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  1. Ehunt

    AR-15 Possibly Overgassed

    Sorry, I tired to edit that out. Thanks for your help.
  2. Ehunt

    AR-15 Possibly Overgassed

    I cited three quotes because I am experiencing 1:30 ejection, damaged brass, and considering the heavy buffer and buffer spring to help. I was going to try them with an adjustable gas block. I have a Sharps Rifle Company BCG, so it is quite stout, however I can replace the extractor spring as I have one from a previous order from SprinCo. I ordered a SprinCo RED Buffer Spring (see link below), an EXPO Arms H3 buffer, and a Superlative Arms adjustable gas block. My question is this: should I use all three parts (Adjustable Gas Block, H3 Buffer, and SprinCo RED Buffer Spring) together, or is the Adjustable Gas Block enough to solve the over gassing on its own? Link to RED Buffer Spring: https://bkingsfirearms.com/shop/ar15-spare-lower-upper-parts/tactical-springs-sprinco-buffer-action-springs-ar15-ar10-and-lr308/
  3. Ehunt

    AR-15 Possibly Overgassed

    A heavy H3 carbine buffer might compensate enough to tame it down into spec, but yeah, an adjustable block undoubtedly offers the most control. And sure, a combination of rifle buffer and Russian ammo may have run just about right before on your rifle. Rifle buffer is a bit heavier than even H2 carbine buffer. I shoot a lot of Russian steel, and find it quite satisfactory, but none that I tested has ever hit 3000 fps, so it's underpowered compared to military spec 5.56 or hotter commercial .223. - OS Half the ARs out there come with with biggest port possible within the (debatable) specs and are overgassed to some extent, as the manufacturers want to make sure they run period. What, though, is your solution for an oversized port, though, if not heavier buffer/spring, or often best, adjustable gas block? Weld it up smaller? What's the difference, you're making the aperture smaller before the gas tube either way. Buy a new barrel? When you get one that is so overgassed that it's throwing empties out at 1:00 and overrides the mag to where it doesn't even pick up the next round, and you put an adjustable block on it so that it slings them at 4:00 and runs 100%, I'd call the thing fixed, myself. - OS I have the same thing happening with my 8.5" pistol. Being that my barrel is much shorter, I am thinking an H3 Buffer and a stronger spring will bee what's needed to correct the over gassing?
  4. Ehunt

    Over Gassed AR15 - What Does it Cause?

    I am having the same experience with my new AR Pistol Build (8.5" Barrel, standard gas block), but don't want it to become an issue. The bolt missed locking to the rear two out of ten times (first and third shots, was most likely the weak 10 round Mag Spring); ejection is approximately 1:30-ish. I only fired a total of 20 rounds out of it today for a Break-In, but it seems to be okay otherwise. I was thinking of adding a stronger buffer spring (SprinCo's RED) and/or an H3 Buffer to calm down the 1:30 ejection, and save on premature wear.
  5. Ehunt

    Aero Precision.jpg

    The Cerakoting is Patriot Brown, Magpul FDE stock, Hogue FDE Pistol Grip. It has enough brown that I named it "Mud Dauber." lol.
  6. Had a bit of a SNAFU during a Barrel installation. My barrel nut was too deep and was not getting to torque before the nut started touching the receiver. I am getting a new barrel nut from the manufacturer, but during the installation the barrel was loose to the point that the I didn't notice that the Barrel Extension had moved out of the 12 o'clock position and the pin was no longer in the Receiver Notch. Thought all was good and began torquing down the barrel nut. I noticed what was happening and stopped, but not before the Barrel Extension Clocking Pin had tried to make a new notch in the receiver. Fortunately the threads are fine, and other than the depressed point where the pin tried to make a new notch, there seems to be no damage to either parts. My question is this, could this affect re-installation or accuracy? I am not thinking so, but wanted to know if I was wrong or if y'all have had this problem before also. - Thanks
  7. Ehunt

    Aero Precision.jpg

    Ashland City Armory. I don't recommend going there for Cerakoting. He did the wrong color the first time and gave me a lot of attitude when I asked him to fix it. He did fix it, but I won't be going back.
  8. Ehunt

    RMR All The Things! (M&P M2.0 Compact)

    Nice setup! I went with the full size M&P 9 myself. I saw a Stand Off Device (SOD) from Dark Hour Defense that they say works on the 4.25" models, I will be using it on mine when the finish up the holster for it. From what I see, it seems like it would work on the 4" models also so long as the frame has the three picatinny rails and no fewer. https://www.darkhourdefense.com/collections/stand-off-devices/products/mpsod-2-0
  9. Ehunt

    Good holster threads?

    Alien Gear's Shape shift holster seems to be pretty good for several types of carry, IWB, OWB, etc. I am considering it or the Bravo Concealment holster for my EDC holster. For the range and competition, I use the Blackhawk Omnivore. I like the Omnivore for the retention feature it has, plus when combined with the Sherpa hardware, it can be quickly attached or detached to go from my pant belt, to a gun belt, drop leg, or chest rig carry configuration. Good luck.
  10. Thanks for all of your input everyone, very helpful.
  11. Thanks everyone, I greatly appreciate your input.
  12. Those links didn't cover that specifically. Neither could I find an answer in the ATF FAQ section. While I trust what y'all have told me, do you know where I can find an answer on the ATF's or tn.gov's website?
  13. I have been trying to find information about shipping a firearm part (stripped AR Lower), to a FFL shop in Florida, to have some engraving done. But I just can't seen to find the answer I'm looking for. I was wondering if I can ship directly to the Florida FFL shop, or do I have to ship from a FFL in TN to the Florida FFL shop? I have already bought the Lower, filled out the paperwork and everything. The Shop in Florida said to ask a TN State Police Officer, but short of stopping next to one on duty (which I would consider rude and potentially a bad idea), I'm not sure where to begin. Any help would be greatly appreciated! - Thanks in advance.

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