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  1. I have the Little Badger. Basically, it is a single shot survival rifle. I think I seriously need a RUGER 10/22
  2. Awesome. I will tone it down.
  3. I find it funny that a guy chooses an avatar of Spock in a gun forum. (humor)
  4. It's called a forum. Show me where in here that somebody has NOT posted a topic about firearms. I was simply trying to engage a conversation that was not about firearms. If I was out of line, I apologize.
  5. You all will find the truth. Until you realize that the technology of 1960's was not up to speed to send men (cramped inside a capsule) with the power of a simple computer to navigate the flight. And, what about the Van Allen Belt. The astro- nots would have been killed by radiation. And, what about those silly moon rovers? How did they get up there? Why were their no stars visible? The crew was asked why there were no visibility of stars? You gotta remember, we were in a fight with the Soviet Union to be there first. I will go to my grave knowing that in the early 1960's there was NO WAY anyone has ever been on the moon. And, wouldn't the first man to have set foot on the moon, gladly make speeches about them being on the moon? People, it was a space race and NASA convinced the world that we walked on the moon. RUBBISH!
  6. My go to bourbon is Buffalo Trace. Smooooooooooooooth! Give it a try. I'll bet you like it.
  7. I'm new to the forum as well. However, I live in Colorado. Tennessee would be my first choice.
  8. Is there anyone in here who believes like I do, that we NEVER went to the moon? Trust me.... it NEVER happened.
  9. Wow, talk about a polar opposite. Welcome to Colorado. I bet you are glad to get out of the Land of Fruits and Nuts.
  10. Just wondering, how is New Hampshire's take on the Second Amendment and open carry etc?
  11. Well, I still have the bottle but, it's been empty for a decade!
  12. Craig is a good place to settle in and enjoy the outdoors. Also, Steam Boat Springs has excellent elk hunting. Nice cabins and or if you choose to tent it. Google Rout County.
  13. Wish Marlin would bring back the Camp 9 and the Camp 45. They would sell a ton of them. Why they don't is beyond me.
  14. Is it a huge store? Or one or those mom and pop stores. I bought a black powder revolver from him a long time ago. I was pleased.
  15. You and I disagree. I'll leave it at that.
  16. I wish I would have bought a 10/22 back in the day. I already had a .22 rifle, a Winchester single shot. However I am convinced that the BEST .22 rifle ever made is the Ruger 10/22.
  17. Mine was a single shot twenty gauge. School was out for the summer and my parents went to work. I was around 14 years old. I was bored and I decided to practice my shooting. Well, I proceeded to put holes into the transformer. Well, a nosy neighbor called the cops and I ended up getting grounded for the summer. And, my parents sold my shotgun. lol. How about your first firearm?
  18. Failed to mention that I always wanted to live in Tennessee. I have driven through it several times, once in Autumn. Gorgeous! I am a huge fan of Lonesome Dove. I reckon the romance and the entire series helped me to want to live there. However, at my age my moving days are over. At least I went to the Jack Daniels Distillery. I still have the bottle. That was right before 9/11.
  19. I'll say it again... DO NOT say anything. Whether it is a cop, a witness, or anybody for that matter. You tell the cop that you want to speak to an an attorney. Let your attorney do all the work. The cops aren't your friend in matters like this. Google: NEVER TALK TO THE COPS. It's a great video. You will thank me later.
  20. Craig is a good place to settle in and enjoy the outdoors.
  21. where the waitress's pack heat, and open carry. Customers are welcome to open carry as well. Also, concealed is okay. And, not one incident ever. Word gets around. Bad guys are no where to be seen, lol.


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