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  1. Hello. I'm currently in New Hampshire, my home state. While I love New Hampshire, I have this "feeling" that my days here are numbered. Due in large part to the high cost of living. I work in Medical IT so I believe the pay will be the same or more than what I make here (50K) as a tech who does helpdesk/systems administration. Like NH, TN has no income tax but there is a sales tax so I'll have to get over my irrational fear of it. The hate wont go away though lol (Taxation is theft). How is the crime in Chattanooga? How is the traffic? I've visited Charlotte, NC because my parents live in York, SC (they moved in 2014) and it is crazy compared to NH. How are the bugs? Us northerners are used to bugs dying off for like 5 months of the year lol. Are there any gun ranges/gun clubs? NH has quite a few gun ranges that you can join. The one I'm a member of has shotgun ranges, a 50yd range and a 100/200/300yd range (outdoor). Anything similar to that? Gun shops, I presume, this being the South, that there are a good number of gun shops around? How does sales tax work on "capital expense" type items like cars? I've heard TN is a binding signage state, do many businesses post signage? Penalty for violating binding signage? In NH I can keep my 9" barrel AR pistol loaded in my vehicle since NH defines a pistol as any firearm with a barrel of less than 16" (rifle is not defined anywhere). I assume TN defines rifles and pistols separately which prevents this? Since I will be visiting this week (driving from my parents place in SC), are there any "gotchas" in the self defense or gun laws I should worry about? I have my NH carry license which TN has reciprocity with so I'm good there. Anything else that is "different" and a "culture shock" for someone who has lived in New Hampshire and nowhere else? Anywhere in Chattanooga I should make a point to visit while I am here? Thanks!
  2. Hello from NH. Visiting Chattanooga tomorrow for a few days with an eye towards moving there in the future.


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