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  1. Big Time Welcome to eastern Tennessee! Life is great here!
  2. Curious if you meant "wouldn't care to pay..." or maybe "wouldn't care about paying" ....?
  3. My deepest condolences, Doug. A friend of mine has a sign in his man-cave that says "Be the person your dog thinks you are!" I hope you'll get another chance to prove that yet again.
  4. Sooooooooooooo, Are those beasts good eatin'?
  5. It's amazing how fact situations are almost always vastly different. Years ago, in ILLannoy, I got caught up in a stock certificate counterfeiting sting operation with the FBI, and some real bad guys that were running that operation out of about a dozen cities. When the bad guys found out I was involved, they started hanging out around my house, among other things. Time after time, I would call the local cops and they would show up and the bad guys would leave. It was a regular thing. Then one time they showed up , and the cops were not available, for a long time. The bad guys call
  6. It's actually been a hot seller's market in Eastern TN for awhile. It started before the most recent stuff. We've had a shortage of listings for months, and now that is going to be really exacerbated by the city slickers from other parts that suddenly really want out of where they are and are almost desperate to buy in a wonderful part of the world like ---- Eastern Tennessee! I've been surprised that the demand hasn't yet really moved prices up all that much, but classic economics says that's absolutely next. So anyone thinking about moving here needs to have a realistic plan, be able to
  7. You done good! Welcome! PM sent
  8. This just-updated article from the FDA is a comprehensive discussion about testing for the virus, both to see if you have it, or if you've had it before. https://www.fda.gov/consumers/consumer-updates/coronavirus-testing-basics
  9. Well, you're in control of the dash cam, right? So keep what you need and delete what doesn't work for you. Do it before anyone else has access to it and you're good. It's your property. If you mess with it after anyone (LEO or anyone else) has access to it, then you're gonna be in a conflict about your own stuff. That won't play out well. My comments assume you're innocent. If other evidence overwhelmingly indicates that you're not innocent, then you might face a charge of destroying evidence, but if it gets that far you're already toast.
  10. That is so sad, but I fear it's true. It's too bad Wyoming is so damn cold in the winter!
  11. The Rossi .357 lever action is pretty good right out of the box, and they can be tuned up very nicely and inexpensively with a kit which can probably be found easily with a Google search. I have a couple of them and never found the need to even do the "tune up."
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