for tackle box, etc. Carbines are very fun to shoot. My family and friends seem to like shooting them way more than ARs. Just got a Ruger PC Carbine 9mm. Takes Glock mags. That's gonna be my carbine of choice. Can't wait to shoot it. I'm heading over to the Oak Ridge Sportsmen's Club this evening for new member orientation. If Ruger brings out the PC Carbine in 45ACP I'll probably get that too, and lose the HP carbines. If anyone would be interested in buying, please let me know.
  3. QuackerSmacker

    Words to live by....

    Experience is what you got when you didn't get what you wanted. The problem with experience as a teacher is that the test comes before the lesson.
  4. QuackerSmacker

    Abused Women Hunting Poachers

    I absolutely love this! https://www.cbsnews.com/news/the-brave-ones-zimbabwe-domestic-violence-survivors-trained-sharpshooters-hunt-poachers/
  5. QuackerSmacker

    9mm subcompact choice

    Check out the Ruger LC9s Pro. The pro model has no manual safety and no magazine disconnect. It has been discontinued (probably due to lawyers because of no manual safety) but was very well reviewed. Still available new on gunbroker.com for $275. I think mine is fantastic. Check out this review: https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2016/06/daniel-zimmerman/gun-review-ruger-lc9s-pro/
  6. QuackerSmacker

    Criminalizing Private Gun Sales

    Soooooooooo, since mass shooters can acquire guns illegally, and will not abide by new rules (DUH!) -----what good will it do to make private transfers illegal, except to totally inconvenience and add large expenses for good folks buying and selling firearms?
  7. QuackerSmacker

    Criminalizing Private Gun Sales

    The two rifles were acquired illegally from a neighbor/relative, and the two pistols were bought through a FFL.
  8. QuackerSmacker

    Criminalizing Private Gun Sales

    Does anyone here know of ANY mass shooting where the shooter got the gun through a private gun sale, or inheritance, or gift?
  9. QuackerSmacker

    Well New Years is only a couple days away!!

    Thank you, pop pop! I don't have much interest in the Memphis area per se, but would have a lot of interest in duck hunting next year along the Mississippi flyway.
  10. QuackerSmacker

    Do y’all have sales preferences

    I'm inclined here in TN to have a strong preference on trades to deal with CCL holders. What are you guys' preferences on qualifying buyers or sellers that you're comfortable dealing with?
  11. QuackerSmacker

    Do y’all have sales preferences

    Ah, thanks for that information. On the IllinoisCarry.com forum we just rated folks one at a time, on a voluntary basis, in a continuous thread, for quality as buyer or seller. The trader feedback system here seems, well, much more systematic. When I get to making trades on this forum I will have to reference the old record apparently, at least for a short time. That shouldn't be a problem. And I could add info from gunbroker and gunauction.com as well.
  12. QuackerSmacker

    Well New Years is only a couple days away!!

    I resolve to really get out and enjoy Tennessee. We love it here. The people here (and on this forum) are fantastic. I need to get way more into the great outdoors. By Spring we may actually be unpacked.....fishin' time. The only things I miss about ILLannoy are a few friends (who are talking about leaving anyway) and a few great restaurants. Happy New Year to all!
  13. QuackerSmacker


    Yeah, kinda thought so. Cool idea! Let me think about it. Not familiar with itrader, but have done tons of business on gunbroker and gunauction.com.
  14. QuackerSmacker


    Bud, was this originally sold as an ammo safe, or was it modified by you or someone else as such?
  15. QuackerSmacker


    bud, what does this beast weigh, and how easily can it be modified to contain rifles as well ?

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