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  1. I have not. I need to size/load and then get out to the range. Hopefully it won't take too long to get to a local range but I'll come back and post pics.
  2. I wanted to post a follow-up to a casting question I had late last year. I was looking into getting into casting and had a member here, @RedlegEd, respond and offer to show me the ropes. Ed had me over two times, once to check out his casting setup and another time to let me cast and powder coat before i invested in my own equipment. I had a great time and can't thank Ed enough for his help and guidance. I enjoyed it enough to invest in a Lee 4-20 pot, a 9mm mould, some lead and powder coat. I was recently was able to get it all setup and use it all for the first time to cast a couple hundred projectiles and powder coat them all. Here are some pictures of all I was able to accomplish. I wanted to give Ed a big shout out here for all his help and patience.
  3. What's considered good? I know Lee makes a lot of casting stuff but while not necessary bad I'm not sure they would be good either. A podcast I listen to talks a lot about NOE molds but I don't know how good they are.
  4. I've been reloading for 5 years or so and now I'm thinking about getting in to casting. The main reason is to learn how and have that skill if needed. I've been to some websites like castboolits.com but I'm also looking for recommendations for videos or books that would help me learn. I appreciate any advice you can give. Thanks
  5. Thanks for all the responses. It has given me a lot to think about and check out. Now if I can only find a store in Memphis that might have some in stock...
  6. I've wanted a 357 lever action forever and have been looking at them lately. Not really sure if I want a 20" or carbine but that will pretty much come down to what I think looks the best. This would be just a fun/range gun and nothing else really so I wanted to keep the price between $600 to $800. What is your opinion of the Marlin 1894C and the Henry Big Boy Steel? Thanks
  7. Has anyone used a Crimson Trace on a Shield 9mm and if so what did you think? Does it mount well to the gun? Does it feel like it is part of the gun and not loose or move around? Thanks
  8. I got the same type of answer at the Collierville WalMart. I was told that if they get some in it will go on the shelf immediately but they are not keeping tags on the shelf for it. When I asked her if they were going to stop carrying .22 she said they were not going out of their way to get it in but didn't come out and say they were not going to carry it anymore.
  9. I heard from David about two weeks ago and he said he would be sending some of his people down with supplies for the show. I sent him a list of things to get prices but haven't heard back so not sure if that's still the case.
  10. I had no idea. Last time I looked they were great. I ordered one this time too so I'll let y'all know which one shows up.
  11. Not sure about that. What's the difference between the two?
  12. TRS-25 on sale at PSA today for $59. They do this occasionally.
  13. I could see that. Especially with his optimistic outlook and wanting to have kids and all. That's always a good sign someone's not going to make it.
  14. Anyone here heard of Hayman Everglades safes?  They are carried by a local safe dealer and I was wondering if they were any good.  I have another dealer that carries Liberty but after researching safes it seems like I would need to get at least a Liberty Lincoln to have any type of protection.  On the Hayman site it says that they have over 3/4" of steel in the door but I can't find if that is at least 1/4" solid plus extra or just a couple of layers of 12 gauge steel.   I know I'm over analyzing this like I do when I go to purchase anything.  I don't live in a high crime area, we have dogs and an alarm and we rarely have people come in the house for service but I've seen too many videos of safes hacked open with pretty simple tools so I keep thinking I need something extremely tough and big enough to hold everything I want to put in it.  Unfortunately you have to spend a couple grand to get a safe with descent about of steel and good fire protection.   Thanks for listening to my ramblings and I look forward to any comments or thoughts.
  15. I heard from David earlier and he is there this weekend.
  16. I signed it when there were 899 signatures and after confirming my email it is still sitting at 899.  Maybe it takes a while to include confirmed signatures but I wouldn't think so.
  17. Please tell me this is happening in Memphis too.
  18. I've had the same wallet for the past decade or more but it is getting time to replace it. Does anyone have any recommendations for a good replacement?   There was a guy or company at the last gun show I was at but that was a year or more ago and I couldn't make it to the last one in town.   Thanks
  19. Thanks for all the advice. I really appreciate it.
  20. I really like the feel and finish on the Spikes lowers.  I have felt some of the PSA lowers but don't like they way they feel, not smooth enough or just don't feel as good as the Spikes.   Which lowers, that are inexpensive, have the same type of finish that the Spikes have?   Thanks
  21. +1 for a J frame.   As for semi-auto, I enjoyed shooting the Shield I tried but it just wasn't the right shape to fit a pocket.  Very difficult to get out of the pocket without snagging something.
  22. To the best of my knowledge the car has not been wrecked or driven real hard.  Of course I got it pre-certified used so there is no way to really tell how hard it had been driven but I did have it checked out before I bought it and they said it looked good.  The one thing I'm not sure of is if the repair shop I took it to is being honest about the struts so I'm for sure getting a second opinion.  There's a good chance they are just trying to up-sell parts/services, which they have tried in the past on a stepsons vehicle, and that is what I was trying to catch by coming to you guys.   Thanks everyone. I appreciate all of the advice.


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