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  1. I got one of these "budget ARs" in. Very nice looking but without a dust cover, brass deflector, or forward assist. I wondered if anyone had shot one to see how they worked.
  2. Bead blast and polish. Buffing it will not make it dangerous, unless you plan to buff about 1/2" of metal off. Be careful around the lettering Obviously strip the slide first and dont polish the top. Typically people want to leave that matte. The second question got answered pretty well.
  3. Judging by the scope I think you have the Spetznaz edition, carried by troops in Chechnya....
  4. If he files the firing pin the darn thing won't fire. Tell him you'll happily do the same thing for his carry gun.
  5. "Jesse don't wanna run nothing. Only thing Jesse wants to run is his mouth."- The Rev Al Sharpton.
  6. He apologized, so that makes it all better. But it is nice to see Obama isn't riding so well with the Black Establishment. I think his campaign is in for lots of surprises.
  7. He should also add the attribution to Churchill (assuming that is who said it), as the rabbis teach: Whoever repeats a thing in the name of the one who said it brings redemption to the world.
  8. The Rabbi

    ruger lcp

    I spoke to one of my wholesalers yesterday. He is one salesman in a company of about 9. He told me he personally has over 1800 LCPs on backorder. At the rate Ruger has been shipping them it will take 154 years to fill all the backorders.
  9. This one needed resurrecting. The other day I found a really weird little bottle of rum. Marked "Old Monk" it is blended and vatted, according to the label. Also labeled, for export to the US only. Made in India. I guess they didnt want those Muslims being tempted by it. I drank some like bourbon, over ice. Sometimes with dark rums I will put in a squirt of lime juice as well. This was a very smooth, heavy molasses-like rum. Really pleasant. I think I still like Black Seal Goslings Rum more.
  10. I suppose they could. But they won't for any number of reasons. Short of it is that anyone looking to Heller to guarantee an unrestricted right of anything will ultimately be disappointed. A determined legislature can make life miserable for gun owners (or anyone else) in a million ways. Ultimately the legislature is answerable to the people and will overall reflect people's values. So states like TN will continue to be gun friendly while states like N.J. will continue to be antagonistic. At least until gun owners there band together and engage in some major marketing for their side.
  11. Yes, I think you're right. So DC's latest of restricting handguns to revolvers could probably pass scrutiny.
  12. Scalia's opinion. He goes to great lengths on it.
  13. No. Because the arms that are protected by the constitution are small arms, by definition.
  14. He asked a question on the website. It led into a discussion. Some of us have gone through this process so have a little insight into it. Maybe by sharing that the process and issues for FFLs will become clearer, not just for him but for other interested people reading the thread. What is your problem?


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