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  1. isnt it interesting how even the college administrators know the stupidity of the law.. and the need for protection. I hope our legal minds on here can find you a loophole or break in the law because it is a private college or something.
  2. actually.. IMHO...part of that isnt too dumb. the part about jumping on them so fast they would be too stunned to react is actually a principal of self defense. (good reading in 'Principals of Personal Defense' ; Jeff Cooper) Sudden, Rapid and overly sharp response to an attack is ideal. All you need to do now is to get your friend out of thinking he doesnt need a gun and he has the right idea! so i would rate your friend only half dumb!
  3. im a big supporter of NCA. they have a cellular system you can use so you dont have to install a phone line. It ended up being cheaper for us to use the cellular units instead of getting phone lines. We have 2 properties with alarms monitored by them. Good service and good price. I save a bundle of money by purchasing the actual alarm system and wiring and installing 95% of it myself and then just got them to hook it up. I ran the wire, hung the units, drilled the holes etc etc their technician just wired it into the box. I wouldnt recommend everyone do that though...i made sure to buy the system that they install...and ive had a little experience in tech installs so it wasnt too hard. anyway.. never regretted going with them in 2 years.
  4. oh.. and expect to have at least 1 or 2 people in there that think they already know everything and refer to others as 'newbies'....
  5. well, if you happen to be taking the 2 day class that i took, you can expect a lot of bull**** stories, sexist comments, bad language, racist remarks from other class member, 8 hours of boredom that could've been done in 1hr, bigoted attitude, sleazy pre-pay legal sales pitch and a lot of time wasted. And that was just on the first day. second day at the range was fine.
  6. I had a certain 'academy' tell me on the phone that i couldn't do my HCP unless i was a citizen when i was looking into the course. So i looked into it myself and found that i only had to be a legal resident. I had no issues whatsoever just showing greencard and license.
  7. yeah i only showed my DL and HCP .. which they promptly confiscated. i guess its no big deal in TN. but I was in KY on the weekend and got pulled over for the first time, Happily he didnt ask about my HCP etc, but i was kinda sweating that the badly printed yellow pieces of triplicate paper wouldnt cut it as my hcp. Im going to call the HCP office every week until i get my duplicate. Im also going to start emailing Bredesen and whoever i can about the ridiculous state of the testing center. 3 people working the counters while 58 people wait??!!!! and another 20 or so inline to get a number.. cant blame the poor desk workers there.. but it is totally frustrating that they wanna waste money on a free water park but cant put 3 more people on at TDOS. ok.. i think i officially hijacked my own thread!! lol
  8. ah BUGGER. i looked everywhere for that info and couldnt seem to find it. well.. thanks for the belated help... i will bookmark that for the next time i change my address in 5 years time.. i may have my duplicate HCP i ordered by then... if im lucky!!
  9. i know this doesnt exactly answer the question.. but on a side note; if you are walking with a cane, you should look into some self defense instructors that specialize in self defense with a cane. I know my martial arts instructor taught a guy with a similar situation how to defend himself VERY effectively and lethally if need be with his walking cane. Just a thought.

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