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  1. QuackerSmacker

    Choosing a rifle for my son.

    Hi Bersa, In your statement above you say, " Well, needless to say the recoil was about like a 12 guage 3 inch Mag round which I was not really expecting and it hit my shoulder fairly hard. " A 12 gauge 3 inch mag has about 5 times the recoil (in ft-lbs) vs a 30-30. On average about 53 vs 10, so I don't know where you got that from, but your story was, as always, very fun and interesting! Q
  2. QuackerSmacker

    for-sale 1943 Tula Mosin Nagant

    No surprise about that! Congrats to both.
  3. QuackerSmacker

    for-sale 1943 Tula Mosin Nagant

    I have too many Mosins as it is, but if that barrel is in good shape this is a great deal for someone.
  4. QuackerSmacker

    for-sale 1943 Tula Mosin Nagant

    Looks to be in very good shape. How's the barrel?
  5. QuackerSmacker

    Most effective 30-30 ammo for deer?

    LEVERevolution ammo is designed to have a polymer point to enhance the aerodynamics of otherwise flat-nosed 30-30 ammo beyond 150 yards. OP said 50 yards would be the max shots taken. So unless there are some other great features I think LEVERevolution would not be cost efficient.
  6. QuackerSmacker

    Fleeing Illinois

    Hi Chance, get on down here to Tennessee. We got here a few weeks ago from Streamwood ILLannoy, and absolutely love it. We live about 4 miles outside of Maryville. The TN tax on investment income will be 2% for tax year 2019, 1% for tax year 2020, and then gone. Would expense and hassle of moving to SD and then TN be worth it to avoid those low rates? You'll quickly see that the members on this forum are a MUCH happier group than our poor old buddies on the IC forum. Let us know how your plans progress. Happy to answer any questions you may have about the IL to TN transition. Every single surprise we've had has been a good one. Just sent my IL CCL and FOID card back to the IL State Police today. Sayonara! So glad to be out of the nuthouse they call Illinois (and Chicago.) Q
  7. Ok, play games. Cajonpredfan and I were talking about general historic results by both parties. By that standard this is no big deal, at all. If you want to fine tune our statements to just Dem gains (which we were not talking about)......fine. Celebrate.
  8. Right. This is exactly what is meant by "Fake News." Now most of the country is under the impression that this was a huuuuuuge historic loss of midterm seats, when it was one of the least in many many decades.
  9. Thanks for the offer, but we just finally got moved to TN (Maryville) and I've got bags and stuff out the wazzzzoooo. I need to go into sell mode and will not be buying anything for awhile.
  10. I don't need one, but Manfrotto makes terrific camera equipment. That model goes for $90 on Amazon.
  11. QuackerSmacker

    Need help on book title

    Check out this list. Maybe it's in here: https://www.goodreads.com/shelf/show/shtf
  12. QuackerSmacker

    Ammo price info question

    Check out ammoseek.com . In this case, that caliber search produces 267 results ..... https://ammoseek.com/ammo/7.62x54r
  13. QuackerSmacker


    That's why I was the lone vote above for several cases inside a suitcase. I want my guns to be as inconspicuous as possible.
  14. QuackerSmacker

    Private sell of handgun to seller in another state.

    That is the absolute correct statement of the applicable law.
  15. QuackerSmacker

    ad closed Hi-Point .45acp Carbine SOLD

    I agree! Everybody should own one. I'm pretty sure that when I've had mine out alongside an AR just for fun, to a man (or a few gals too) everyone told me they thought the HiPoint was more fun to shoot. Good luck with the sale. I have the carbine in 9mm too. That's a real hoot as well.

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