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  1. Wish you were a little closer to E TN,maybe we could work a trade.
  2. Interested in a Ruger stainless Bearcat?
  3. Went today. Waste of time. They did have a 20ft table of fudge.Come away with a t-shirt and a ammo can. Stopped by my local gun shop and picked up a 500 rd brick of Aguilia Super Maximum for 30.00. The thing that got me was that I was needing a nylon flashlight pouch. You would think there would be tons of things like that at a Prepper show,NO not one. Picked up a nice one at Academy tonight for 5.99.
  4. The last one I went to was at the Jacobs Building and yes some junky guns. The ones that have been handled to death and mostly over priced. The 5 or 6 rows in the center had guns and ammo but the further to each side you went the more junk and yardsaleish it became. The far left put me in mind of a thrift store.
  5. I am going,hope it is better than the last one. I did get a good deal on a Colt Defender at that one but there was a lot of junk.
  6. How about a really nice AR-15. Aero precision lower,stainless barrel,PSA upper. with 1 pmag and 100 rds ammo.
  7. If so send me a PM. Would love to work out some where to meet.
  8. Do you still have the original rear sight?
  9. If I was interested how far could you come east to meet?
  10. If you change your mind on a trade I would do a brand new in box Marlin 30/30 for the 4in.
  11. I got there at 9:30. No line. Lots of people walking around inside but the show itself was half the size it was last time I was there. I bought 5 Pmags and was about to buy a Ruger bull barrel Mark 3 but after getting the total price and waiting 30 min to fill out the paperwork they told me they had it priced wrong and would be 50.00 higher.Didn't take it. Left at 11:30. Might go to a couple gun shops tomorrow.
  12. I am going tomorrow. Prices I am betting will be high,if they are I will just stop by a gun shop on the way home. I don't think Obama will get anything done with his order. Still has too have a lot of stuff go along with it. Enforcement will be the big issue. After all it is already against the law for these private sellers to be buying and reselling at a profit without an FFL. I have never heard it really being enforced until recently. Heard they busted an 83 yo man that had been doing it his whole life a while back.
  13. Anyone like to buy my Bushmaster AR-15 automatic rifle with high capacity clips and some bullets. It has a carry handle and thing on the end to dim the light the bullets make. It is also black in color and the stock moves back and forth. I would be willing to let it go for 6500.00 :stunned: Look out this will be coming back. Oh and NO my AR-15 is not automatic,that was just because I have heard automatic rifle several times on TV already.

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