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  1. Magnificently said by you, A.J. God Bless!
  2. The 80% is likely a % of original finish rating. See http://www.nramuseum.org/gun-info-research/evaluating-firearms-condition.aspx and scroll down a bit. (btw, I went to high school and college with the author, Jim Supica, back in the 70s. He now heads up the NRA firearms museum.)
  3. Hi, Happyseal, welcome, and I think you'll find this to be a great group. Looking forward to your participation.
  4. There is a lot of over-reaction here about this. The Governor's proclamation is neutral in terms of any particular religion. And we have a National Day of Prayer, which is May 2. Instead of being afraid of people praying, or (God Forbid!) a few state employees spending a very few minutes on this (which is speculation anyway) .........maybe we should focus on actual threats to our God-given rights (such as self defense---anyone want to argue with that?) , and the Second Amendment, instead of getting all worked up about recognizing a day of prayer. We have days in this country declared for EVERYTHING! If you're worked up about a day of prayer, oh.........never mind, there's just no getting through to you.
  5. Greg, my advice would be to retire at 50 if you can afford it, if that's what you REALLY want to do. I would heartily recommend that your next step might be to figure out what you REALLY want to do! May you have the very best of luck, and the benefit of balance, spirit, and wisdom.
  6. If some jerk is beating on your window with a crowbar, then waiting for it to come through the glass before you take action does not seem like an optimal strategy for self defense.
  7. Ok, that might explain what this is all about. Let's see....thanks for that observation.
  8. If you just did nothing, wouldn't that just happen naturally anyway? Is this an especially valuable gun or collection? And why would you want to name anyone "listed for handling?" Just askin', trying to learn something here.
  9. What is your rationale for why you think you need a trust?
  10. Count me out too. Don't need poopy shoes and lefty goons.
  11. Welcome to Tennessee, 4Freedom! I lived in MN years ago. Gotta believe Tennessee is more friendly. TN is certainly waaaaaaaaay better than living in the Peoples Republic of ILLannoy. Moved here from there a year ago. Congrats on dealing so well with all the adversity you've had to face. You're gonna really like things better here. Stay well, and Keep the Faith! Q
  12. If the "unthinkable would ever happen" I don't believe you would need to prove you obtained the firearm legally. I'm sure most of the guns in this country could not satisfy that level of scrutiny.
  13. Well, you do look kinda crazy...……..!
  14. You guys are batting 1.000 so far!

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