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  1. Does anybdy pey attntion anymor wen dey hit the kyboard?
  2. If those ticks bite enough people they (the ticks!) might just all die of corona virus.
  3. I did this investment gig professionally for 40+ years. The Dow is not going to 12k. If you're waiting for that (AND you wouldn't pull the trigger there anyway!) then get real excited if you see 15 or 16 or 17, with excitement levels in inverse order. Meaning if you see 15, back up the truck and load up. Load up in stages if the decline continues. Everyone wants to buy when the market is at a peak. That's why it gets to a peak. Duh! Buy when blood is running in the gutter. Buy when you can't stand to do it. Buy SLV and OIL. Those are ETFs on silver metal and crude oil. SLV closed today at 11.21 and OIL closed at 4.67. Desperate men do desperate things. Bold men do desperate things, and bold things, but they do smarter things on both. ETA: You should be buying some US stocks NOW, such as an S&P 500 ETF.
  4. Expectations or forecasts that the stock market will recover quickly once this virus is conquered are unrealistic. Investors will reassess valuations based upon new earnings forecasts. At this writing, the Dow is down 28% from its recent all time high. It might appear to seem reasonable to assume that it would bounce back to its high level if a cure or other solution ended the pandemic. BUT, there is no doubt that corporate earnings (and personal incomes) have been slashed. Let's say corporate earnings are now going to be down by a third. That would leave today's stock market at nearly the same relative valuation that it was at its peak a few weeks ago. Until earnings recover (or more precisely, the anticipation of the perception of same) the market is not a screaming buy, just because it's down so much. Expect sucker rallies. A LOT has changed and it will take a lot of time to recover from this. Be patient, don't panic, and buy the next big dips cautiously. This group will certainly understand the concept of keeping some powder dry! Full disclosure: I was a stockbroker for 40 years from 1976 through 2016, with a brief timeout to get a law degree. From KU, #1....... Now, no March Madness. THAT's sad for this Jayhawk!
  5. I would respectfully submit that your analysis has a flaw, by using the assumption that the lead in the bullet is equally distributed among all of the animal's edible meat. The eagle is not going to get a dose of the average amount of lead in all the tissue. The bullet will be found either whole, or in chunks or shards. The vast majority of the meat will contain no lead at all. It's only when the eagle consumes heavy doses of the lead that problems arise. The eagle would have to consume the entirety of the edible meat, if the amount of lead per pound is averaged, in order to get a "full dose" of the lead in the bullet. Obviously that does not happen.
  6. Does this include everything that came with it when new?
  7. A locked glove box won't even stop a motivated granny with strong fingernails.
  8. $329.99 at Smoky Mountain Guns & Ammo in Sevierville. I may just run over there tomorrow and grab me one! I have an earlier Tisas 1911 and the quality is outstanding.
  9. And Erik88, ditto for your comment. Nice to have smart people around here.
  10. Yes, Omega, your point is very well taken. I had an instructor almost get us killed twice in one night in my early flying days. Anyone can (and does) make mistakes.
  11. Speaking as a pilot myself, I find it extremely unlikely that this pilot/instructor with over 8,000 flying hours got fatally disoriented in fog. He was so well trained to trust his instruments that he would been absolutely fine, if all systems were working. I believe that a system failure is extremely likely to have caused this crash. That system could have been either the pilot's body (heart attack or stroke...?) or an instrument failure. Instruments do fail, and we are trained for that. And multiple instruments fail as well. That is why vacuum-driven instruments are backed up by electrical ones. The damage to the bodies and the equipment was so catastrophic that we may never know the cause of this tragic crash.
  12. https://nypost.com/2020/01/29/kobe-bryants-helicopter-lacked-proper-terrain-awareness-system/
  13. The chopper climbed to 2,300 feet, made a “left descending turn” and crashed into a hillside at 1,085 feet, bursting into flames, NTSB investigator Jennifer Homendy said.
  14. Aircraft altitude is reported in feet above sea level, not above terrain.

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