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  1. I go the route of stuffing their postage paid return envelolpe with a letter stating that as long as Wayne is in place and spending member's contributions on fancy suits that they will not see another dime from me. I also point out some of the cases in which I feel the NRA dropped the ball politically. I keep that letter on my computer. Each time I receive a NRA solicitation I print the letter, put it in their envelope and send it in.
  2. I had a neighbor that moved in next to me. My safe shooting on my personal property ran afoul of her New York sensitivities. She called out SO numerous times and was upset when they would tell her that what I was doing was safe and legal. Things escalated to where they would start playing obnoxiously loud rap music anytime myself or family was outside. Especially when entertaining guests for cookouts, etc. I responded by often walking up and down the property line in the evenings or early mornings discharging my shotgun into the ground. Sometimes I would purposely wait until she was trying to enjoy time in her yard and then I would go outside with the loudest guns I have. I made sure that my friends also made frequent use of my range set up. once someone tries to strong arm me, any consideration or courtesy I would otherwise give flies out the window. I suggest you get a bunch of locals together and set up a Knob Creek style shoot on the weekends.
  3. Exactly why Statewide preemption in this regard is needed. From personal experience in Florida, the State used to be a hodgepodge of local statutes regarding the discharge of firearms. Laws changed from one county to another; from one city to another. As the State law is wrtitten now with the protection of preemption, a firearm may legally be safely discharged anywhere on a persons private property whether that be a rural 20 acres in Central Florida or on a 1/4 acre lot on the outskirts of Boca Raton. A lot of the liberal South Florida city leaders do not like that they can no longer make special laws in this regard for their fifedoms.
  4. Thank you for the suggestions. Touristy stuff is at the bottom of our list. The trip is mostly for recon to see how things have changed since last there in 2019 and to dial in areas for a move. I'm sure we'll work in some fun though.
  5. I have found it impossible to communicate with a live GB representative. I had a credit card issue regarding duplicate charges from GB. I emailed but did not receive a reply. No one you can call. I eventually had to deal with it through the credit card company. Don't count on Gun Broker for any kind of help with anything.
  6. The reply was great that the attorney made in response to the ATF cease and desist letter. I'm glad to see they are not rolling over. I hope Rare Breed has the ability to see this through to the end. A link to the reply from Rare Breed: (1) Rare Breed Triggers Response Letter to the ATF Cease and Desist – The Infidel Co
  7. Very valid point. Where the article used the word “intruder“ my mind goes to someone who has entered into the home versus someone who has trespassed onto property. An inference I made that could be way off regarding this situation.
  8. Morristown homeowner accused of fatally shooting intoxicated intruder "Officials said the incident turned into a fight between the homeowner and the intoxicated intruder. An incident report stated the altercation led to shots being fired before officers arrived." "Wallace was arrested and faces charges of voluntary manslaughter." https://www.wvlt.tv/2021/07/30/morristown-homeowner-accused-fatally-shooting-intoxicated-intruder/ I'm sure the news article does not paint a complete picture, but I would think a violent encounter with a drunk stranger in one's own home would be justifiable self-defense. I'm at a loss as to why the homeowner was arrested.
  9. All solid choices. I like my 320 for OWB carry and my 365 for IWB appendix carry. My platform for when something goes bump in the night though is a G45 with a red dot, TLR-1 light and a SiCo Omega 9 suppressor.
  10. On a related note about keeping records to later use against transgressors, down in Florida those who have been identified as being at the capital on January 6, 2021 have had their concealed carry licenses suspended. Mind you, this doesn’t necessarily mean the people having their license suspended broke any laws or were inside restricted space in the capital. It only reflects that they were in the vicinity at the time. “Nikki Fried Suspends 22 Concealed Carry Permits For Floridians Involved In Capitol Breach” https://miami.cbslocal.com/2021/07/27/nikki-fried-concealed-carry-permits-capitol-breach/?fbclid=IwAR0bGA4EEyS1UWaNY0045QC6jYxQSTotCGNQ7QiL1JpAR-IZLQeGu1rInO0
  11. Although there are these recent changes to the TN law getting all the press, which so far seem to have been a non-event despite all the naysayers on the left and in the media predicting the streets would be running in blood, am I correct that nothing really changes for me using my Florida CWL with the benefit of reciprocity? Open or concealed carry of my handgun is legal. I may carry in establishments serving alcohol but I may not have the gun on me if I am consuming alcohol. Signs barring guns have the force of law and apply to both open and concealed carry. Do I have it correct? Are long guns required to be encased while in a vehicle or may they be in the open?
  12. That is in many, many places right now. I won’t be making a move for at least another year. Maybe two years. No telling what real estate will be at that time in the way of price or availability, but more time visiting Tennessee is not a bad thing for me even if I’m not looking to buy just yet. Getting the lay of the land to see how things are changing and to dial in the places I’m interested in will be beneficial as the landscape changes. Had I purchased pre-pandemic I would’ve definitely chosen Cookeville, Crossville, or one of the other areas on or around the Cumberland Plateau. Already though I am told big changes have taken place that may push me to look at other areas. This trip will have me driving through areas of the State I had previously ruled out as I keep an open mind and give everything another look.
  13. Planning to take a road trip at the end of August to check out East TN and the eastern half of Middle TN. Coming from Florida looking to get started with the Erwin area in Unicoi County. Head up to touristy Cade's Cove. Perhaps drive to Mountain City area and then to the Tri-Cities area with a focus on Johnson City area. From there check out Sweetwater on the way to Crossville, Spencer, Sparta and on to Cookeville, I have thought about making a drive through the Deer Lodge area or even all the way up to Oneida, but haven't factored those into the tentative itinerary. I'm not even sure if I have laid out the proper route given the places I have listed . Hoping to work in excursions to Cumberland Caverns, Muddy Pond, some waterfalls and caves. I purposely have not made lodging reservations so as to have flexibility on this trip; get up in the morning and decide where to go for that day. I want this to be a fact finding mission with a view to relocation while also including some fun during the trip. A little background: About 5 years ago I decided that I want to retire to Tennessee when I finish my career in Florida. It was around that time I joined this forum to start learning about the gun laws and 2A atmosphere in TN. Having made a half dozen or so week long trips over the past few years to various areas of Tennessee, I gravitated to the Cumberland Plateau area preferring Spencer, Sparta, and Cookeville to what I saw in the Tri-Cities area. I have not been back to Tennessee since December 2019. I know so much has changed up there since then. The great migration of people fleeing high taxed liberal states in favor of TN and the meteoric rise in real estate prices has certainly changed the landscape, figuratively and literally. Perhaps those changes will cause me to reconsider an area I have previously ruled out. Employment will not be a concern. Schools nor opportunities for children also will not be a concern. With great health at the moment, proximity to medical facilities also is not a driving factor. Likewise, proximity to an airport is not a large concern. Rather I am looking for convenient seclusion. By that I mean having plenty of elbow room without being able to wave to the neighbors from my back door or driveway. I want the convenience though of paved roads (pretty much rules out places like Wilder,) decent internet, a Dollar Store within 15 minutes for milk and a Walmart Super Center or similar within an hour. With that in mind I welcome suggestions regarding other places I should check out as well as the route I take. A big "THANK YOU" to peejman, jfluckey, OLDNEWBIE, Dirtshooter and others who have communicated directly and have made informative posts that have given me great direction. This is a great forum. I hope to continue to learn from the member posts and to make contributions.
  14. I have both Nest cameras and Blink cameras. I like the set up and free storage of the Blink cameras much better than the Nest cameras. I also like, for my application, the Blink cameras being battery operated. The Nest cameras required me to run a cord. I have 3 Blink cameras inside of the house, 1 Nest camera inside of the house and 2 Nest cameras outside of the house. I tried using the Blink cameras outside of the house but they did not work well for me as an exterior camera. A lot of this has to do with how strong and reliable your wi-fi is. I needed to put in a wi-fi booster for the Nest cam furthest from my router. Keep in mind with these cameras that they are only as good as your wi-fi and when you wi-fi is down, so are the cameras. No notifications and no event recording.
  15. One of the nice things about the FL gun laws (there's still plenty not to like) is that signs have no force of law. A business can have all the signs posted that they choose. So long as it is not one of the few prohibited locations, regardless of any posted sign, the person found to have the concealed handgun must be told to leave. On the other hand, not a chance you'll be legally open carrying in public in Florida unless engaged in fishing, hunting, camping, at a gun range or going directly to/from one of those activities.
  16. Fantastic ruling out of Florida: "R.C. applied for a concealed carry license, submitted his paperwork and paid a $119 fee. He then received a letter from the Department stating that the National Instant Criminal Background check system, or NICS said he had a prior felony conviction, and was therefore ineligible for the license." “The Department refused the formal hearing because it argued the NICS result was binding as a matter of law and, unless R.C. was disputing the existence of the NICS result, there were no genuinely disputed issues of material fact,” the order states. “At the informal hearing, the Department elected not to provide a representative and submitted nothing. The hearing officer reiterated that the denial of R.C.’s application hinged on the NICS results.” "The Department argued that they are not provide with the underlying reasons for a NICS denial, so they are not able to determine if any restoration of rights documents apply to the specific reason for the denial, and that they would be forced to grant a concealed weapon license to “everyone who disputed their NICS disqualification.” The judges didn’t buy it. “Quite the contrary, the law requires the Department to issue the license unless the applicant is prohibited by Florida or federal law. Determining an applicant’s eligibility is the Department’s responsibility. The Department must evaluate the evidence and reach a reasoned conclusion,” the order states. The 1DCA also found that R.C. should have received a formal hearing. “The Department’s finding of fact that R.C. is prohibited from possessing a firearm is not supported by competent, substantial evidence. The Department’s legal conclusion that the NICS result required the denial of R.C.’s concealed carry application is erroneous. We reverse and remand for further proceedings,” the order states." https://myemail.constantcontact.com/Appellate-court-order-is-a-win-for-gun-owners--a-loss-for-Nikki-Fried.html?soid=1114009452090&aid=5C6sInWLNbk
  17. Terrible photo quality due to having to reduce the size of the image to get it to post here on the forum, but the dropbox as seen has been good to keep my two Malinois separated from the delivery people.
  18. I ran a Rare Breed trigger a couple of weeks ago. Mimicking full auto was neat. It sucked not being able to shoot a single round due to it always mimicking full auto fire. That for me was a deal breaker. I have video of me running the trigger if anyone wants to see it. Video is too large to post.
  19. I've carried CCW Safe for years. The recommendation of attorney John Gutmacher solidified my decision. Like everyone else here, I hope I never need to put the coverage to the test.
  20. If you want some real sights check out Blind Creek Beach in Ft. Pierce. I'll warn you though that much of what you'll see will have you wanting to rinse your eyes with bleach!
  21. Still waiting on one of my 3 local Blue Label dealers to receive a G20. In the meantime I ordered the Magnum Research DE1911G10. No telling when it will come in though.
  22. If you're not going to suppress it you have a lot more options, although nothing at this time is a bargain. I had a M&P, a Rock River and an Adams Arms. All did fine without a silencer attached but had constant function issues with the silencer on the end. The M&P was an non-modified DI platform. On the Rock River I installed an adjustable gas block. The Adams Arm was a piston upper with a gas setting selector. None of them were reliable for me with the silencer. I finally went with the Sig Sauer 716 DMR gen 1. Pretty close to flawless.
  23. I am a big fan of Sig. I leaned towards the G20 due to increased capacity and a history of great functionality even in the most fouled adverse conditions. I’ll give the Sig another look.
  24. Although I enjoy my Springfield 1911 MC Operator in .45, I am not a fan it their XD series guns. I’ve owned 2. Both were turds even after being sent back for service. I will never purchase another of the XD guns.
  25. Three of the Blue Label dealers within driving distance of me have my name on their list to call when they get a Blue Label G20 in stock. Now it’s just a matter of waiting. Purely because I like the aesthetics of the Magnum Research 10mm 1911, I’ve been also eyeing some of those on Gun Broker. I have my upper number though and I keep getting outbid. So be it.


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