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  1. Lol well if you find it stl it to me I'll be waiting..... keep a look out for my long lost gun LOL!!!
  2. Very well said you had great info that helped out tremendously.
  3. True! That's crazy I never heard of the .41 Action Express.... would have been nice to trying it out.
  4. Yea I agree with you on that one. IT would be very difficult to change minds that are already "made up" and or recover from the bad press but man would it be cool to see someone actually do something amazing in this caliber to really open the eyes to other enthusiasts that have already made up their minds to what a great round it is.... and invest the money... it takes money to make money lol.
  5. Yea I was hoping the once elusive HK .357 sig would possibly pop up with people buying into the hype that the caliber and round are dying...all I can do is keep my fingers crossed and and keep an eye out I may get lucky one day. NOTE : GOOD LUCKLUCK TO SELF!! LOL
  6. That would be an excellent solution if only there was a safer more convenient way to produce reloadable it would help encourage others to buy .357 SIG....heck that sounds like something I would personally love to learn how to do so any info I would love the help....but as we sit with the world today people are flat out lazy and I think we can convince more people to get a .357 sig and buy ammo than we can if we tell em its cheaper to make their own lol. But I would definitely say if like a class on this could be taught to people it would certainly be worth a try to help grow the market.
  7. Thanks for the welcome!!! Yes I love the .357 sig it shoots very well.... the price of ammo, I believe truly is the damper on the flourishment of this caliber....
  8. NICE! tnhawk! There is a market for. 357 sig but its dying do to the bad rap of this caliber. Its sorta like a putbull....great family dog but its thought of as viscous... with the bad rap people had to reinvent the Pitt bull and now you have the bully breeds. And they are selling like hotcakes.... it's not hard to make things now days with new technologies at our finger tips so why do we accept any round to be expensive?we are the market...we control influence it so let's speak out and make these companies aware we are ready for a .357 sig market to flourish and change the bad aura associat
  9. Nice answer! TNman 207!!! These are the type of answers I'm looking for... sorry Dwarren123 I'm not really looking for short ended obvious answers....I'm quite aware that sales drive whats manufactured but what can we do to increase the encouragement of sales? How can we peak the interest of other new gun owners and convince them to go .357 sig instead of the norm? What's the best way to get other gun enthusiasts to convert to .357 sig. How can we show these major companies that there is a want for this round and pistol?....these type of questions I am looking to be answered.
  10. How can we convince major gun companies that the .357 sig is not a dying caliber and is an amazing round that is in a league of it's own when compared to other stout rounds, also convince more major gun manufacturers to start producing the gun again in multiple variations to appease their loyal gun community. THESE GUNS WILL SALE!!!JUST MAKE EM ALREADY!
  11. Hello guys, I know this gun (H&K usp .357 sig) is hard to find but I'm sure someone is selling one somewhere. Please is anyone is selling one or if you know somewhere I can go to find one I would love some advice. I was reading that a member named Creepy was selling his a couple yrs back I wonder if he ever got rid of it? Again some help would be greatly appreciated thanks guys!!


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