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  1. Large Collection/Variety Gun Auction 10am Saturday Nov. 9th 2019 Champaign County Fairgrounds 384 Park Ave. Urbana, OH 43078 Winchester Models: #67 22cal.; #67A 22cal.; #47 22cal.; #37A 20ga.; #12 12ga.; #97 12ga.; #12 20ga.; #68 22cal.; #72A 22cal.; #42 410ga.; Ranger 30-30; #1890 22 Short; #42 410ga.; #12 20ga.; #67 22cal.; #1900 22cal.; #67 22cal.; #72 22cal.; #67 22cal.; #97 12ga.; #97 22cal. #74 22cal.; #37 20ga.; #37 410ga.; Remington: #870 Camo 12ga.Mag; #552 Speedmaster 22cal.; #700 380Win; #700 25-06; #700 308Win; #870 Wingmaster 12ga.Mag; #33 22cal.; #4 32cal.; #550-1 22cal.; #700 30-06; #514 22cal.; #M511x22cal. Scoremaster; Marlin: #39A 22cal.; #336A 30-30; Golden 39A 22cal.; Smith & Wesson: M&P 9mm; Lemon Squeezer 32cal.; #32 Long w/Railway Express Agency Holster; #SD9VE 9mm; J. Stevens/Stevens: #1915 Favorite 32cal.; #67L 12ga.; Favorite 22cal.; Visible Loader 22cal.; #38 B-A(needs bolt/clip); Ithaca: #M49R 22cal.; #49 22cal.; #49M 22cal.; Mossberg: #185 KA 20ga.; #185D 20ga.; Savage: #340V 225Win.; 32cal. auto; #74 22cal.; #101 22cal.; Savage Arms Springfield 22cal.; Springfield: #67F 20ga.; #1873 45/70; #87A 22cal.; JP Sauer & Son: Western Marshall 22cal.; Colt: Police Positive Special WCF 32-20; Officers #38; Army 1901 38LC; #1895 38 LC; Browning Arms: 22cal.; Glock: #19 9mm; Mauser-Werke: #400 222Rem; H & R: #48 20ga.; #760 22cal.; Ruger: Single Six 22cal.; Rough Rider: 22cal.; Hi Standard: Sentinel R101 22cal.; Sterling Arms: 22cal.; Diamondback: DB380 auto; Page Lewis Arms: #C-Olympic 22cal.; Hi Point: #C 9mm; Navy Arms: 36 cal. Black Powder; Spanish Mauser: 7mm; Hamilton & Son: #1907 22cal.; Revelation: #101 22cal.; North American Arms: 22cal.; EAA: #EASA-FT revolver 22cal.; Other: Brevettata 1900 starter pistol; Express 7 starter pistol; Ranger #101.2 20ga. needs clip; Evelation 101 22cal.; RWS Air Gun made in Germany; Double Barrel 410ga.; Ammo-various Note: Please join us for this nice collection & variety of guns. Owners name withheld till day of sale. Terms: Cash, Check & Credit Card w/fee. Food Available Auctioneers: Harley & Hal Jackson, Craig Thomas 937-246-4282 Licensed by Ohio Dept. of Agriculture
  2. https://www.auctionzip.com/Listings/3266993.html photos are now showing on the above listing
  3. Public Gun & Jewelry Auction 5:30pm Thur. April 25th Hardin County Fairgrounds 14134 Letson Ave./Fairgrounds Rd. Kenton, OH 43326 https://www.auctionzip.com/Listings/3266993.html Guns: (6)Winchester 42"s: .410 w/3" chamber SN #136702; .410 w/3" chamber SN #75959; .410 w/3" chamber SN #160322; .410 w/3" chamber SN #126434; .410 w/3" chamber SN #69306; .410 w/3" chamber SN #42514; Ithaca #49 22 mag; Remington #66 Nylon 22cal.; J.Stevens #1915 Favorite 25cal.; Marlin Golden #39A 22ca.; Remington #510 Target Master 22cal. w/box; Ithaca #37 20ga.; Remington Wingmaster 870TB Trap 12ga.; Winchester #12 20ga.; Winchester #37 20ga. w/box; Winchester #37 410ga. w/box; Winchester #90 Gallery Gun 22 short; J. Stevens Visible Loader 22cal.; Winchester #1890 Gallery Gun 22 short; Winchester #94 - 30WCF made in 1947; Remington #7400 30-06 w/scope; Winchester #37A 16ga.; Winchester #37A 20ga.; Keystone Arms Crickett 22cal. w/box; Remington #8 32 Rem Cal,; Winchester #1885 low wall 22short; Winchester #61 22cal.; Browning Arms Co. 22 short auto; Winchester #12 Pigeon 12ga Trap; Smith & Wesson #39-2 9mm; Erma-Werke #KGP68A Baby Luger 7.65-32cal.; H&R #949 Forty Niner 22cal.; Ruger Mark II 22cal.; Colt Police Official 38cal.; Colt DA 38 US Army 1901 38cal.; Browning Buck Mark 22cal; small amount of various ammo. Jewelry: various costume & several pieces of QVC rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces in Silver, Gold 14kt & some plated pieces. Note: This Thursday evening sale will be a quick one, we will start sale w/half hour of jewelry & begin guns at 6pm. Owners name with held till day of sale. No sales tax, cash, check, & credit card w/fee accepted. 937-246-4282 Harley & Hal Jackson, Craig Thomas, Auctioneers Lisensed by Ohio Dept. of Agriculture
  4. Guns, Ammo & Motorcycle Auction-PREVIEW FRIDAY 10-4 PLEASE CALL FOR AN ABSENTEE BID (no online bidding at the is sale) 10 am Sat, April 13, 2019 Champaign Co. Fairgrounds 384 Park Avenue, Urbana OH 43067 Guns: Glock G26, 9 mm with box, SN# NFP233; Glock G19, 9 mm with box, SN# KUT371; Glock G27, 40 ACP with box, SN# MZT315; S&W, 41 22 CAL with box, SN# UAY3809; Heritage Rough Rider, 22 LR with box, SN# J11530; Springfield TRP, 45 cal with box, SN# NM224806; Colt Dia-back 38 spl, SN# A028659; American Tactical, 4 Sauto Thunderbolt, 45ACP with box, SN# TH5100188; GSG 1911, 22 LR with box, SN# A419745; Taurus Millen Pro, 380 with box, SN # KAX02696; Stoeger Luger, 22 LR, SN# 51278; Para 1911, 45 with box, SN# K001273; Dan Wesson Valor Blk, 45 with box, SN#V0082CZ; Dan Wesson Valor SS, 45 ACP with box, SN# V0090CZ; Colt New Agent Talo, 45 ACP with box, SN# NNA0033; Mossberg 835, 12 ga, SN# UM666524; Mossberg 500, 410 cal with box, SN# V0851992; Rossi 92, 357 mag with box, SN# 5HW173703; Henry Arms H001TM, 22 mag with box; SN# M08547T; Winchester 1897, 12 ga, SN# 729002; Remington 700, 6 mm, SN# A6704460; Mosin Nagant Military, 7.62, SN# 9B2684; Stoeger Uplander, 12 ga, SN# 496885-01; Henry Arms Golden Boy, 22 LR with box, SN# GB241779; Ithaca 37, 20 ga, SN# 26106; S&W Series E 1911, 45 ACP with box, SN# YCY5580; Sig Sauer 1911, 45 ACP with box, SN# 54A016284; Bersa Thunder, 380 cal with box, SN# 831801; Taurus Millenium, 9 ga with box, SN# TBX18460; Colt 1911 Gold Cup, 22 LR with box, SN# LK025047; Sig Sauer P938, 9 mm with box, SN# 52A002121; Colt Frontier Buntline, 22 LR, SN# G225372; Rossi Plinkster, 22 LR with box, SN# FW43300; CZ 75 B, 9 mm with box, SN# A514540; S&W 17-2, 22 LR, SN# K492188; S&W Mod 29, 44 mag, SN# N149210; Walther PPKS, 380, SN# 136186; S&W 14-3, 38 SPL, SN# 10K1959; S&W 17-3, 22 LR, SN# 5K89668; Dan Wesson Heritage, 45 ACP with box, SN# H003CZ; Savage 22, 12 ga, SN# 219; Henry Arms Oct BL, 22 LR with box, SN# T39635H; Coach JW 2000, 12 ga with box, SN# JW1206955; Ruger M77, 30.06, SN# 71-48909; Marlin 336, 30-30, SN# 27051764; Para Expert Carry, 45 ACP with box, SN# K036776; Dan Wesson Classic, 45 ACP with box, SN# C167CZ; Remington 1911, 45 ACP with box, SN# R402886A; S&W Series E 1911, 45 ACP with box, SN# YCU3701; Dan Wesson Sportsman, 10 mm with box, SN# SP9116CZ; Dan Wesson PM 9, 9 mm with box, SN# N9210CZ; Dan Wesson PM 7, 45 ACP with box, SN# 580169CZ; S&W 28-2, 357 mag, SN# 268403; Sig Sauer P226, 9 mm with box, SN# AM94192; S&W M&P, 9 mm with box, SN# MRM9649; S&W M&P, 9 mm with box, SN# MRN3824; Colt Gold Cup Commem, 45 ACP with wood box, SN# 698NRA; Starter Pistol; Dan Wesson Pistol Pack 15-2, 22 LR, SN# 21935; Dan Wesson Pistol Pack 15-2, 357, SN# 155540; Sig Sauer SP 2022, 9 mm with box, SN# SP0168743; Springfield Amorer XDM, 9 mm with box, SN# MG906012; Dan Wesson Classic, 45 ACP with box, SN# C91164CZ; Dan Wesson CCO, 45 ACP with box, SN# C0207CZ; Dan Wesson Guardian, 9 mm with box, SN# G029CZ; STI Ranger, 45 with box, SN# RS2007; Winchester w/scope 94, 375, SN# BB025615; CZ USA 7KM 452, 17 HRM, SN# 833202; Remington 700 ADL, 6 mm with box, SN# E6754899; Ruger Ten 22, 22 LR with box, SN# 357-81012; Remington 572, 22 LR, SN# 1958205; Mossberg 500A, 12 ga, SN# H932682; S&W M&P 15-22, 22 LR with box, SN# DWT9755; DPMS AR-15, 223 with box, SN# F229839; Savage Mark 2, 22 LR with box, SN# 2418144 Motorcycles: 1998 Kawasaki Vulkan Classic, 12,821 miles; Quantity (2) 2004 matching Yamaha cycles, model # XVS 650, 15K and 9,700K; Miscellaneous Hunting and Ammo: Old Man tree stand; new ladder tree stand; PSE Compound Bow with arrows; Large amount of new and reload ammo; Pistol carriers and holsters; Turkey calls; 10+ Scopes to include Bushnell, Leopold, Tasco, and BSA; 7 Pocket Watches; Knives; Coins Note: You will find this to be one nice line up of guns & several guns have not been fired. Owner’s name will be announced day of sale. Terms: Cash, Check & Credit Card Harley Jackson & Phil Thompson Auctioneers 937-246-4282 For Photos - https://www.auctionzip.com/Listings/3254597.html
  5. https://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/photopanel.cgi?listingid=3218847&category=0&zip=&kwd= Here is the link to the photos of the guns.
  6. Waiting for the pictures to be loaded....someone else is taking them and loading them.... hope to have them up soon...just checked, not up yet sorry.
  7. Public Auction Antiques/Collectibles, Guns, Truck & Cargo Trailer 10am Saturday Jan. 26th 2019 Hardin County Fairgrounds 14134 Letson Ave./Fairgrounds Rd. Kenton, OH 43326 Fairgrounds located between State. Rt. 31 & 68 watch for signs Guns & Knife & Currency: Winchester 42 410 SN #59935; Winchester 42 410 SN #36945; Winchester 1906 22cal.; Winchester 1890 22cal.; Winchester 74 22cal.; Weatherby Orion Sporting Trap 12ga.; Remington 1100 12ga.; Ithaca 37 Featherlight 20ga.; Remington Sportsman 12ga. pump; Marlin 512 Slug-Master 12ga.; Marlin 38 22cal.; Stevens 12ga. Double; Stevens 94-C 16ga.; Stevens 240 410 O/U; Svage 111 270 WIN w/scope; Marlin 336-A 30/30; Remington 788 222 w/scope; Ithaca 49 22cal.; FIE nylon 22cal.; Mossberg 640 22mag; Western Field 22cal.; Savage Enfield US Property 303; Germany made Hawes 22cal. revolver; Savage 101 single 22cal. pistol; Ben Franklin air Rifle; (3)BB guns; some 22 Ammo; 1934 $10 note; Nazi youth knife Auctioneer Note: Guns to sell at 12 Noon, Truck, Trailer, Mower & Gator to follow Owners name to be released day of sale. Terms Cash, Check, Credit Cards w/fee. View Pics: https://www.auctionzip.com/Listings/3218847.html 937-246-4282 Auctioneers: Harley & Hal Jackson, Craig Thomas Licensed by Ohio Dept. of Agriculture
  8. If anyone has any questions please let me know, I will try to answer them or find out if I don’t know.
  9. Online Bidding for this auction is available through AuctionZip! Public Auction * *Exceptional Gun Collection * * Guns, Knives, Wildlife Bronze, Prints, Shop Items 10am Saturday Dec. 15th 2018 Champaign County Fairgrounds/Merchants Building 384 Park Ave. Urbana, OH 43078 **By Pressing the LIVE Button does NOT require registration to view this auction** Guns can be seen Friday 14th 12 noon to 5pm Winchester Collector Specials: Winchester 21 VR 30" Many Gold Inlays 12ga. SN #8081; Winchester 21 VR 30" barrel 12ga. w/Gold Inlay SN #22330; Winchester 21 Skeet 28ga. SN #9535; Winchester 21 12ga., Deep Relief Engraving, 3 barrel set 26", 28", 32", SN #30095; Winchester 21 VR 28" & 30" 12ga., Pigeon Gun; Winchester 21 Field 16ga., M&F choked SN #15230; RARE Winchester 42 VR 26" 410ga., 1 of 7 SN #44901 Additional Guns: Colt #1903 Pocket Pistol 32cal.; Colt Woodsman Target 1st Issue 22cal.; LC Smith/Marlin SxS 28ga.; Hunter Arms SxS 28" barrel "The Fulton" 12ga.; Winchester 42 Skeet 410ga., w/skeet choke, SN #31892; Winchester 12 Field Gun 12ga., SN #1688634; Winchester 1890 Type 2 Octagon Barrel 22cal. short SN #298304; Browning A-5 VR 28" Lite Twelve 12ga., Belgium made SN #1092; Winchester 12 Skeet 12ga., w/Poly Choke SN #1328166; Parker Bros. Trogen 12ga. SxS, 28"; Ruger Red Label 12ga., Sporting Clay VR 30", NIB; S & W 629 Classic 44 mag, Whitetail Hunter Engraved; S & W 500 SS 500 mag, w/Leupold scope; Chippa SAA 1873 w/original box 22/22mag; S & W 41 Pistol 22cal., w/4 clips & Cocking Indicator System; Beretta A 400 12ga.,in Original Box w/Kick-Ez; Beretta A 400 20ga., in Original Case; Browning BAR 30-06 cal., w/Leupold Scope, Belgium; Remington 11-87 NWTF Gun of the Year 12 ga., 1 of 1000 made, New & Unfired; Beretta 92FS NWTF Gun of the Year 9MM w/2 clips & box; S & W 48-4 TH & TT 22mag, 8 3/8th barrel in Original Box w/ Papers, 1956 made; Knight TK 2000 Muzzel Loader 12ga., Camo; Ruger 77/22 w/scope 22cal; Winchester 1300 Featherweight 12ga.; Gamo Whisperer .177 Air Gun w/scope; Matthews M01 Compound Bow w/Arrows; Ducks Unlimited Beretta 687 EE LL 12 ga.,28"(unfired in case); Ducks Unlimited Beretta 687 EE LL 410ga., 26.5"barrel(unfired in case); Ducks Unlimited Beretta 687 EE LL 28ga., 26.5" barrel(unfired in case); Ducks Unlimited Beretta EE LL 20ga., 26.5"(unfired in case); Beretta Xtrema 12ga., A391; and EXTENSIVE amount of AMMO! * FFI Laws will apply to out of state buyers * Wildlife Bronze & Prints: NWTF "Final Landing" 1343/2350; NWTF "Old Thunder" Cody Houston 1513/2350; NWTF "Flying Down" Greg O'Neal 1075/2600; NWTF "Taking Flight" 1964/2500; NWTF "The Legacy Continues 1964/2500; and others; Bull Elk "Mountain Top Monarch" bronze; wood carved ducks flying statue; Ducks Unlimited, NWTF & others prints by artist including Michael Sieve - Dream Buck, Blindsided, Chisholm Valley Strut; Jordan Buck - Missouri Giant, Hole in Horn Buck, Old Mosses Hornes, John Ruthow - Canada Geese; James H. Killen - Heading In, Thats My Dog Too; Dave Barnhouse - Talking Turkey; William J. Koelpin - Traditions, and others..... Collector Decoys, Knives & Other: Canvas covered goose decoy from Chesapeake Bay; WB Duck Decoy from Canada, hand carved; Mason Duck Decoy; Cork Decoy & LL Bean decoyTurkey Federation set of 3 Luggage; Ducks Unlimited Trunk; various hunting chairs & blinds; deer decoys; 25 +/- fishing reels & rods(many new in box); deer feeder; knives small & large, most are NWTF collectors editions from Buck & Case; several turkey calls Boat: Duckmaster 2 man lay out boat 13' w/motor mount(no tender boat needed) fiberglass w/built in flotation, complete w/oars, push pole, anchor, decoy retriever rod, neoprene cockpit cover, trailer incl.; Sun River 17' Sneakboat fiberglass, w/sculling oar, canvases, anchor, & new galvanized trailer. Both boats are water ready. Shop Items: Craftsman Edger; Champion 4000 watt generator(NEW); TSC bran 2 wheeled 4'x6' trailer; Still MS 170 chain saw w/case; Craftsman 6.5hp 24" snow blower; Craftsman motorcycle jack; 2 wheeled dolly; Campbell-Hausfield air compressor; halogen lights on stand; mini refrigerator; (2)Harley Davidson motorcycle helmets; various hand tools and much more... Note: These guns are from the personal collection of Gene Goodwin. Gene has been an avid hunter & conservationist his entire life. Gene has also been a member & leader with in the Ducks Unlimited & National Director of the National Wild Turkey Federation. Not often do you find this many elite guns being offered by one individual. Please join us as we help Gene downsize his collection & clean out the shop. Food by Farmer's Daughter Online Bidding available thru: www.AuctionZip/Invaluables.com View Pics: www.AuctionZip.com Auctioneer ID #5619 For Info: 937-246-4282 Auctioneers: Harley Jackson & Phil Thompson Licensed by Ohio Dept. of Agriculture Terms: Accepting Cash, Check w/ID & Credit Card w/fee.

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