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  1. Thanks! You're too kind. I'm still working on a magic potion for cloning myself and squeezing an extra 40 hours into any given day... Soon as that's done, I'll get started on that book! (Although I'd probably make a lot more money just selling the magic potion...)
  2. I spoke to the Handgun Permit Office in Nashville on January 2nd for an update on reciprocity. I was told that all 50 states have been contacted, but so far only 13 states have responded. Of the 13, most were states that already did not recognize TN's permit, so (of course) they simply declined to recognize the new CCP as well. I did not ask about any specific states confirming that they will honor TN's CCP. However, the Handgun Unit did say that one state - North Dakota - has already confirmed that it will honor Tennessee's ENHANCED Carry permit but will NOT honor Tennessee's Concealed Carry Permit. I suspect there might be a few other states that will do the same (recognize the ECP but not the CCP). Also, I've seen Facebook posts recently that indicate that reciprocity will be exactly the same across the board for ECP and for CCP. That is false. I did specifically ask about that, and the Handgun Unit confirmed that is false (again, see North Dakota as an example). The Handgun Unit said they could not give me an estimated time or date by which they expect to have complete information about CCP reciprocity. Bottom line, reciprocity for the new CCP is still being determined. If you want a concrete list of states that recognize the TN permit, and you want to avoid any uncertainty (especially if you travel a lot), I'd just go ahead and go for the ECP.
  3. I agree, Tom's book is excellent. And I'm so glad it's now also available in digital format! :-)
  4. Guess what! The Women on Target Clinic is SOLD OUT! Woo hoo! Very excited to work with another group of awesome ladies this weekend. Wish us luck, everyone! Stay safe and have fun! - Tiff
  5. Guess what! The Women on Target Clinic is SOLD OUT! Woo hoo! Very excited to work with another group of awesome ladies this weekend. Wish us luck, everyone! Stay safe and have fun! - Tiff
  6. Hi, Ladies! Heads up - We just posted two new ladies-only classes over in the Training forum. Here's a link to the info (posted by @Citizens Safety Academy). Women on Target (Feb. 23) is a fun instructional shooting clinic, and Women's Concealed Carry (May 11) is where we really start working on holster selection and technique. Both are in the Murfreesboro area. There's more info (and lots of photos!) on our website, but if you have any questions, just reply here or shoot me an email - Tiffany@CitizensSafety.com. I hope some of you will join us! Tiffany www.CitizensSafety.com
  7. Someone did! Not quite in time for Christmas, but I think it's off to a good home now, finally.
  8. Thanks, @bourne , but the Glocks both sold yesterday. Next time!
  9. Good feedback, folks. First time selling on TGO, so I appreciate it. I think the Glocks might be moving today. Next time, I'll be sure to specify that I am bouncing all across the state all the time teaching classes and what not. So shipping may not be necessary if we can arrange a meet. I'll be sure to include that in any future ads. Thanks again!
  10. Thanks for the nod, @Gotthegoods! Yeah, I've got a low post number in most forums. I try to listen more than I talk!
  11. UPDATE 1/10: And now the Sig is gone, too. Everything's sold. Thanks, TGO! Happy New Year!! - Tiffany ------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE 12/2: Well that was quick LOL. Both Glocks have sold. Thanks, TGO! If anyone is interested in the Sig, Let's chat. Thanks! - Tiffany ------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE 11/29: No takers so far, so I've dropped the prices on the Glocks. Nothing whatsoever wrong with these guns. They've just been collecting dust and getting no attention, which is cruel LOL. I'm not much of a collector. Since I'm not using them, off they go. Anybody? - Tiffany ------------------------------------------------------------- Still Available: SOLD! Sig P226 (9mm). Roughly 50 rounds fired. Includes 3 mags. $850 + shipping (note that I travel around the state a lot, so shipping might not be necessary if we can arrange a meet) Shoot me a PM or reply below if you have any questions. Thanks, folks! - Tiff P.S. Sorry, but unless you're looking to swap something reeeeeeaaally super-duper cool, I'm interested in sales only (no trades). Thanks! ------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Guys! Offloading some hardware. Any takers? Gen 3 Glock 26. OD Green. Less than 100 rounds through it. Includes 2 mags. $450 + shipping Reduced: Now $390 + shipping SOLD! ------------------------------------------------------------- Gen 3 Glock 27. Less than 100 rounds through it. Includes 3 mags. $400 + shipping Reduced: Now $350 + shipping SOLD!
  12. Thanks so much, @Whisper! It was great to meet you in person, and we look forward to training with you more in the future. So glad you enjoyed the class! - Tiffany

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