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  1. I had an email 4 or 5 days ago that had it, but after looking, didn’t look like I kept it. Sorry, don’t recall where it was. It was either Magtech or PPU. I’m good on 308 so didn’t feel the need to pick any up. If I get another email or run across it I’ll PM you.
  2. I've seen some brass 308 at retailers around .60 per round, doesnt strike me bad. What did you think was reasonable?
  3. Erich

    Deals forum?

    I'm started to see them with the pandemic frenzy drawing down. All good, it was a thought. I'll share elsewhere.
  4. Erich

    Deals forum?

    https://www.primaryarms.com/aero-precision-stripped-lower-receiver-ar15-gen-2?avad=9441_b20865635&utm_source=affiliate-referral&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=7645&utm_content=product-review Just went OOS
  5. Erich

    Deals forum?

    Appears the deals area has been nixed when I was about to post a deal on AR lower receivers. In retrospect, it was obviously a bad time to initiate it as the pandemic was starting up and buying frenzies drove ALL retailers to pretty much stop offering discounts, making it moot subject area. Can it be reconsidered now that it may be a viable area again over the next few weeks?
  6. Erich


    Nah, that wasn't any deal for sure. They had receivers in stock for a few hours. Typically they are gone in minutes. Nice to see it slowing. But they didn't send out notifications, which likely helped.
  7. Appreciate that. Unfortunately it doesn’t. They wrap all their ammo that way. They have a specific mil spec version and it has red sealant on its ptimers and bullets. Was wondering if they maybe ever did a spam can version. I’ve only seen it in Cases of 500, white boxes. the wolf labeled version had different boxes and no sealant. from memory that’s a tough ask for you to recall without it on hand. They all start blending together I’m sure.
  8. Did you happen to have another one that you’d opened to one such specific packaging it was and if they had sealed primers and bullets?
  9. Erich


    Something like that Seemed lesser of evils weighing the annoyance of missing something vs not being able to care if you didn't know what that thing was. Given it was there for about 5 hours with no seeming interest before it went OOS, ya didnt really miss anything.
  10. Erich


    Item OOS now
  11. Keep an eye at Bass Pro, they were selling them without markup. I got both of mine there. You’ll love it. I’ve got an Apex PPQ and Walther figured out a lot of tricks working with them. They don’t come in 5”, but 4.5 for the longer version. I’d offer you my full size, but I got the 4” version
  12. Erich


    Price drop prior to cross posting


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