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  1. Except that's down near the tusks. I'd say the bear was smart about that. He didn't get his own throat ripped out.
  2. WANTED: ---Basic 14-16 ft fishing boat (Lund or similar), ---Low-hours 15-25 hp motor (tiller) ---Trailer. ---Looking for functional rig in great shape, but not fancy. Entire rig must be less that 1500 lbs. PM or 8SIX57THREE8723FOUR
  3. But wait! There's more! Under the new rules that the House adopted a few weeks ago all references to sexual identity are banned! https://www.mcclatchydc.com/news/politics-government/article248264460.html The bill refers to transfers between aunts & uncles to nephews & nieces! No can do! They're gonna have fun figuring out how to make that language gender neutral. What a pathetic joke. In sooooo many ways.
  4. Maryville Full Service is now great. I say "now" because IMHO they went through a stretch of several months about a year ago where the meat seemed dried out. That changed, probably a new chef I'm guessing, and now all is very well.
  5. Guys, someone needs to do this. This rifle is one of my favorites. Shoots Great, Feels Great, Is Great!
  6. Yeah, it's really fun to shoot and it just feels great. I'd do it but don't really need two. Whoever steps up will not regret it.
  7. The company execs cashed in BIG: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/reddit-stocks-wallstreet-bets-executive-payday/
  8. Every single one of the new restrictions on the little guy's ability to trade is designed to protect the hedge funds against the "swarm" of little guys, disguised as protecting the little guy. This is corrupt at its core.
  9. Here's how I used to explain shorting to my customers. Let's say you own a store that sells tires. At 11:00am you get a call from a customer asking if he can buy from you 4 new tires at X price. X is $800 You say "Yes of course! But we're busy until 2:00. Can you come in then?" He says yes. You don't have those tires. You call your tire buddy competitor and tell him you need those tires. He quotes you $600 for immediate pickup. You have just shorted the tires, hoping you could buy them cheaper, and you did, in this case. If the best you could do was to buy at $900, y
  10. Welcome! You're gonna like the smorgasbord of winter weather "all in one day" here a lot more than shoveling that foot of snow in PA!
  11. The prevailing commentary in the media today really disgusts me. The big concern seems to be that we need to limit, curtail, or shut down the little guy's ability to trade these stocks. It's too risky. He's not supposed to speculate. It's short term. SO WHAT! Everyone can speculate but the little guy? Nobody ever cared about that until the LITTLE GUY just won BIG! What a pathetic cave-in to the big money. The huge, rotten, selfish, corrupt hedge funds finally get their ass kicked, and the regulatory response seems to all be directed at shutting down the little guy to pr


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